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Welcome to Aquarius Season!

On Saturday, January 20th, 2019, the Sun officially shifts into the enigmatic sign of Aquarius and, in typical Aquarian fashion, the energy of this Zodiac season is anything but boring! Just hours after the Sun changes signs into the notoriously rebellious sign of Aquarius, we’ll be experiencing a dynamic Total Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in the opposing sign of Leo! 

Strong eclipses such as this one often bring fated, life-changing events, especially if your birth chart is being impacted very closely by this energy! In my own life, I’ve experienced some of the most significant changes in my life’s direction during particularly potent eclipse alignments! During eclipse season, I’ve gotten engaged, moved very suddenly and unexpectedly across the country, and seen my business take-off and my finances dramatically change—all of which have taken place in strange, fated and synchronistic ways! 

So, how will this upcoming Lunar Eclipse impact your life? For some, this particular Eclipse may bring the culmination point of a gradual (albeit powerful) shift in path and focus that began to take hold nearly two years ago! For others, this Eclipse may bring fated new developments, reversals in fortune and, in a T-Square with Uranus in Aries, sudden and unexpected change! Eclipses like this one have the potential to catalyze all kinds of unusual developments—the energy may cause a sudden change of heart, a fated new connection, or a synchronistic chain of events that leads to a dramatic change of course. In typical eclipse fashion, once the change is in motion it may feel as though there is little we can do to slow things down as fate has taken hold of us and we’re simply along for the ride!

As some of you may already know, Eclipse energy isn’t simply present on the day of the Eclipse and the events triggered by an eclipse in alignment with one of the natal planets or angles in your birth chart, while hugely significant, may take days, weeks, or even months to completely unfold. So, although something powerful is being stimulated this weekend (and the swift and dramatic energy of Uranus in Aries in square with this Eclipse may speed things along a bit), most of us will not experience an overnight upheaval.

After the first couple weeks after the Sun moves into Aquarius, the strange and karmic energy of this Blood Moon Eclipse will begin to wane, ushering us into a brand new lunar cycle and some crisp, clean Aquarian vibes without a lot of planetary drama. With the Sun in Aquarius, we can look forward to people becoming friendlier and more connected to the group— making this an excellent time for networking and social gatherings of all kinds! Aquarius season is a favorable time for small acts of rebellion, especially in the area of life being highlighted by the Sun in your personal chart (more on that below) and is a great time for brainstorming innovative new solutions to old problems. 


In the spirit of change, as we enter into this new Zodiac season I’m pleased to announce a brand new offering I’ve been cooking up for 2019! Many of you have heard of a Solar Return chart, which is a special birthday chart that is cast for the exact moment the Sun returns to it’s natal position each year. A Solar Return Reading gives an in-depth account of the general energies and events preparing to unfold in your personal Solar Year ahead, beginning with your birthday!

Inspired by these Solar Return readings I’m so frequently requested to do, I’ll be releasing a completely FREE general forecast on my YouTube channel each month, beginning in March (for Aries season) for the Sun Sign who’s birthday lies ahead. For those who desire a longer, more detailed interpretation—complete with key dates and specific predictions—a full 75-90 minute video forecast, including a PDF with bonus written insights, will be available through my website! Each video will be released roughly three weeks prior to the Sun’s transit through your Zodiac Sign, and you may pre-order your forecast up to 6-weeks in advance of the release date to receive 33% off! Pre-sale for Aries begins TODAY! Details are below for those who are interested. :)

Wishing you all a beautiful month ahead! 

With Love & Gratitude,
Heather Eland

Aquarius Season Astrology Forecast by Rising or Sun Sign



Saturday, January 20th, marks the grand finale and culmination point of a story that’s been playing out since February of 2017! Over the course of these last two years, your focus has been shifting away from the “hive mentality” and more toward passions, romance, play! Now is a time when you can see the results or get some type of recognition for all of the fated twists and turns, ups and downs, growth and opportunity that has opened up for you in this area. For some Aries rising people, this may signify another point of dramatic change involving romantic connections or relationships with children, for others this may bring a period of passion and exciting new opportunities to connect even more deeply with the things that you love to do most! As we move on in this solar month, the focus will shift more toward social activities and connections with friends. This is an excellent month to plan a get-together or to network with like-minded people in real-time or via the internet.


This Saturday brings a karmic culmination point to an energy that has been playing out in your home life and career life since February of 2017! Now is the time when you may see the results of all of the fated new developments that have occurred within your home and family dynamic over the course of the last two years! While it’s likely you’ve come a long way in laying down roots and creating a better work/life balance, there still may be some final adjustments to make and some fated twists and turns around the corner—so do pay attention to signs, synchronicities, new connections and energies that come up in these ares of life surrounding the time of the eclipse for clues as what needs to change moving forward. Later in the solar month, the focus will shift more toward career growth and outward development. The Sun in Aquarius highlights important projects, connections with those in positions of power and authority and the ways in which you utilize your authority over others. This month may bring important developments in your career or recognition for the work you’ve put in thus far!


The Blood Moon in Leo highlights energies that have been playing out in the area of communication, community, insight and education since February 2017! This Full Moon Eclipse could bring the culmination of an important marketing, writing or educational pursuit, or may highlight the need to make adjustments in order to change the dynamics in your relationships with your siblings, extended family members or important figures in your community. The energy of the Total Lunar Eclipse may bring a sudden change of mindset or a fated opportunity for travel! As the solar month moves ahead, the energy shifts more toward the big picture—giving you a fresh new perspective on the events of your life! This is a great month for unusual forms of philosophical exploration, travel to foreign lands, or for the pursuit of higher wisdom!


The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Leo on January 20th brings to a head all of the fated twists turns you’ve been dealing with in your finances over these last two years! Surprising new developments could occur involving your money-making potential and financial endeavors of all kinds. Even if you’ve been diligently forging a new path in the way you create and manage your resources over these past couple of years, additional changes may be necessary. Pay close attention to signs, synchronicities and messages that come through in this area of life over these next couple of weeks as these may serve to point you in the right direction. Sudden, unexpected changes in your income or how you make your money are common under the influence of such an eclipse. As we move on in the solar month, the Sun in Aquarius highlights the 8th house of your chart, bringing hidden fears, power struggles and control issues up to the surface to be easily examined, transformed, and ultimately rebalanced or released. This is an empowering month for Cancer rising and sun signs, one where you may find deep healing from the inside out and ultimately begin to fully understand the true scope of your internal power. 


Saturday’s Blood Moon in Leo is all about YOU! Over these past couple of years, you’ve been working on caring less about what other people think and focusing more intensely on your own needs and self-interest. Now is a time when you may reach a culmination point in this process—reaping the rewards of your hard work or gaining some form of recognition from the outside. On the flip side, this Eclipse may signify a need to come back into balance between focusing on your own needs and the needs of those closest to you. If you’ve been neglecting your partnerships in favor of your own ambitions and desires, this eclipse may hit you especially hard. For those with their rising sign at the first few degrees of Leo, this eclipse may take you on a wild ride, throwing you headfirst into an entirely new direction you never could have imagined! For those with a less intense connection with this Eclipse, paying attention to fated, synchronistic occurrences in your relationships, health and personal life may give clues as to what needs to change moving forward. Later in the month, the focus shifts more toward partnership as the Sun in Aquarius will highlight your 7th house. This is a great time for business dealings, signing contracts and agreements, meeting new people, and forming stronger bonds in relationships.


This weekend’s Lunar Eclipse pulls you inward to to focus on your subconscious reality and spiritual or creative endeavors rather than the “busy-ness” of mundane reality. For Virgo’s in particular, this is an important month to pay close attention to your dreams as well as visions and impressions that interrupt your normal thought processes in daily reality. Over these past two years, you’ve been working on creating a better balance between your inner and outer worlds—diving deep into the realms of solitude, seclusion and introspection at times, often driven by some very powerful, karmic events. Now you will begin to see the culmination point of this energy and may be reflecting on all that you’ve learned through these experiences. For some with stronger connections to the eclipse energy, a fated turn of events may serve to pull you out of daily reality for one final time. As we move deeper into Aquarius season, you’ll find yourself emerging from your cocoon to once again pay attention to your health, work, and daily routines. It’s a busy month when the Sun transits your 6th house—even if you are temporarily pulled out of the workforce it’s likely you’ll be back in motion sooner that you think!


The powerful Lunar Eclipse in Leo on Saturday will highlight the fated new developments that have been pulling you deeper into friendship, humanitarian pursuits and connection with groups of people since February of 2017. Karmic twists and turns may come about involving those you surround yourself with by choice as a result of this eclipse energy, and you may find your social circle changing rather suddenly and dramatically! Later this month, as the Sun progresses through the enigmatic sign of Aquarius, you may find yourself diving deeper into unusual new hobbies or spending more time out on the town! The Sun transiting your 5th house highlights the need to PLAY and enhances fun and light-hearted connections with romantic partners, children, and those who support you in igniting your passions!


Saturday’s Blood Moon Eclipse in Leo brings the climax to a to a story that began back in February of 2017 involving both your career aspirations and your family life! This Eclipse highlights the progress you’ve made in developing your public reputation and all of the fated twists and turns that have pulled you deeper into your destiny as it relates to your work! For those more strongly impacted by this eclipse, this energy could bring a dramatic change in employment, housing, your family dynamics, or all three! Paying attention to the signs, syncronicities and new developments that come through in these areas over these next couple of weeks will give clues to any final adjustments that need to be made before moving on to the next big thing. As we progress further into the solar month, your focus will turn toward your home life. You may feel inclined to shy away from he spotlight, spending more quality time relaxing at home with your family, working in the garden, or sprucing up your property.


The Total Lunar Eclipse on January 20th brings things back into perspective, highlighting the culmination point of a two-year process of fated growth, change and opportunity that have pulled you in a whole new direction in the area of your beliefs, education, philosophical values, and travel experiences. This eclipse may bring exciting new ideas, changes in your moral values or core beliefs, and unexpected opportunities for travel and adventure! As we move deeper into the solar month, your focus shifts as the Sun in Aquarius highlights the need to pay closer attention to the details. You’ve seen the bigger picture, now it’s time to make sure you’ve crossed your “t’s” and dotted your “i’s” in order to make your dreams a reality. This influence could very literally have you swimming in emails, phone calls and paperwork! Not the most exciting energy for an adventurous Sagittarius, but a necessary means to an end! 


Saturday’s Blood Moon Eclipse in Leo is a deeply empowering influence for Capricorn rising and Sun signs! This powerful energy highlights the culmination point of a very deep and karmic process of healing and empowerment that has had you stretching past the limitations of your usual comfort zones for the last two years! This Eclipse may bring sudden changes in finances—especially money that comes from an outside source such as joint income through marriage, debt, inheritance, tax returns, and investments! For those more intensely impacted by this Lunar Eclipse, opportunities for healing may present themselves under the guise of your deepest fears and insecurities in order to allow you to work through this energy and release it in a very conscious way. You may find yourself obsessed with getting to the bottom of a long-standing issue that’s been seemingly beyond your control, leaving you feeling disempowered. As the solar month moves along, it’s likely that your focus will shift from the depths of the unconscious, psychological realms to dealing with physical comforts. Money making endeavors will take center-stage and can be quite fruitful under the influence of the Sun in your 2nd house!


This Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo lands right in your 7th house, highlighting all of the major twist, turns and breakthroughs you’ve encountered while moving into a fated new path in your relationships since February 2017! This could bring an important culmination point in a close relationship as well as sudden beginnings and abrupt endings to important contracts and connections. Even if you’ve made a lot of progress in developing your relationships throughout these last two years, there may still be some adjustments necessary in order to put you fully on your destined path in this area of life. Paying attention to signs, synchronicities and karmic new connections that come in during this time may provide clues as to the changes necessary to achieve this end. As the Sun progresses through your sign, the focus will shift from relationship dynamics and it will be your time to shine! With the Sun in your 1st house, YOU are being highlighted in a big way and now is an excellent time to begin focusing once more on your own needs, self-interest and self care! The Sun in your sign may bring you recognition of some kind and may improve your energy and vitality throughout this month!


This Full Blood Moon Eclipse in Leo brings an important culmination point to the fated developments and changes you’ve been making in the are of your health, work and daily routines over these last two years! This eclipse may have you feeling much busier than normal—there’s always lots to do when an eclipse falls in your 6th house! These next couple of weeks are a very important time to take care of your health and to be extra careful with what you put into your body. Sudden fluctuations in your health and vitality may signify the need to change something in this regard. For those more strongly impacted by this eclipse, there may be sudden, dramatic changes in your work flow or your overall job status! Later this month, you’ll receive a much needed break as the Sun in Aquarius highlights the need to wind down and relax a bit. This is a great time to take a vacation or explore a soothing new spiritual practice or creative pursuit.

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