Mastering Uranus Webinar! LIVE August 17th at 12pm MT!


Mastering Uranus Webinar!

Live Webinar on Saturday, August 17th, 2019 at 12pm MT
(11am Pacific, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern US time)

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Uranus is a planet associated with all things unconventional, eccentric, innovative and strange! The placement of this more recently discovered outer planet in the birth chart represents an area in life where you must defy convention and approach things in a more rebellious and independent way! At times, we may try to “fit in” in the area of life associated with Uranus, but when we do this we may find that it’s quite difficult (and sometimes downright impossible) to adhere to societal norms! We tend to have a different mindset and perspective about life wherever Uranus is concerned, and understanding this is crucial to unlocking the hidden genius Uranus represents!

Known as the “Great Awakener,” Uranus transits represent a time of profound mental breakthroughs when we can become enlightened by flashes of insight and shocking new information that breaks us out of complacency. On a more physical level, Uranus can bring in BIG surprises that catch us completely off guard and stimulate profound change. In fact, some of the biggest disruptions to our normal, everyday lives are caused by the influence of Uranus! For some people, this can feel incredibly difficult and may cause a lot of stress and undue hardship, however; this doesn’t have to be the case! Before coming into our lives to stir up some chaos, Uranus shows us what we need to change in the form of intense frustration with the status-quo! Harnessing this energy by intentionally shaking things up leads to a sense of liberation and incredible freedom!

In this comprehensive 3-4 hour webinar, you’ll learn all about your personal Uranus placement and how to harness this energy to live your best, most liberated life! We’ll also cover your personal Uranus cycle, which shows you where you are within the process of breaking free from limitations, restrictions, and societal conditioning associated with your Uranus placement! We’ll also spend plenty of time focusing on Uranus transits in the birth chart, giving in depth information and examples of the profoundly life-changing effects of Uranus AND how to harness this energy to enhance your personal freedom!

Please note, this webinar is part of the Mastering the Outer Planets Series. If you decide you’d like to purchase the full series after attending this webinar, a special link will be provided with a discounted price so you won’t have to pay for this webinar twice.

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Register now to receive 30% off! Only $19! (Regular $29)