Full Moon in Aries: October 15th, 2016

The Full Moon in Aries on Saturday, October 15th marks the culmination point of the lunar cycle beginning with the New Moon in Libra on September 30th, which served to help bring us back into balance after the chaotic and transformative astrology of these past couple months all the while kickstarting our ambitions for Jupiter’s year-long transit through Libra.

This full moon in willful, active, self-involved Aries balances out the more receptive, balanced and harmonious position of the Sun in Libra, causing a bit of friction between the desire to please others and the strong need to act on our own self-interest. The key to dealing with this full moon is to integrate the two opposites, finding balance between, well… balance, along with partnership and consideration for the other, and the willful, fiery determination of the Aries moon. The Aries moon can be emotionally charged, intense and temperamental, and can give way to anger and frustration for those who don’t feel like their own needs are being met. If you’ve been placing too much focus on the needs and desires of others over your own, now is an opportune time to re-direct your back focus on to yourself. On the flip side, there can be a tendency here to become too self-involved, allowing yourself to bulldoze over others in pursuit of your own self-interest. 

This Full Moon is looking to be a particularly potent lunation with the moon conjunct Uranus, the notoriously rebellious master of chaos, innovation and change along with Eris, the warrior goddess planet of discord & strife. On an individual level, Uranus calls on us to take the initiative to do things in new, innovative and even eccentric ways in order to make progress and move forward with our personal desires and goals. It’s time for us all to start marching to the beat of our own drummer because doing things the old way or conforming to societal pressures and norms is no longer going to cut it. Even with all of the harmonious Libra energy involved, many of us are pulling away from partnership in favor of our own self-interest at this time. This influence of change and individual freedom is especially prominent in the area of life associated with the position of Aries in the birth chart and will effect those with Aries Sun, Moon or Rising signs more intensely than others. 

With Eris in the mix in a very tight conjunction with the moon and Uranus, we can expect something big to be revealed through this potent lunation. Eris fights to expose what we don’t want to look at, the shadow aspects that have been refused and repressed all the while hiding in plain sight. She leaves us standing out in the open raw, naked and vulnerable in order to provoke us to act with integrity to integrate the parts of ourselves that we’ve long denied. If there’s an area you’ve been avoiding or where you lack awareness, now is the time when a major shift in perspective can occur. 

Eris, Uranus and the moon are all conjunct the fixed star Acamar of the constellation Eridanus or the “heavenly river.” Since ancient times, Acamar has been associated with the energies of the planets Jupiter and Venus and is viewed as a star of nobility, tied to aristocrats and the noble of heart. In ancient, hermetic texts, Acamar is associated with decency, pure souls, spiritual guidance, and great fortune obtained through women. This is actually a very pleasant influence that serves to soften the dominant, egocentric energies of the Aries moon. Conjunct the Full Moon, this powerful aspect indicates that this is a particularly important time for women. With Uranus/Eris in the mix (in an on-and-off conjunction lasting from June 2016-March 2017), women everywhere are waking up and coming into their own power, and the moon tonight highlights that. On a more global level, it’s no coincidence that the mistreatment and disrespect of women under the severely broken, patriarchal system we’re living with is coming up out into the open in a big way. The fact that this is all being brought up during this sad election season through the blatant and deliberate manipulation of the mainstream media doesn’t negate the raw, naked truth that’s being revealed at this time. Even if it is meant to serve as a distraction, these issues are demanding to be looked at and the discourse is nearly inescapable at this time. 

Finally, we have a lovely fixed-star alignment with Spica, in the constellation of Virgo, closely conjunct the Sun in opposition to the Full Moon. Spica is associated with the energy of Venus and Mercury and is noted for it’s spiritual and artistic influence, fueling creativity and connection at this time. Spica’s long been associated with priests and priestesses and its influence on our consciousness (the Sun) brings a deeply held sense of compassion, kindness, deeper knowing and connection to God into the mix. So how’s that for balance during this Libra season? ;)