Full Moon in Gemini: An Initiation into the Mercury Retrograde

Coming into the energy of this beautiful Full Moon in Gemini, I’ve been thinking a lot about Mercury. Between Mercury’s strong position in the sky as it slows down to station retrograde and the Full Moon in Mercury-ruled Gemini, there’s a good deal of Mercurial energy in the air tonight. 

Mercury is known as the trickster god of communication and intellect. He goes by many names and he wears many hats. Mercury has been referred to as Thoth in ancient Egypt, Nabu in Mesopotamia, and Hermes in ancient Greece. He’s been described as a magician, a merchant, and the “king of thieves.” He has also been regarded as a healer of sorts, often depicted with the caduceus. Mercury is the most versatile of all the gods, but is most often portrayed as the young, clever and quick-witted winged messenger who traverses the boundaries between other realms to deliver important communication to places that transcend the boundaries of our physical reality. 

At the time of this Mercurial Full Moon in Gemini, we are lingering in the shadows of the Mercury retrograde. Mercury stations in Capricorn in less than a week when it will begin it’s forth and final retrograde transit of 2016. During the entirety of its retrograde and shadow periods, Mercury will be making harmonious aspects with the karmic lunar nodes and will begin and end it’s retrograde transit by meeting up with intense and powerful Pluto, the dark and mysterious Lord of the Underworld.  

Mercury’s conjunction to Pluto may sound a bit ominous, but rest assured that Mercury is no stranger to the Underworld— he and Pluto are well acquainted. Mercury is quite the social butterfly and is friends with everyone.  Thinking back to Persephone’s story, it was Mercury who dove deep into the world beyond the living in order to deliver the message from Zeus that the maiden Persephone must be set free. In many renditions of Persephone’s myth, it was Mercury himself who came up with the plan to trick Persephone into eating the pomegranate seeds that sealed her fate as the Queen of the Underworld, requiring her to forever split her time between the world of light and of shadows. That’s not to say that this conjunction won’t feel intense, it’s very likely that it will, but Mercury and Pluto do play well together and their combined energies tend to favor some very interesting outcomes— the likes of which tend to seal our fate for years to come (a result of Pluto’s obsessive, fixed nature).

The reason I bring this all up is that the energy of this Gemini Full Moon feels a bit like an initiation into upcoming retrograde period. Our minds are already quite busy as Mercury becomes stronger in the sky, and right now is our window of opportunity to bring it all together in preparation for whatever these next few weeks will bring. 

Full Moon in Gemini: December 13th, 2016

The Full Moon represents the Mother phase of the Triple Goddess, birthing new life and nurturing her creation. This lunar phase can either be a culmination point or a crisis point (or a little of both) depending on how we’ve dealt with the energies of the first two weeks of the lunar cycle, which began with the adventurous New Moon in Sagittarius on November 29th. Now is a time when we may sense some disconnect between our internal world and our physical reality, as if we’re being pulled between two opposites. The key here is to integrate the polarity of the two signs occupied by the Sun and Moon in order to receive the gifts that have been cultivated through all of the work we put in over these last two weeks. This time around, we’re working with the mutable energy of both Gemini and Sagittarius.


This Full moon in Gemini can have us feeling a bit scattered. As a mutable air sign, Gemini tends to be one of the least grounded signs in the zodiac. We started off this lunar cycle focused on our broader, more expansive long-term goals and out of that we have been afforded a diverse array of invitations and opportunities. Many of us may find ourselves distracted by all of the new information we’re receiving at this time, and because of all the mental energy floating around our minds may play tricks on us. It’s important to be discerning. We must receive new information and opportunities as they are offered while being careful not to lose sight of our most important long-term ambitions. 

Mastering this Full Moon energy requires that we integrate all of these bits and pieces of opportunity and information into our bigger, more expansive goals. With Saturn still in conjunction with the Sun, we are being asked to buckle down, get our collective sh*t together, and begin doing the work. Achieving our desired outcome isn’t some sort of quick-and-dirty magic trick, as the Gemini moon may lead us to believe. Accomplishing our goal requires stamina and endurance beyond what we’ve previously believed ourselves to be capable of. It requires that we ground ourselves into the cold hard reality of the situation all the while never loosing sight of the curiosity and optimism that fuels our pursuit. With all of this mutable energy, we want change and we want it now, but we all need to realize that these changes come to fruition within their own divine timing and that patience and hard work toward a coherent, cohesive goal will get us much farther than constantly shifting our attention from one exciting opportunity to the next.

Fortunately, the energy of this Full Moon is aided and enhanced by many harmonious aspects as part of a mystic rectangle formation. With the Sun/Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius coming off of its sextile over to Jupiter in Libra (an aspect that came exact on Friday of last week), grounding and integrating this scattered new moon energy into our expansive long-term goals can facilitate harmony and ease in our relationships which, in turn, helps to facilitate important opportunities and communications being catalyzed through the Gemini full moon. With Uranus in the mix, the need for change requires us to think and act in new, more innovative ways in pursuit of our goals. Through our hard work and open-mindedness, we may come upon unusual new prospects and insights that can help us to move forward more easily with a renewed sense of energy and optimism. 

Overall, it’s looking to be an exciting and active Full Moon!