Full Moon & "Almost" Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius: August 18th, 2016

The creative, expressive, heartfelt energy seeded with New Moon in Leo on August 2nd reaches a point of fulfillment and illumination with the rebellious Full Moon in Aquarius early Thursday morning, asking us to take what we’ve built out of our passions and creativity and share it with the collective in our own unique way. The new moon at the beginning of this lunation cycle was in a harmonious trine with Saturn, helping us to ground our passions into an optimistic and expansive new reality. 

aquarius full moon.jpg

This Full Moon in the independent, eccentric, humanitarian sign of Aquarius will be making a harmonious aspect in sextile with Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, which is also making a beautiful trine to the Sun in Leo. Uranus is the planet of divine inspiration, change, and innovation and in harmonious aspect with the Sun & Moon it can bring unexpected situations and insights that instigate important change and guide us toward our destiny.  With the Eris conjunction to Uranus in the mix, the Truth is being exposed to us and needs to be integrated rather than denied or rejected. We are being called on at this time to lift the veil and break free from whatever is is holding us back, and now is a time when we may do so with grace and ease. 

The Venus trine to Pluto on Wednesday evening also plays a role in the energy of this eclipse as the goddess planet of sensuality and relationships comes out of its conjunction with the karmic North Node in Virgo, a powerful aspect that came exact on Tuesday morning. The Venus conjunction to the North Node brings fated circumstances and relationships into our lives, opening up new paths which must be navigated with gratitude, discernment and humility. With the Venus trine to Pluto, we’re looking at deep and profound transformation in relationships, resources, self-worth, and the way in which we connect with those we love most. 

It's interesting to note that this lunation just barely qualifies as an eclipse by degree and the Earth will not cast a detectible shadow on the moon, leading some to classify this lunation as a partial eclipse, and others to deny the eclipse altogether. My sense is that this strange "almost" eclipse serves to provide us with a sneak peek at the change that is yet to come during the true eclipse season in September. 

Right now we are coming into a point of transition in which the current cycle or paradigm that is ending is overlapping a new phase that has already begun. At the time of this full moon we are being prepared to surrender to the change and new beginnings that await us and we are being called to do so in a way that is beautiful, passionate, powerful and generous. The full moon in Aquarius strives for individual creative freedom all the while remaining connected to a greater cause for humanity. 

Thursday's Full Moon and "Almost" Lunar Eclipse marks the beginning of what is known as "eclipse season," a powerful and transformative time of change and new beginnings. On September 2nd, I will be talking about the astrology for the New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Virgo at the Renew Moon evening retreat in Austin, Texas. For more information please visit my "Events" page