Lunar Eclipse in Leo: Heartfelt Connections and Positive Change

Eclipse season is officially here! Eclipses always mark fated times of transition and change, and this month we be experiencing two very powerful eclipse events. The first eclipse of 2017 will be a partial Lunar Eclipse at 22 degrees in the regal and romantic sign of Leo on February 10th, and the second will be a partial Solar Eclipse at 8 degrees in watery, mystical Pisces on February 26th.

The Lunar Eclipse on Friday marks the culmination point of the lunar cycle that began with the New Moon in Aquarius on January 27th.  Between this Lunar Eclipse in Leo and the Pisces Solar Eclipse later this month, we’re also moving into the culmination (or crisis) point of an eclipse cycle that began on September 1st, 2016, with the Solar Eclipse in pragmatic, perfectionist Virgo. Thinking back to new developments that were seeded at this time, especially those that seemed fated or beyond our control, can clue us in to some of the energy we’ll be dealing with over these next few weeks.

The Lunar Eclipse in Leo and the Karmic Lunar Nodes

The lunar nodes are calculations that are primarily made to track and predict the eclipses, and in ancient astrology these points in the chart have a special, karmic significance. In Western, tropical astrology, these karmic points are referred to as the North & South Nodes. In Vedic astrology the nodes are known as Rahu and Ketu, representing the head and the tail of the dragon. In reference to the birth chart, Rahu, or the North Node, represents the path we are headed into in this lifetime while Ketu, or the South Node, represents the path we are moving away from as this is an area in the chart which we have already mastered in previous lifetimes. Rahu, as the dragon’s head, shows us where we go to gain nourishment, while Ketu, as the dragon’s tail, shows us where we need to surrender and let go. The partial Lunar Eclipse on Friday will be in connection with the North Node, which is currently finishing out it’s transit through the sign of Virgo. 

The transit of the nodal axis through Virgo and Pisces, which began in September of 2015, was all about letting go of fantasy, illusion, self-deception, and escapist tendencies in favor of grounding ourselves into practical reality. This has been a time, for many of us, when the rose colored glasses have come off in a major way and we may have experienced a period of disillusionment. Many of us have also utilized this transit to create much better boundaries for ourselves moving forward, allowing us greater control over the events of our lives. This has also been a time when we have been called to focus on self-care, to dedicate more time and attention to our health, and to create more practical, realistic plans that allow us the energy and space to show up in pure and devoted service of those who need it most. 

Beginning in May, the nodal Axis will shift once again with the North Node, or Rahu, transiting dramatic and heartfelt Leo and the South Node, or Ketu, transiting eccentric and innovative Aquarius. The nodal transit through Leo/Aquarius will provide us with ample opportunity choose a path of heart-centered generosity and creative expression over adherence to the rigidity of the hive-mind. With the karmic North Node transiting Leo over the next 18 months, we’re being called to move into a more heartfelt way of relating to those around us. During this time many of us will be actively moving away from the social media circus in favor of true, heart-centered connection. This transit ignites our passions and favors more traditional methods of self-expression over the more detached, voyeuristic approach to engaging with the world that has become so commonplace. While many people may fully embrace this Leo energy (I’m thinking the Pluto-in-Leo baby boomers may dig this shift) others will be found clinging to their ideals for dear life. There’s going to be a lot of energy surrounding the Internet and it’s “appropriate” use (we’re already beginning to see this with the government/media/corporate emphasis on combatting “fake” news), and there is the potential that we may experience more restrictions on our individual freedom of expression during the course of this transit. The upcoming eclipses in August will highlight and expand on these themes even further. 

Friday’s Full Moon/Eclipse in Leo will transcend both the Virgo/Pisces and Leo/Aquarius axis. This somewhat unusual lunar eclipse will highlight the progress we’ve made in developing the Virgo area of our lives and charts, as well as all of the work we’ve done to move ourselves out of delusion and escapism to face reality. This potent partial Lunar Eclipse opens up a portal to our future and gives us a sneak preview of the energy of the fast approaching nodal shift into Leo/Aquarius. At this time we’re being called to let go of ego-driven, narcissistic ideas and attitudes in order to make space for more generous and heartfelt ways of thinking and being, which will be the central focus of the collective path we'll be headed into. It’s a time of letting go of self-criticism and the need to live up societal expectations or seek approval from others. It’s about merging individual freedom with heartfelt passion and using this energy to propel us forward. Most importantly, it’s about connecting with what we love most and doing so unapologetically.

Planetary Aspects: Grand Fire Trine & Mystic Rectangle

Both the Moon in Leo and Sun in Aquarius will be in aspect with Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries as part of a karmic Mystic Rectangle. This configuration is ripe with tension and impetus for change which, so long as you engage with the energy, tends to flow harmoniously due to the overload of beneficial aspects involved. The Jupiter/Uranus opposition will be highlighted, and through the beneficial aspects from the Sun and Moon, now is a time when we will be better able to integrate the energies of Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries to create a situation in which change occurs that serves our own individual self-expression, while at the same time expanding on balance and harmony in our connections with others.

This eclipse will also receive a dynamic boost of energy from both Saturn and Uranus as part of a harmonious Grand Trine in the fire signs. This means that the chaotic and headstrong influence of Uranus in Aries will be working in positive aspect with the Leo Full Moon to act as a catalyst for beneficial, unexpected change. While the combined energy of Uranus and the eclipses is bound to shake things up a bit, it is likely to come about in a more gentle, balanced way. Pay attention to sudden urges, frustrations, or flashes of insight as these are meant to guide us in the right direction. Saturn in Sagittarius grounds out the energy and allows us to seamlessly integrate the new wisdom that is revealed to us into our most optimistic and expansive long-term goals.

Due to the far-reaching influence of tomorrow’s lunar eclipse across many areas of the Zodiac, almost all of us will experience a bit of turbulence and frustration that will ultimately lead to important points of both surrender and growth over these next couple of weeks. Those with the Sun/Moon/Ascendant in Leo or Aquarius, or anyone with planets between 21-25 degrees in Aries, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, or Aquarius will feel the energy more intensely and experience the most benefit. 

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