The Full Moon in Libra on Monday night sparks intense revelations and powerful insights!

The Full Moon in Libra on Monday night marks the culmination point of the lunar cycle, which began with the dynamic New Moon in Aries on March 27th, which, in conjunction with retrograde Venus, highlighted relationship power dynamics in a big way. The Full Moon is a time when our subjective reality, seeded at the time of the New Moon, is made manifest.

At first glance, the energy of this Full Moon can appear dark, intense and downright chaotic, however; when we go deeper below the surface we can find incredible inspiration where we least expect it all the while missed opportunities from the past are coming back around giving us all a second chance to venture down a new path. 

With this Full Moon in Libra we are being given a choice to succumb to the chaos and upheaval born out of self-serving behaviors and “me” centered consciousness, or we can choose to find meaning, purpose, beauty and balance through our subjective experiences by cultivating a more compassionate awareness in our relationships. 

The Sun in Aries is conjunct Uranus and Eris, highlighting the Uranus/Eris conjunction that came exact for the final time on March 17th. Eris is the warrior goddess of discord and strife and as a planetary influence she serves to expose the hard Truths that are hidden in plain sight. Eris exposes that which has been suppressed within each of us, and once she has presented us with new knowledge and insight we are challenged to integrate the parts of ourselves that have long been denied. An inability to do so can cause us to become our own worst enemy, leading to our inevitable self-destruction. In combination with Uranus, unexpected and often chaotic situations and insights show up to help us along the path of integration.

This full moon highlights the resolution point of this Uranus/Eris transit and gives us a final chance to acknowledge and integrate all that has been exposed to us since the first pass of this conjunction in June of 2016. It is important to be discerning about the issues that arise without wallowing or succumbing to destructive, self-serving, and self-sabotaging behaviors born out of frustration with our current circumstances. With Uranus in the mix, one of the key words for this Full Moon is CHANGE. Now is a time when we can experience spontaneous insights that assist us in making positive changes that serve our own self-interest as well as our relationships with the people we love most.

The Full Moon in Libra will be in conjunction with retrograde Jupiter, bringing us to greater state of compassion, love and generosity toward others. With Jupiter conjunct the Moon, another key word for this Full Moon is INTEGRITY. The Full Moon assists us in being more optimistic and connected to a higher purpose all the while urging us to act with greater integrity and transparency especially when it comes to our relationships. 

This Full Moon we are presented with a choice. We can choose to stay in a narcissistic state of arrested development, consumed by our own internal chaos and oblivious to the ways in which our actions influence those around us, or we can choose to expand our conscious awareness to include the needs of others, embodying greater love, compassion, and integrity in our relationships.

The choice is yours to make— choose wisely.