Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn Expose Corruption and Restructure Our Lives in BIG Ways!

Pluto’s conjunction to Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn represents a deeply karmic period of time in which the entire fate of our society will be irreversibly altered. As corruption within our governing bodies continues to be exposed, and the military-industrial-medical-educational complex becomes increasingly undermined by the free dissemination of information via the internet, the oppressive forces within the corporatocracy will continue to tighten the reigns out of sheer desperation in an attempt to maintain order and control over the masses. Pluto’s role in this mix is to expose deep, hidden truths underlying the driving forces that provide the structure and foundation for both the official and unspoken rules we, as a society, abide by. Within Capricornian institutions such as the government and the corporations that have now assimilated with the government and have outright usurped control, lies, corruption, greed, and other forms of abuse of power will be exposed. The governing bodies as we know them today will undergo a major restructuring on all levels. The events of this time period will have aftereffects that will last anywhere from several years to several centuries. What occurs throughout this time is hugely important as the influence of this very rare transit is sure to alter the course of human history. 

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