Mastering Saturn Webinar!


Mastering SATURN Webinar!

Pre-recorded webinar available NOW! Full 4.5 hour webinar! Only $39!

Saturn is a planetary energy that many find difficult to work with. Saturn brings challenges, delays, restrictions, responsibilities and limitations. On the flip side, Saturn teaches the value of hard work, delayed gratification and perseverance. Saturn acts as our protector, slowing us down and forcing us to do things the RIGHT way and not the fast way— insuring that we avoid repeating past mistakes while working diligently to build a solid, stable foundation for our future.

Several years before my Saturn return, an astrologer named Robert Phoenix (who happens to be one of my teachers and a regular on my YouTube channel) gave me a reading where he described to me exactly the challenges I would be facing due to the influence of Saturn. He was able to give me incredible advice that motivated me to begin dealing with my Saturn Return lessons way before things got out of hand! Because I knew what I was up against, I was able to work slowly and diligently on the lessons of my Saturn placement and, as a result, had what I would argue was a very successful Saturn! 
My intention for this webinar is to do the same to you! No matter where we are in your Saturn cycle, we ALL have unique Saturnian challenges to face. Because mastering the energy of Saturn takes a lot of time, patience and discipline, the earlier you begin working with this energy the better!

In this four hour webinar, you will find out EXACTLY where you are in your own personal Saturn cycle, along with where you’re coming from and where you’re headed into the future. You will receive specific tips, remedies, and advice for working with Saturn’s energy at ALL stages of life!

You’ll learn about your own unique Saturn placement and how to prepare for Saturn’s challenges in order to have a successful Saturn transit! We will also cover beneficial transits from Saturn, which mark important, stabilizing periods in our life in which our efforts will very easily (albiet slowly) yield very solid, tangible, long-lasting results!

Some of the biggest, most important life events are often brought on by the influence of Saturn—marriage, divorce, homeownership, pregnancy and childbirth, career advancements AND MORE! Learn when these events are most likely to manifest in your life and BE PREPARED! Saturn LOVES when you come prepared. ;)

Please note, this webinar is part of the Mastering the Outer Planets Series. You may purchase the series in full to receive a discounted rate for all five 3-4 hour webinars included in the series.

Please allow up to 48 hours to receive your order. Email Heather at with questions! :)

Pre-recorded webinar available NOW! Full 4.5 hour webinar! Only $39!