Mastering the Outer Planets Webinar Series!

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Learn About Some of the Most Transformative Influences in Astrology!

Dive DEEP Into the Outer Planets in this Comprehensive Series!

In this in-depth webinar series, we will be diving DEEP into all of the outer planets: Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and a FREE BONUS WEBINAR on Jupiter! All live webinars will be held on Saturday afternoons at 12pm (Mountain Time, USA) and will be recorded for your convenience with an MP3 video version of the webinar made available within 48 hours of the live event.

What’s included in this series?

  • Enjoy 5 full 3-4+ hour webinars uncovering the most important information about each of the outer planets!

  • Order the webinars individually based on what you’re most interested in learning, or purchase the whole series at a discount AND get a free bonus webinar all about Jupiter!

  • Each webinar includes PDF files to help you discover your outer planet placements: no prior astrology knowledge needed!

  • Attend live to ask your questions in real time, or watch the recording at your convenience!

  • A comprehensive 3-4 webinar will be taught LIVE every other month covering everything you need to know to work with the energies of the outer planets!

  • You’ll receive between 18 and 24 hours of expert information to help you understand the outer planets like never before!

  • Learn how to harness the potential of the outer planets within your birth chart and navigate difficult transits like a pro!

  • Discover the cycles of the outer planets and how the impact you over time! These planetary cycles show where you are at in your development related to your outer planet placements and are VERY important to understand!

  • Gain a deep understanding of the energies of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto!

  • BONUS: FREE WEBINAR on Jupiter!

Who will benefit most from this series?

This webinar is suitable for beginner-to-intermediate astrology students seeking a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of the influence of the outer planets and how to work WITH the energy, not against it! No prior astrology knowledge is needed as we will be building your knowledge from the ground up!

Who is this webinar series NOT for?

Advanced astrology students seeking more complicated applications and techniques (I’m considering creating a series for this in the future, so please check back later!). 

What is the price?

In this series, you will receive between 18 and 24 hours of classes PACKED with information along with supplemental materials and email support from Heather answering your questions as we move through the series. Comprehensive courses like this may cost anywhere from $250-1000+. 

My goal is always to deliver the best, most detailed information at an affordable price—astrology should be accessible to everyone! For this reason, I’m offering this entire series of 4 webinars, plus the bonus webinar “Mastering Jupiter,” for a limited time for only $99 (regular $149).

I believe you’ll find the information in this webinar to be incredibly valuable! Because of this I’m offering a 14-day money back guarantee! If you’re not satisfied with this series for any reason, contact me directly at within two weeks of the completion of this series to receive a full refund. 

Feedback from Mastering Saturn & Mastering Uranus Webinars:

“Uranus is a major player in my chart, and this helped me to move ahead with my plans. I'm glad I leaped and took the webinar, and cant wait for the other two. I've also am using it as a means of understanding an event in my life, and how this event is being shaped with all the planets. It is an exciting time to be alive!”

“My eyes are more open to how this effect works in our life , I have better understanding can’t wait to learn more. Your adorable too!!”

“You put in hard work to give this to many. Thank you ! I have enjoyed learning, your style is great.

“Great job, Heather! I can’t wait to hear the Neptune webinar.”

“Thank you for all the time and energy you put into creating and presenting this information. I am grateful!”

“Great job - Heather is approachable, which is difficult for web teachers to convey.”

“I love it and would highly recommend it to astrology enthusiasts! Thank you and blessings!”

“Heather, you are fantastic - articulate, illustrative, open & interesting, organized. Wonderful!”

“Love that you provided such excellent notes for us. Very helpful! “

“Excellent! You over delivered! I had to leave at 4 hours- my brain was full, lol!”

Register now to receive the full series for 30% off! Only $99! The price goes up to $149 once the series is completed. 

If you have questions, please email Heather directly at

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Mastering Saturn Webinar

Pre-recorded webinar available NOW! Full 4.5 hour webinar, only $39!

Some of the biggest, most important life events are often brought on by the influence of Saturn—marriage, divorce, homeownership, pregnancy and childbirth, career advancements AND MORE! Learn when these events are most likely to manifest in your life and BE PREPARED! Saturn LOVES when you come prepared. ;)

In this four-hour webinar, you will find out EXACTLY where you are in your own personal Saturn cycle, along with where you’re coming from and where you’re headed into the future. You will receive specific tips for working with Saturn’s energy to face challenges head-on at ALL stages of life! You’ll learn about your own unique Saturn placement and how to prepare for Saturn’s lessons in order to have a successful Saturn transit!

Mastering Uranus Webinar!.png

Mastering Uranus Webinar!

Pre-recorded webinar available NOW! Full 4.5 hour webinar, only $39!

Uranus is a planet associated with all things unconventional, eccentric, innovative and strange! The placement of this more recently discovered outer planet in the birth chart represents an area in life where you must defy convention and approach things in a more rebellious and independent way!

In this comprehensive 4.5 hour webinar, you’ll learn all about your personal Uranus placement and how to harness this energy to live your best, most liberated life! We’ll also cover your personal Uranus cycle, which shows you where you are within the process of breaking free from limitations, restrictions, and societal conditioning associated with your Uranus placement! We’ll also spend plenty of time focusing on Uranus transits in the birth chart, giving in depth information and examples of the profoundly life-changing effects of Uranus AND how to harness this energy to enhance your personal freedom!

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Mastering Neptune Webinar

LIVE Webinar on Saturday, November 16th at 12pm MT!
Registration is now open! 25% off! Only $29 (regular $39)!

Neptune is the planet associated with compassion, mysticism, fantasy, escapism, illusion, and otherworldly energies. Because Neptunian energy is so non-physical and nonlinear, it can be incredibly difficult to deal with the energy of Neptune within the confines of this material realm!

In this 3-4 hour webinar, we’ll dive deep into the murky waters of Neptune to discover both the challenges and benefits of your own personal Neptune placement, with a heavy focus on how to harness this energy more productively in physical reality. We’ll also cover Neptune cycles and transits to help you to know exactly what’s coming up and how to deal with this energy most effectively.

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Mastering Pluto Webinar

LIVE Webinar in January 2020 (date TBA)!
Registration available soon! Please check back later.

Pluto is a planet that often gets a bad rap, and for good reason! It’s the planet associated with death, rebirth, transformation, power-struggles and psychological crises! On the flip side, there IS a positive side to Pluto in which the energy of this planetary influence can be harnessed for deep exploration, intense focus, passion, manifestation and regeneration!

In this 3-4 hour webinar, we will cover both the generational and personal influences of Pluto in the birth chart to help you learn how to harness this energy in a deeply empowering way! We will also cover Pluto cycles AND transits, which can bring both internal and external crises that eventually lead to regeneration and empowerment!


BONUS! FREE Mastering Jupiter Webinar!

LIVE Webinar in Spring 2020 (date TBA)!
Available as free gift for those who registered for the Mastering the Outer Planets Series. Not available for individual registration.

Jupiter is all about abundance, good fortune and generosity and, in the spirit of this energy, I want to gift you a 3-4 hour webinar all about Jupiter for FREE! Many people believe that, being the “Great Benefic,” Jupiter automatically brings prosperity and positive growth in the area of life it touches, however; this is not always the case! A Jupiter placed in poor dignity will often just expand on everything it touches—the good, bad and ugly, or a Jupiter in retrograde may focus it’s attention in internal growth with little material reflection of its benefits. In other cases, Jupiter can show an area of self-indulgence and laziness!

While there are some common misconceptions about the benefic influence of Jupiter, it IS possible to harness Jupiter’s energy in a. very positive way and, luckily, it’s pretty easy to do this! In this 3-4 hour webinar, we will dive deep into your personal Jupiter placement, along with Jupiter’s cycles and transits so that you can be prepared to utilize the energy of the “Great Benefic” in the most positive way!