Payment Plan Agreement


This Payment Plan is between Persephone Returns LLC (the "Company"), of PO Box 1334, Paonia, Colorado, 81428, and the student (the "Customer"), for tuition for the Cosmic Academy of Astrology (the "Course"), effective on the date of enrollment (the "Effective Date”). 

This Payment Plan is entered, as of the Effective Date, by and between the Company and Customer, and is subject to the terms and conditions specified below.

This Payment Plan between the Company and Customer will cover the Borrower's responsibilities in relation to the following:

Cosmic Academy of Astrology Course Tuition.

All terms used, but not defined, herein shall have the meanings set forth in the original agreement. Except as expressly set forth herein, the original agreement remains unamended and in full force and effect.

Persephone Returns LLC offers the Course only upon your unconditional acceptance of the Payment Plan Agreement without modification. By enrolling in the Course under our extended payment plan option, you automatically agree to accept the terms of the Payment Plan Agreement.



The Company will allow the Customer to defer the option for a one-time, single tuition payment in full for the Cosmic Academy of Astrology and will re-pay this amount in installments at a later date, as set out in this Payment Plan.



This deferral will apply from the date of enrollment and will apply for nine months, covering the Customer’s financial obligation in relation to the following: 

The Cosmic Academy of Astrology (Course) Tuition



The Customer will make payments in the sum specified at the time of enrollment on the same day of each month. No interest will be applicable on this amount.

Payments will be paid by the following method(s):

Automatic, recurring payments via PayPal or Stripe

Please note: you are entering into a payment plan agreement for the financing of Course tuition. This is not an agreement for a monthly subscription service that can be cancelled at will. You are obligated to pay your course tuition in full, just as you would be with any standard financing arrangement.


Customer will be responsible for paying the remaining invoices unless Customer obtains a refund through the refund policy agreed to at THIS LINK


Payment Default 

If any payments fail, Customer agrees to remedy the situation within ten) 10 calendar days. If payment is not received within this window, access to the Course will be temporarily suspended until all past due payment is received.

If Customer selects an extended payment plan option, Customer agrees to pay all fees pursuant to the payment schedule outlined at enrollment and selected by Customer.

Company reserves the right to pursue collections for any outstanding payment due and owed under this Agreement at the Customer's expense.