“I want to say that you are an incredible astrologer. I consider you the most talented and intuitive in the US. My reading with you was absolutely phenomenal. Even though it was two months ago I’m still thinking about it. You described all my traits and issues better then my own mom would do. As a mater of a fact You know me better then my mom. I listened my reading about 5 times and every time I find out something new about myself. I think it was the best investment I’ve ever made for myself so far.
Heather you are simply amazing. Your mind is bright, and focused. Your astrological knowledge is deep. Your speech is fast and clear. I really enjoyed my reading. You are a real gem.
Thank you so much. You Rock, Heather.”

“Hi, Heather. I just listened to my 60-minute recorded reading. I'll listen to it a couple more times to fully absorb all the information. I wanted to tell you though that I have had many astrological readings of my natal chart, and yours was the most thorough and accurate overview that I have ever heard. You captured nuances of my personality and my life experience that no one has picked up on before. I am amazed! I knew you were a talented astrologer based on your weekly forecasts and your workshops, but hearing your insights applied to my own chart was really fascinating. I plan to book a natal chart reading of my daughter with you. Thanks so much!”
-Jennifer F

“OMG! Heather! I am so stoked about this reading, I did not expect everything to hit me in that way. I felt so understood by you and so much of what you said really resonated deeply with me! I imagine I will have some questions, but I want to listen again tomorrow! Right now, I am just so happy! It's so funny, because it was really random when I decided to do a reading with you, I just did it on a whim and didn't expect that much, but the timing of this was perfect (even more perfect with the mercury retrograde pushing the reading off). You have such an incredible gift!’

“Heather, thank you for my reading! I love the passion you bring to your work. It comes through :) You have provided some great insights and valuable information. Leaves me feeling positive after some tough transitions. Blessings to you in your new place!!”
-James B

”Thank you Heather for all this exciting information, I feel so fortunate to have found you for my reading. I feel as if you read my life story and I have clear explanation of all my past experiences and upcoming events, I now understand so much about myself and my purpose. I really needed confirmation and now I have this insight on what to do next. So very grateful:)” 
-Sheila M

”Your reading of my solar return info was completely accurate! My full time work is in both a hospital and IT! And the energy healing I do is most definitely the outlet I need in creatively helping others as well as spiritual work. Also the mother figure issues were correct for this year as my mom died and also have had a review of a maternal figure relationship. There was more but wanted to share those with you. You are talented and I appreciate you!”

“Hi Heather, Just got your mini reading. I was Jeff Jawers client (when he was alive) and currently have Terence Guardino read (who is awesome). But you are amazing. I cant believe what a heavy hitter you are and your so young. Everything you said hits home with me.”

”I am so grateful for the solar return reading that you so thoroughly and elegantly composed for me, Heather! I have begun studying profections and was so glad you incorporated it into my reading along with whole sign astrology. I’ve also been looking at Campanus...I’ve found the house cusps seem to be more accurate for predictive astrology. Anyhow- your enlightenment of the Pluto + Mercury + Ceres energy was brilliant. It’s given me a bit more insight on how to tackle some health goals. Similarly, your analysis and suggestion to merge both Virgo (Placidus) + Leo (Whole sign) Midheavens was life changing. Wow! Thank you! In addition, the Neptune information was most helpful. I actually was working on more of a Neptunian 2nd house lifestyle until Saturn went into Capricorn. I know now after your reading to continue to nurture the Neptunian energy. Visualization is a must! The information about real estate was confirmation for me to continue down that road. Your readings are always so helpful and detailed. Your wisdom and guidance are greatly appreciated and make rough times much more manageable. I think you have a natural gift for medical astrology and hope you continue with your studies and believe you are ready to begin giving medical astrology readings now in all honesty. Thank you again for all your ongoing help! I look forward to your next course!”

”THANK YOU SO MUCH for the uplifting Astrology Reading! It touched my heart and soul deeply! I felt a subtle awakening and remembering during some parts of what you shared about my birth chart. It was refreshing and inspirational, adding much clarity. Heather, you are truly gifted beyond your years. Bless you for all that you share and all that you are!”

”Thank you soo much for the reading and for the insides into my anger issues!!! It gave me a sense of relief that there are solutions to my problem that don’t involve inappropriate emotional outbursts.
Once again, thank you so much for the reading!!! It was totally worth the wait and it came at a perfect time in my life:-) I love your YouTube channel and your Instagram!!! Wish you further success in your business and I hope you feel better in your new home :-)”

“Thank you so much Heather for the relocation reading it was great, it gave me alot of insighful information and it was very  detailed, your an awesome astrologer. I think everything there pretty much gave me enough information in order to make a decision.  If I have any questions about the reading that come up in my head in the comming weeks I may ask you, but thats probably not likely, and if so it will only  be a  minor question or two.  But regardless I am going to  consider you as an astrologer to go to whenever I may want clarity on a subject in the future. Thank you Heather for your services it is really appreciated :) “

”So worth waiting for this report! You did a fantastic job! Thank you!!”

"Heather Marie Eland was not only one of my best students, but found a niche in astrology that is as unique as she is. Her relationship with TransPluto is absolutely cutting edge, intuitively guided and right on the money. Anyone looking to go deeper into their psyche and spiritual journey via TransPluto should spend some quality time with Heather."
-Robert Phoenix, Astrologer, Writer, Radio Host

"I had the most accurate astrological reading from Heather. She was incredibly intuitive in her interpretation, and instinctively knew exactly what to focus on and bring out of my chart. She was very knowledgeable, very well informed on her craft and she was able to give me an accurate analysis and a highly probable forecast for future events. I am so glad I found her when I did, as she was able to help calm my fears and worries about an upcoming major life change! She is also so sweet in her delivery, even challenging aspects are clearly stated and yet you leave thinking the aspects aren't challenging, but empowering through experience. Love, love, love Heather's reading style and will gladly recommend Heather and will continue to seek her insight in future readings!"
~ K. S.

”Thanks. And honestly thanks for your readings for me they have been uplifting and insightful in more ways than one. Its a tough times for us 90s late 80's kids born with the Cap stellium and its going to be a wild ride that's for sure! Again, can't thank you enough your time has been much appreciated.”

"Heather gave me my first astrological reading.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised.  She was able to clearly and effortlessly analyze everything in my chart and translate it to me on a beginners level, so that I was able to easily understand.  She explained all the different aspects in my chart and how they correlated to me specifically.  She discussed a lot of my driving forces and how I related to things as a child and an adult.  It was astonishing how spot on she was with the reading. Just hearing about the different aspects in my chart and what was going on astrologically set me at ease and offered me clarity about the present.  She gave me a lot of information at our meeting and she was kind enough to record it, so I could listen to it later.  I've recommended her to friends that have had multiple readings and they were very impressed with their experience also.  I will definitely be visiting Heather in the future for readings."
- Kara Dawson, PTA, LMT, RYT

"I had an in-depth natal and transit chart reading with Heather that I can now use to navigate the next few years. Heather absolutely nailed my natal chart, my relationship with myself, money and others. I got a better understanding why I’ve had the relationships I’ve had and confirmation I am on the right career life path . Heather predicted three major events that till now have only been in my head that will manifest given the transits and how I can get the best outcome. I love the way Heather delivered the reading, she’s so personable and packs in a lot of information in a clear and concise way. A truly great astrologer."
-Simone C.

"Before I decided on the date to travel to Isla Mujeres, I asked my close friend Heather for some guidance. She did a very nuanced and incredibly accurate astrological reading for me. Not just regarding my own "energy recipe", (as I like to call our personal astrology), but the astrology of "place". This means she compared my own astrological makeup with that of the island along with the time we are in. This is a very complex science. People who only base their understanding of life in what they call "logic" ironically don't realize that astrology is nothing but LOGICAL. It is alchemical. It is the science of ALL AGES because it is rooted in truths that have been hidden, scapegoated, demonized and therefore ridiculed - all because of just not understanding what it truly is.
Heather Marie Eland is an incredibly powerful visionary and I would recommend that anyone who is seeking some guidance, confirmation of your own intuition or just a "where do I start"? - please get a hold of her. She lives in Austin, Texas but is able to do phone or skype readings. Her prices are very reasonable and trust me when I say that her guidance is WORTH IT.
She did not ask me to do this but I do it nonetheless because I believe in her talent as I have seen how it has worked for me.
It truly brings me joy to see people everywhere surrendering to the call to uncover and rediscover more and more of who they are and who they have always been. Persephone Returns, as is the name of her page and business, is about JUST THAT. Persephone, as the myth goes, is returning from the underworld with treasures of wisdom that have been hiding in plain sight all along.
Thanks Heather for your guidance. Everything we talked about is unfolding before my eyes and it is just WOW."
-Chriselda P.

"Heather gave me my first astrology reading and since then, I've enjoyed several readings from her including readings about my son and the new place we recently moved to. Her readings are accurate and insightful and I recommend one to anyone who is looking to make a deeper connection to yourself and the world. Learning about my birth chart has helped me embrace my whole self and also to boldly create the future I want. Because of Heather's insight, I have a deeper understanding of myself in respect to relationships and ways my husband operates that were puzzling to me before. I value her work and insight greatly!"
-Tahj M.

"Receiving my birth chart reading from Heather was so interesting and informative! She really knows her stuff. I felt like I not only learned about myself, but it also gave me validation on things that I felt like I already knew. It definitely made me feel like I was finally on the right path and living my truth! I'll definitely be checking back in with her every now and then just to be aware of what those silly planets have in store for me."
-Sonya B., LMT

"I approached Heather for my birth chart reading because a friend of mine (a skeptic!) said her reading revealed several uncanny truths about her life. Heather helped me understand a couple of troubling patterns in my life as well as possible meaning behind a difficult life experience. The result was that I felt better able to move past unhelpful ways of relating to others and myself and to heal the aspects that were no longer helping me. One thing I really liked was Heather’s ability to translate astrological phenomena into pragmatic information I could understand and then take action on. I found the experience useful and incredibly hopeful! as she emphasizes that there are astrological seasons and special work to be done in each, infusing the occasionally difficult seasons with purpose. I would wholeheartedly recommend Heather to people interested in building self-knowledge and insight in order to create positive change in their lives!"
-Allison D., MA, MS, LPC, RYT

"Heather was extremely helpful with my astrology related questions and guidance. It is quite obvious that she has an excellent grasp of astrology and is a great recourse for uncovering meaning in the stars and how it relates to your life's journey. Moreover, she is down to earth and easy to talk to, which makes the whole reading both an intriguing and pleasant experience. I certainly will be reaching out to her again in the future." 

"Thank you so much for your wonderful reading, Heather! It was so on the mark, it was unbelievable. You really have a lot of skill and understanding of astrology and interpretation. Wow! Thank you again."
-Anna H.

"Thank you Heather! You are a super master astrologer. I am extremely impressed how accurate and precise you were. Listening to all your videos i had high expectations, and you exceeded them by far. And thank you for the extra time. I will definitely be back for more readings!"

"A fantastic reading! You are so skilled at reading transits and aspects and at being able to impart lots of information accurately. Even with my knowledge of astrology so far you saw things in my chart I didn't even notice and it's great to get a couple surprises!
So happy I got a reading with you."

"I loved your reading, you could answer what no one could for me. That means a lot to me! Really loved it and loved your energy! Thank you again :)"

"Thank you so much for this reading. It always blows my mind how much astrology works. You literally have never met me but when you were talking about my birth chart, I totally felt as if you had known me for years!"

"Thank you again for demystifying my Yod! I think you're very intuitive and many people now and in the future will benefit greatly from your work as an astrologer."

"I booked a transit reading with Heather and I'm very satisfied ! She explained to me when was the right moment to use the energy for my projects and validate it which was what I was looking for. Now I can't wait to use this energy. I can only recommend her if you're looking for a reading!"

"So happy with my Relocation Reading with Heather- she's very pleasant to talk to, as well as patient and super informative. I feel grateful that she could utilize my birth chart as a sort of map for my life; where to live and where not to. Extremely helpful! Thank you Heather!" Fiona R.

"Wow, Heather, I'm really glad I booked a reading with you. You certainly have a gift, and my sense was right about you. I've had somewhere around a dozen or more astrology readings over the years, and I count yours among the best. You've pegged a number of my traits, quirks, and skills (including my ability to read people; once again confirmed). You'll have yourself a long-term client in me.  I'm still digesting the information you've provided, and so I don't have specific questions, yet, but I have increasingly felt I'm at the precipice of a transition, and your reading explained that." Parke B.


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