Career & Vocational Astrology: Using your Chart to Align with your Dream Job!


Learn how to use astrology to help determine what you're actually good at, what you can to incorporate to be more successful and what you need to truly find happiness in your work!

What we covered:

  • A brief discussion on Career vs. Vocation vs. Life's Purpose: 
    Not everyone is here to align their life's purpose with their career, but an overwhelming majority of us do have to work! Even if our sense of meaning and purpose lies elsewhere, as a society we devote a MASSIVE chunk of our lives to our work, which makes our career choices SO IMPORTANT when it comes to our overall happiness and satisfaction in life. 

  • Determining Career Aptitude and Affinities:
    What are you actually good at? What could you be actually be good at, given the proper training and experience? What should you incorporate into your work to enhance your success? What do you need to find happiness in your work? We’ll be using astrology as a tool to uncover the answers to all of these questions AND MORE!

  • Foundational Vocational Astrology Concepts:
    How to examine the proper houses and planets to determine what's needed for career satisfaction and success!

  • Intermediate Vocational Astrology Concepts:
    We dove deep into House Rulerships and the role they play in adding detail and nuance to a career astrology reading.
  • Advanced Vocational Astrology Technique:
    I also covered a new technique that I've never taught before—this one is highly unique and you won't find this information anywhere else!

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