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The Astrology of Place: Astrocartography & Relocation Astrology Mini-Course

Your LIFETIME access to The Astrology of Place course will give you: 

  • An in-depth overview of astrological indicators via transits and the solar return chart for the timing of a long-distance move or travel.
  • Insights into identifying who is most likely to make a long-distance move, live in a foreign country, live a nomadic lifestyle, or travel frequently for work or for leisure. Also, you’ll understand how to identify indicators in the birth chart for where you should live!
  • A complete tutorial on how to generate an astrocartography map (using free software) and how to READ such a map. 
  • Complete understanding of how to interpret all of the planetary lines—the Sun through Pluto—and go really in-depth into the potential experiences associated with each planetary energy!
  • ALL the resources you need so you know how to find the BEST planetary energy in your chart and HIGHLIGHT YOUR STRENGTHS through the relocated chart! ←This is, in my opinion, the most important and useful application of relocation astrology!