Overcoming Difficult Astrology in the Birth Chart

In this webinar, Overcoming Difficult Astrology in the Birth Chart, we will dive DEEP into some of the MOST DIFFICULT astrological placements, houses and aspects! 

EVERYONE has something in their birth chart that presents some sort of challenge to be faced in this lifetime. In this webinar we'll study the deeper meaning of these challenges in order to get a better understanding.

While some energies are more difficult to overcome, in this webinar, we'll take a look at some of the most difficult astrological energies and learn what we can do to negate these energies and attempt use them in our favor!

Some of the topics we'll be discussing in this webinar:

  • Planetary Detriment & Fall
  • Malefic Planetary Placements (Mars & Saturn)
  • Neptune placements! (Surprisingly some of the most difficult energies in astrology!)
  • Planets in the traditional "malefic houses" (2nd, 6th, 8th, 12th)
  • Squares & T-Squares
  • and more!  

Best of all, you'll have access to this course for the lifetime of Astrology with Heather's programs.  

$49.00 USD

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