Medical Astrology Foundations

Created by Heather Eland

8-month immersion into the ancient, technical art of medical astrology!

  • Get a clear roadmap to understanding medical astrology MINUS the confusion and fear.
  • Learn how astrology can be applied to health and wellness in a structured and comprehensive way.
  • Easily integrate what you're learning and give medical astrology readings.
  • Become a confident medical astrologer!

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No More Struggling with Fear, Lack of Confidence, and Haphazard Learning.

Here's What You'll Receive in the Medical Astrology Foundations Course:

  • Weekly pre-recorded video lectures from a trusted and reliable source that layers foundational knowledge logically and strategically. Watch as often as you want, speed up or slow down… you can go at your own pace.

  • Strategically designed weekly assignments specifically created to help you practice and integrate what you’re learning every step of the way. Never again will you be confused about how it all fits together!

  • Five LIVE group Q&A calls where you'll receive the demonstration, practice, and support you need to build confidence in your skills, along with answers to your questions from Heather herself!

  • Access to an exclusive online community where you can connect with your mentors and fellow medical astrologers to practice, ask questions, and receive feedback and support.

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to all of the recordings, lectures, and course materials!

  • BONUS: MONTHLY Anatomy and Physiology lessons taught LIVE by a qualified healthcare professional, so you never have to be intimidated by a lack of physiology knowledge. Did you know NO other medical astrology course offers this?!

  • BONUS: Earn a Certificate of Completion after submitting your final projects at the end of the course!


Health is one of the most common topics astrologers are asked about in client readings. However, most astrologers don’t have the proper training to answer these types of questions.

And even when they do start studying the fundamentals…

  • They’re unsure of where to even begin with their studies. 
  • They feel intimidated when faced with learning about the body. 
  • And, when they do start studying, they find themself relying on scattered, haphazard learning through single-topic webinars and reference books.
  • Even though they pick up some great nuggets of medical astrology wisdom, they struggle to put it together in a useful way.
  • Because of this, they lack confidence in their medical astrology skills or feel like an “imposter.”
  • And, even though they know that practice builds confidence and expertise, they avoid it due to fear of saying the “wrong thing” to a client.

Sound familiar? 🤔

“Before this course, I had a very basic understanding of Medical Astrology, but I quickly learned that my level of knowledge was pretty superficial.

I've watched Heather for years, and there are a few people who offer a medical astrology course. I chose to take it with her because I find her teaching style to align really nicely with my learning style. 

I find the modules very logical and laid out nicely. They're CONCISE. A lot of info taught very concisely—thank you! Also, looking at other charts and researching conditions is helpful. 

I LOVE this course so much. I wish I could spend all day just researching stuff.”

—Kristina Demek

Enrollment for Medical Astrology Foundations is currently closed.

Click the button below to join the waitlist for our next enrollment in 2025! 


Get a sneak preview of exactly what you'll be learning...


  • Pre-Requisite Lecture #1: Medical Astrology Foundations
  • Pre-Requisite Lecture #2: Zodiac Signs and the Body


  • Lesson #1: The Luminaries 
  • Lesson #2: The Inner Planets
  • Lesson #3: The Traditional Outer Planets
  • Lesson #4: The Modern Outer Planets & Lunar Nodes
  • Lesson #5: Integrating the Psychological & Physiological Impact of the Planets
  • Live Q&A—Planets in Medical Astrology


  • Lesson #6: The Modalities
  • Lesson #7: The Elements
  • Lesson #8: Putting It All Together—Planets & Zodiac Signs
  • Live Q&A—Planets in the Signs


  • Lesson #9: Introduction to the 12 Houses in Medical Astrology
  • Lesson #10: Planetary Aspects
  • Lesson #11: Putting It All Together—Planets, Signs, Houses & Aspects
  • Live Q&A—Planets, Signs, Houses & Aspects


  • Lesson #12: The First House and Rulership
  • Lesson #12: The 6th House and Rulership
  • Lesson #13: The 8th & 12th Houses and Rulership
  • Lesson #14: Putting It All Together—House Rulerships Demonstration
  • Live Q&A—Medical Astrology Houses


  • Lesson #15: The Lot of Fortune in Medical Astrology
  • Lesson #16: Evaluating the Birth Chart for Overall Health
  • Lesson #17: Basics of Disease Signatures & Medical Chart Research
  • Lesson #18: Medical Astrology Research Project
  • Live Q&A—Course Wrap-Up


  • Chiron in Medical Astrology
  • Transpluto in Medical Astrology
  • Ceres in Medical Astrology
  • Ethical & Legal Considerations in Medical Astrology



Each month, you’ll join Matthew Eland, RN, BSN, CEN, for a basic overview of different body systems and participate in a live Q&A where all of your most pressing anatomy and physiology questions will be answered by a qualified medical professional.

“I’ve learned more from Nurse Matt’s lessons than when I was studying anatomy and physiology at university, so thank you for those as the helped things click more for me.”




Enjoy LIVE Study Group Sessions for each module with your teaching assistant, professional astrologer Shanna Cross, providing additional demonstrations, guidance, and interactive on-the-spot quizzes and practice interpretations. 


CHIRON'S KEY:  Unlocking the Mysteries of the Wounded Healer in the Birth Chart

Chiron's placement describes our deepest wounds, traumas, insecurities and vulnerabilities, as well as how we may excel as healers and show up to serve others.

In this 2 webinar, we uncover your personal "Chiron Story" and how to work with this powerful energy.


THE LOT OF FORTUNE & SPIRIT: Places of Health, Wealth, Happiness & Purpose

The Lot of Fortune plays an important role in understanding overall health, especially regarding issues of wellness that are beyond our conscious control. 

In this 2-hour webinar, we dig DEEP into the Lots of Fortune & Spirit and teach you all about the ways the two most important ancient Hermetic Lots are connected to health, wealth, happiness and purpose. 



Connect with like-minded healers and astrologers so you'll never again have to study medical astrology alone. Practice what you're learning in real time, get answers to your medical astrology questions, assistance with your research, feedback on your medical astrology interpretations, and so much more! All housed in a safe, easy-to-access container.

No noisy, distracting social media needed. 

"The breadth and depth of the information in the course is incredible!"


Once you’ve finished the program, you’ll be ready to choose…

Path 1:
Personal Healer

Read medical astrology charts for yourself, your family and friends.

Understand and apply astrology to health and wellness in a structured and holistic way.

Help your friends and family understand their personal health profile and how their health is connected to other areas of life!

Path 2:
Community Healer

Build clientele and earn a living as a professional medical astrologer.

Understand, apply and teach others to use astrology to understand and navigate their path to wellness.

Help your clients understand their personal health profile and how to holistically plan their health and wellness routines.

Path 3:
Holistic Healer

Bridge the gap between medical astrology and other healing arts.

Combine your medical astrology knowledge with other healing modalities to help clients discover the root causes of their distress.

Help your clients using medical astrology to provide unique, expertly-crafted wellness solutions.

When you graduate from Medical Astrology Foundations, you can choose either of these 3 paths OR combine them to blaze a path of your own!

Which path will be your path?

Enrollment for Medical Astrology Foundations is currently closed.

Click the button below to join the waitlist for our next enrollment in 2025! 


“My medical astrology understanding was basic when I enrolled in the course, but I decided to enroll because I’m a healer.

I loved Medical Astrology Foundations! It just made sense.

Now that I’ve completed the course, I’m able to bridge astrology with healthcare. I’m applying medical astrology in my healing practice now, too.”

—Virginia Kelly

This course is for you if...

  • You’re tired of learning medical astrology haphazardly through books and one-off webinars that only focus on a single, specific topic and are looking for a structured approach.

  •  You’re ready to learn to confidently give medical astrology readings and help others navigate their healing.

  •  You already understand how to give general chart interpretations for the signs, planets, houses, aspects and transits.

  •  You’re a practicing astrologer or a Cosmic Academy of Astrology graduate.

  •  You’re a highly motivated student willing to dedicate two hours each week to studying, completing assignments, and practicing what you’re learning.

This course is not for you if...

  • You’re a beginner student who doesn’t understand how to integrate the meanings of the signs, planets, houses and planetary aspects to give natal chart readings (if this is you, start with the Cosmic Academy of Astrology—CLICK HERE to learn more and enroll).

  •  You don’t want to learn to incorporate medical astrology into your readings confidently.

  •  You are unmotivated and unwilling to practice what you’re learning (medical astrology is a complex technical art that requires active participation to master).

  •  You’re a die-hard quadrant house system user who will feel upset that we’re using Whole Sign Houses.

  • You are unable or unwilling to devote at least two hours each week to your medical astrology studies.

Medical Astrology Foundations is for You if You’re Ready to Stop Struggling to Use What You Learn

Hi!! I’m Heather Eland

I’m a Professional Astrologer and creator of The Cosmic Academy of Astrology and my BRAND NEW Medical Astrology Foundations Course, which will open for enrollment this Spring!

I’ve studied, practiced, and taught astrology for over a decade, but originally, my background is in Clinical Psychology and Mind-Body Medicine.

I’m passionate about blending science and psychology to distill complex medical astrology concepts into easy-to-understand systems.

My unique educational background and direct experience with healing from chronic illness give me a unique perspective on how astrology can be used to understand the psychological and emotional correspondences to physiological illness.

As your teacher in this training, I’d be honored to take you behind the scenes and share exactly how you can use this ancient technical art to help yourself and others heal!

“I had very little knowledge of medical astrology prior to enrolling in the Medical Astrology Foundations course. Initially, I hesitated to enroll due to the time commitment and flexibility with coursework since I work full time and am a single parent—but I attended the free preview class and was interested. 

Heather is a great instructor who is well-spoken and organized with her content, so I was drawn to learn more. In life, I had just finished my Reiki Masters and thought this would be a great addition to my spiritual development and perhaps help me understand areas of focus during a Reiki session. But also it was my 9th house profection year. All seems fitting.

Heather is awesome. She is easy to listen to and very organized in her approach to content delivery. Having a student forum and Teaching Assistants available added to this course being top notch.

The course enhanced with understanding of medical astrology. It also helped me focus on the proper intake to evaluate a chart for medical astrology as well as legal and ethical considerations. I am more interested in general and want to keep learning more and collecting charts so I can see patterns coinciding with medical conditions—very cool!

After the course, I’ve really focused on helping to understand family and friends who are looking for some patterns with their own medical history.”

—Tara Harwood

“When I first learned about Heather’s Medical Astrology Foundations course, I was concerned it would be intense and wasn’t sure how I would be able to implement what I learned. But, my background is in public health and natural health practices, so this topic fascinated me. 

What I loved most about this course was how accurate some of the information can be! I loved learning about the various natural remedies for the planets and signs. 

My knowledge before taking this course was basic, now I feel I can look at a chart and talk about various medical-related topics that may show up.

As I do professional astrology readings, I can provide clients with the added bonus of discussing medical or health issues that come up and provide guidance.”

—Mantreh Atashband

“Before enrolling in Medical Astrology Foundations, my level of astrology knowledge was just the basics: 6th house and ruler, aspects to the 6th house and ruler—that kind of thing. Initially, I was worried that the course wouldn’t be useful, since I’m not a healthcare provider, but I want to be the best astrologer I can be! I will take any course Heather offers because I feel like I get a good foundation.

The thing I loved most about Medical Astrology Foundations was the research project.  I really feel like I grew from that. I'm actually planning on continuing the research I started for the course. Heather's courses are all great! By far, the foundation I got in this program far exceeds what I've been able to piece together in the past.

I finally feel like I have the foundation I need to address medical issues in readings. I've always covered the basics, but now I feel like I can go into much more detail and be of much better service to my clients.

After completing the course, I'm giving medical astrology readings to clients. I'm also using this knowledge with my family. My daughter and I both have chronic conditions, and having a good foundation in medical astrology is empowering me to analyze our charts to find supports that will help us navigate our health journeys.”

—Kait Leonard, Professional Astrologer

Enrollment for Medical Astrology Foundations is currently closed.

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“I don’t have a healthcare background … how can I offer medical astrology readings?” 

And other myths … BUSTED!

FACT: Medical astrology is surrounded by a lot of myths, so we’re going to clear these up right away. Starting with the most popular one… 

Myth #1: To become a medical astrologer, you need extensive Anatomy & Physiology training and a background in the healing arts.

One of the most common questions I get from students just like you who are interested in joining Medical Astrology Foundations is…

How can I be a MEDICAL Astrologer? I’m not a medical professional. 

Let me clear that up: You don’t even need to be a healer or have prior knowledge of anatomy and physiology. All you need is a background in astrology and the desire to learn. 

In this 8-month LIVE immersion  into the ancient, technical art of medical astrology you’ll get a clear roadmap to practicing medical astrology MINUS the confusion and fear.

You will learn how astrology can be applied to health and wellness in a structured and comprehensive way. And you will be able to easily integrate what you're learning.

Best part? 

You won’t be alone or overwhelmed through this. 

You’ll have support from myself and my team via the LIVE Q&A calls. 

You’ll have your student community to bounce questions off of and learn with. 

You’ll be able to confidently understand your own wellness indicators, help friends and family and even go on to give medical astrology readings professionally. 

PLUS, you’ll have Nurse Matthew Eland, RN BSN, helping you brush up on your Anatomy & Physiology through the LIVE calls every month.


Myth #2: Practicing medical astrology is too risky.

What if I say the “wrong thing” to a client?” 

“How do I know I’m using my knowledge ethically?”

“What about the legal considerations and ramifications?”

Practicing medical astrology can feel risky because, well … you’re discussing someone’s health and well-being, and the things you say can influence them so, yes, it can feel risky. 

But truth be told … it’s not. Because when you’re clear on the ethical and legal considerations, you know exactly what to say to a client. 

And that’s why in Medical Astrology Foundations, we have a robust BONUS lecture on the ethical and legal considerations to keep in mind. And we’ll keep reminding you about this all through the course as well! 


Myth #3: Learning medical astrology needs YEARS of intense study.

Medical astrology can feel daunting, I get it. Learning about astrology itself is huge. Add anatomy and physiology to it and it can feel like a whole other mountain to climb. 

Plus, if you’ve taken a medical astrology course in the past and nothing seemed to make sense because it was too overwhelming … you may definitely believe that studying it needs YEARS. 

But it’s not years of intense study that you need… it’s the right f, which is what you get in Medical Astrology Foundations. The name of the course gives away how critical it is! 

Plus … you’re not in this alone. You have support at every step. You have lifetime access to the course materials so you can keep coming back to them. You have a community to lean on. 

“How much time will I need to commit to this program?”

(and other questions your fellow astrologers asked before signing up!)

Enrollment for Medical Astrology Foundations is currently closed.

Click the button below to join the waitlist for our next enrollment in 2025! 


“Before enrolling in Medical Astrology Foundations, I knew very little medical astrology, I knew some of the malefic planet associations and some of the body parts associated with the Zodiac signs. 

I decided to enroll in the course because my son has multiple health issues. I have some issues as well, but I was most interested in how to help him.

Heather is a very good teacher and the Teaching Assistants are very helpful. The structure of the course is great, with live and recorded sessions. It was well set up. 

Medical Astrology Foundations has helped me with my regular astrology as well as informing me about overall health issues to watch for. I am more confident than before. 

After completing the course, I am applying my knowledge of medical astrology to give readings to friends and family. I understand more about my own weaknesses and things I can do to improve my own health.”

—Phyllis Handy

Medical Astrology is an ancient technical art that involves the interpretation of celestial omens.
Medical Astrology is not a substitute for professional medical advice and/or other forms of health care.
Astrology with Heather is not “diagnosing” or “treating” the physical body, or teaching students to "diagnose or "treat" the physical body, which falls under the jurisdiction and expertise of licensed medical health care providers.
You should always consult your healthcare provider to discuss the diagnosis and treatment of any physiological and psychological illness. 
The exact benefits and risks of Medical Astrology are not fully known. As such, all methods taught by Astrology with Heather are merely experimental and cannot promise to deliver specific results or achieve specific outcomes.