Want to find the best location to live a peaceful and worry-free life?
Want to make a move but aren’t sure whether the new location will be best for you and your family?
Want to travel to a new country and make sure it’s going to be a hassle-free trip?
Astrology can show you the most positive locations to improve your health, finances, love, career success and more.


The Astrology of Place

by Heather Eland

Demystifing Relocation & Astrocartography for Finding The Perfect Place to Live & Thrive!

This mini-course equips you with the knowledge and tools you need to use astrology to determine the BEST possible locations for YOU or your clients.


Whether you want to travel to a new country, work overseas or move home to a different state… 

… Astrology of Place will guide you so you can choose that perfect-fit place for greater happiness, more success and abundant prosperity. For everyone involved. 

Relocation astrology is one of the most unique specializations for intermediate to advanced astrologers. The benefits of knowing which place will be best suited for you or a client are immense. 

You can make informed decisions when it comes to choosing a destination, whether to travel to or to live in. No unpleasant surprises when you land!

Here's what Astrology of Place gives you instant access to:

  • The confidence of becoming a Relocation Astrologer in as little as ONE afternoon: The course is ALL of 5.5 hours!
  • Expertise in knowing you can select the best locations for yourself, your friends and family, and your clients!
  • The techniques you need so you know HOW to make accurate predictions for timing of a big move or an important trip!
  • The skills you need to identify who would make a big move, live in a foreign country or have a nomadic lifestyle.
  • Knowing HOW to assess and identify the specific types of natural environments best suited for you or your clients by looking at a birth chart. Lake or city? Now you’ll never guess. You’ll just KNOW.

How would you go from thinking about learning relocation astrology to becoming an expert in an afternoon?

Astrology of Place is designed for focused mastery. You get INSTANT access to: 

  • A 4-part video training walking you through every step you need to take in order to build a relocation astrology reading, layer-by-layer. No step missed or forgotten. 
  • Downloadable and print-friendly PDF handouts to refer to so you don’t always need to rewatch a video. 
  •  Plenty of demonstrations of my tried-and-true methods using real-life charts and client examples! 
  • A supportive learning environment. Get timely answers to your questions from expertly trained astrologers through our designated student inbox!
  • Self-paced, learn-when-you-can with LIFETIME access. 

Ready to learn to how to use Relocation Astrology to guide your own moves and help clients too?

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Only $99


Hi again! It's me, Heather!

I hope you’ll join me for a deep dive into Relocation Astrology!

For over a decade now I’ve studied, practiced and taught astrology.

And, you’re in luck because Astrocartography and Relocation Astrology are one of my specialties!

After moving to seven different cities across five different states in search of the PERFECT place to settle down and absolutely thrive, I’ve learned a LOT about the masterful science and art of Relocation Astrology!

In addition to testing my skill set through direct experience, I’ve given expertly crafted relocation readings helping hundreds of clients all over the world (with rave reviews)!

Now, I’m combining my passion for teaching and innate knack for breaking down and simplifying complex astrological concepts to deliver what I’ve learned in this small-but-mighty course!

“Thank you so much Heather for the relocation reading. It was great! Your reading gave me a lot of insightful information and it was very detailed. You’re an awesome astrologer. I think everything in your reading gave me enough information to make a decision about my move.  Thank you Heather for your services, it is really appreciated.”

—Steven Darbouze

“I have been meaning to write a testimonial about my experience in your very first astrocartography class. OMG! I really enjoyed the class. You had a wealth of information and supporting documents. We are able to follow along by the example you (Heather) provided. Thank you for a fun class, we really enjoyed YOU!”


"So happy with my Relocation Reading with Heather! She's very pleasant to talk to, as well as patient and super informative. I feel grateful that she could utilize my birth chart as a sort of map for my life to show me where to live and where not to. Extremely helpful! Thank you Heather!" 

— Fiona R.

“I've learned so much from you this year. The Astrology of Place Mini-Course was great. I gained skills and perspective that I truly treasure. Your weekly videos bring me joy as well as support for those challenging moments of life. I count you among my blessings.”

—Karen Kucin

Your LIFETIME access to The Astrology of Place course gives you:

  • An in-depth overview of astrological indicators via transits and the solar return chart for the timing of a long-distance move or travel.
  • Insights into identifying who is most likely to make a long-distance move, live in a foreign country, live a nomadic lifestyle, or travel frequently for work or for leisure. Also, you’ll understand how to identify indicators in the birth chart for where you (or your client) should live!
  • A complete tutorial on how to generate an astrocartography map (using free software) and how to READ such a map. This is not only the first step in Relocation Astrology but it is also the easiest way to assess the best and worst locations. 
  • Complete understanding of how to interpret all of the planetary lines—the Sun through Pluto—and go really in-depth into the potential experiences associated with each planetary energy for a particular place!
  • ALL the resources you need so you know how to find the BEST planetary energy in your chart and HIGHLIGHT YOUR STRENGTHS through the relocated chart! ←This is, in my opinion, the most important and useful application of relocation astrology!

Ready to add relocation to your list of astrology superpowers?

Get instant, lifetime access to The Astrology of Place

Only $99


I know investing in advancing your astrological skills can always feel daunting. Let’s talk about how you can make your money back with the first reading you do. 

Most astrologers charge upwards of $200 for an Relocation Astrology reading… At $99, you’d make your enrollment fee back easily even if you were to do a single reading and never do it again after. 

More seasoned astrologers (like myself) charge $350 or more for an electional astrology reading. If you’re experienced and are doing this professionally, you’ll recover your investment and more almost immediately.

Before I decided on the date to travel to Isla Mujeres, I asked my close friend Heather for some guidance. She did a very nuanced and incredibly accurate astrological reading for me. Not just regarding my own "energy recipe", (as I like to call our personal astrology), but the astrology of "place". This means she compared my own astrological makeup with that of the island along with the time we are in.

This is a very complex science. People who only base their understanding of life in what they call "logic" ironically don't realize that astrology is nothing but LOGICAL. It is alchemical. It is the science of ALL AGES because it is rooted in truths that have been hidden, scapegoated, demonized and therefore ridiculed - all because of just not understanding what it truly is.

Heather Eland is an incredibly powerful visionary and I would recommend that anyone who is seeking some guidance, confirmation of your own intuition or just a "where do I start"? - please get a hold of her. Her prices are very reasonable and trust me when I say that her guidance is WORTH IT.

She did not ask me to do this but I do it nonetheless because I believe in her talent as I have seen how it has worked for me.It truly brings me joy to see people everywhere surrendering to the call to uncover and rediscover more and more of who they are and who they have always been. Persephone Returns, as [was originally] the name of her page and business, is about JUST THAT.

Persephone, as the myth goes, is returning from the underworld with treasures of wisdom that have been hiding in plain sight all along. 

Thanks Heather for your guidance. Everything we talked about is unfolding before my eyes and it is just WOW.” 

—Chriselda Pacheco
Hermeticist, Educator & Consecrated Gnostic Priestess

On the fence? Wondering if you should go ahead with your enrollment?

Let’s look at whether or not Astrology of Place will be perfect for you.

And here’s something to help you breathe easy…

Your enrollment in the Astrology of Place is protected and risk-free.

I understand how tough investing in yourself can feel. Especially if past investments have burned your wallet. At the same time, I don't want you to hold back on your learning and growth. 

With The Astrology of Place, you can rest easy.

You have a FULL 5 days to give the material a try. If you feel that the course isn't what we promised, reach out to us for a refund.

Click here to review our full refund policy. 

Learn to find the BEST locations to travel, live and thrive!

Get instant, lifetime access to The Astrology of Place

Only $99