Struggling to organize everything you learn about astrology from YouTube and books?

Overwhelmed with the inflow of astrological information that you can’t seem to put together in a usable way?

Lack the confidence to give readings clearly and accurately?

Not anymore!

The Cosmic Academy of Astrology

Founded by Heather Eland

Cut through the chaos. Clear up confusion. Confidently give accurate, meaningful astrology readings.

Structured learning. Interactive community. Guided mastery.


“I’ve read books, watched endless videos on YouTube, and taken courses. I still feel lost. Like I’m solving puzzles that don’t have a solution!”

If I had a penny for each time I heard that πŸ‘†πŸ», I’d be a gazillionaire.

Hi! I’m Heather and I have an important message for you…


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Let’s be honest…

Learning about astrology was supposed to feel exciting, liberating and even, fun… instead you feel like you’re trying to put together a brain-melting puzzle. With a few of the pieces missing! 🀯

You feel like you’re on your own and even though you have a good understanding of the “pieces”..

...when you look at a chart you don’t know where to start.

You’ve read books, like The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need, but when you finish, you don’t have a clear direction of what to do with the knowledge that’s bubbling inside your brain.

You struggle to synthesize all the information and you may have a good handle on the planets, signs, and houses… putting it ALL together trips you up.

Doing readings gives you anxiety because you don’t know where and how to start. How do you relay the practical meanings of what’s in the chart?

And then...

There's the struggle of not having a community to lean on, a mentor to guide you, and no structure to ALL the learning…

...that struggle is what holds you back from strengthening your expertise and intuition. 


This struggle quickly overwhelms you and often leads to self-doubt and questions like…

“Why don’t I have more clarity and confidence? Is it me?”


Let me assure you

It’s NOT you.

It’s the lack of a coherent astrological education system.


There is something to be said for structuring the knowledge in a way that makes it easy to apply and use in the real world.

Currently, studying astrology usually looks a lot like this: 

A mind-boggling jumble with no clear path forward. 

You take a course (or three!), read a bunch of books, watch a few videos, listen to some podcasts, attend a couple of webinars.


Months (or even, YEARS!) later…  you’re still unclear on how to take what you’re learning from these many sources and put it to practical use. 🀷🏻‍♀️

It’s like learning a new language. You understand the individual words, but you still struggle with forming sentences to get your point across.

The truth is…

Astrology is a beautiful blend of both technical art and a healthy amount of science.

It requires detail-focused, structured, step-by-step learning so you can take “theory” and make it practical.

More importantly, it needs PRACTICE.

To continue with the language analogy, you need to not only know the words and concepts but also how to string them together to form coherent, clear sentences. And then, you need to practice speaking the language.

And you can’t do that if your knowledge, while good, has gaps. Not because you missed a step but because the path to astrology mastery can be messy and confusing.

“Wait, what... isn’t astrology all about being intuitive or psychic?”

As someone who has a background in clinical psychology, I can vouch for the fact that studying astrology is a lot like studying any scientific field.

When you read someone’s chart, you’re interpreting it. You’re not giving a psychic reading.

At the same time, I want you to know that to become a professional astrologer you DON’T have to spend years and years to master everything.

I’ve been practicing for a decade now. But my path wasn’t as straightforward as yours can be.

I’ll show you how in just a minute but first…

Let’s talk about what astrology mastery looks like.

Mastering astrology is how you bring real, deep meaning to the work you do.

Trying to interpret a birth chart no longer requires putting together bits and pieces of information.

You can give meaningful, accurate astrology readings with confidence.

Using astrology, you can now make accurate predictions.

With astrology, you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, a more effective way to deal with challenges, as well as a greater ability to help those close to you.

Mentoring, direct learning, and practical experience build your self-confidence so you can share your expertise without any doubts or confusion.

Finally, you are able to establish a solid grounding in astrology so you can give professional readings to clients in the future.

So… How do you put all the many pieces of astrology together in a structured, systematic, and easy-to-synthesize way?


The Cosmic Academy of Astrology

When you join The Cosmic Academy of Astrology, you take ownership of your astrological mastery with

Weekly video classes that build on each other to take you from beginner to intermediate-level and then to giving meaningful astrology readings and making accurate predictions!

Comprehensive astrology information delivered in a clear, strategic, and manageable manner, so you'll never 'drown' in a sea of data.

A course combining MONTHLY live demonstrations, talks, and Q&A sessions with Heather Eland each month to ensure you're really understanding what you're learning.

An interactive online classroom experience in which you can engage with your fellow astrologers AND have your questions answered by experts in real-time (including your mentor)!

An easy-to-use community that offers a safe and judgment-free space for you to ask questions, connect with other students, practice your skills, and get the feedback you need to build confidence in your astrology skills!

Weekly assignments and quizzes designed to test your knowledge and to help you begin to think critically about astrology in action! Thinking critically is a KEY component to providing accurate chart interpretations.


Astrology Study Groups

Studying astrology isn’t a solo experience. My experienced Teaching Assistants lead these focus sessions FOUR times a month, to give bonus demonstrations of material and encourage group discussion and participation, as well as real-time practice in interpreting and receiving feedback!


385 Page Digital Workbook!

We've created a comprehensive student workbook filled with notes from all of our astrology lectures, homework assignments, journal prompts and more! Keeping track of your astrology studies has never been easier.

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Enrollment for the Cosmic Academy of Astrology is currently closed. Join the waitlist to be among the first to be notified when enrollment opens back up AND to receive exclusive Early Bird pricing!

After completing Heather’s program, I am now able to make astrological predictions with confidence. I’m now applying my predictive knowledge with clients and friends!

-Ginoski Bohorquez, Professional Astrologer


Here’s everything that you’ll dig deep into and become confidently proficient in

Level 0:

Prerequisite Concepts

Starting smart is essential. You’ll get all the details around the dates and timings of your study sessions and Q&A calls. You’ll know how to submit your questions ahead of time.

You understand how to generate and read the birth chart and get an introduction to signs, planets, and houses, and get to know (and share!) your own Sun, Moon, and Rising signs, too.

Level 1:

Foundational Astrology—Becoming Your Own Astrologer

This is where we lay the foundations for succeeding in The Cosmic Academy of Astrology.

Over 14 weeks, you’ll dig deep into:

  •  The 10 Planets in Astrology
  •  Zodiac Sign Qualities & Rulership
  •  The 12 Zodiac Signs
  •  The Decans & Critical Degrees
  •  The 12 Houses
  •  The Angles (AC/DC/MC/IC)
  •  The Lunar Nodes
  •  Sect in Traditional & Modern Astrology
  •  Planetary Aspects

AND you’ll learn HOW to put it all together. From the planets in the signs to the houses and aspects. You’ll have assignments, bonus demonstrations, and resources to help you use what you learn.

Level 2:

Predictive Astrology—Navigating the Past, Present & Future

Once you have the foundations in place, it’s time for you to become proficient in predictive astrology.

Over 14 weeks, you’ll master:

  •  Mundane Transits
  •  Personal Transits
  •  Outer Planet Transits
  •  Inner Planet Transits
  •  Transits of the Luminaries
  •  Making Predictions with Lunar Nodes
  •  Making Predictions with Eclipses
  •  House Rulerships
  •  Evaluating the Chart Ruler
  •  Predictions with House Rulerships with Transits
  • Holistic Approach to Chart Interpretation

As always, besides the video training, you’ll have actual demonstrations, practical research assignments, and plenty of resources to guide you every step of the way.

Level 3:

Intermediate Astrology—Making Accurate, Meaningful Prediction

Now you move to intermediate astrology education where you learn how to make accurate, meaningful predictions.

This is where the rubber meets the road.

Over 12 weeks, you’ll have in-depth training and assignments so you can gain a complete understanding of:

  •  Making Predictions using Solar Returns
  •  Making Predictions using Lunar Returns
  •  Predictions Combing Solar & Lunar Returns with Transits
  •  Annual Profections
  •  Predictions Combining Annual Profections with Solar Returns & Transits
  •  Introduction to Secondary Progressions
  •  Predictions Using the Progressed Moon

Level 4:

Professional Astrology—Putting Your Knowledge To Use

This level is for anyone who wants to use astrology as a professional career option and put your knowledge to practical (and profitable) use.

Over 3 weeks, you’ll develop the foundations needed to use your astrological expertise as a business with:

  •  Professional astrology ethics
  •  Counseling skills in astrology
  •  Skills to deal with difficult clients
  •  Skills to deliver challenging information
  •  Developing a business mindset
  •  Guidelines for charging for readings
  •  Marketing know-how for growing your business.

You’ll benefit from the THREE professional reading demonstrations included in this. So you know how to structure your reading sessions.

Break Weeks

There are multiple strategically scheduled BREAK WEEKS at different stages because we know you need time to rest, recharge, catch up on assignments, and return ready to continue learning and applying.

Get The Cosmic Academy of Astrology curriculum sent to your email so you can review it at your own pace and make a decision you’re completely confident about.


Ready to master astrology, the confusion-free way?  

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Enrollment for the Cosmic Academy of Astrology is currently closed. Join the waitlist to be among the first to be notified when enrollment opens back up AND to receive exclusive Early Bird pricing!

“This is one of the reasons I chose you as my teacher, Heather—it makes so much sense when we stick with the traditional interpretations of the houses.

It ends the confusion and gives a clear interpretation of the charts. Thank you once again for a fantastic lecture. Loving this course and learning a ton!”

—Michelle Minto

“I thought I would give some feedback on the homework assignments. I thought I knew quite a bit about the planets, but when it came down to writing it down without any help from resources, I realized I didn’t know as much as I thought!

This exercise is an excellent way to get the juices flowing and start using the information that you know because you won’t be able to open up a reference when you are giving a reading to someone sitting in front of you. I’m sure this was by design, so great job Heather!”

—Jenny Beesley

"The Cosmic Academy of Astrology was one of the best uses of my time!”

-- Raphael Rey, Reydiant Reality Tarot


In addition to the core content and training, you’ll be supported every step of the way...

...with Study Group sessions, super-specific demonstrations, Q&A Calls. And a community like none other.

MONTHLY 90-Minutes Study Group Sessions Four Times a Month!

Meet in small groups with The Cosmic Academy of Astrology Teaching Assistants. The sessions include demonstrations of the material presented and a chance to self-test with real-time quizzes. 

PLUS, you also get to ask your questions LIVE during the last 30 minutes or so.

MONTHLY Q&A Calls with Heather

This is not one of those courses where you’re flung in the deep end with no access to a mentor.

Every month you’ll meet with Heather for a Q&A call and get real-time answers to all your questions.

The Cosmic Academy of Astrology Community

Your journey to astrology mastery will include making a few solid friendships along the way.

Our The Cosmic Academy of Astrology community is a warm, welcoming, and engaged space. You can freely share, feel supported and find like-minded souls to connect and learn with.


BONUS #1: The Astrology of Place—Astrocartography and Relocation Astrology Webinar


  • An in-depth overview of astrological indicators via transits and the solar return chart for timing of a long-distance move or travel.
  • Who is most likely to make a long-distance move, live in a foreign country, live a nomadic lifestyle or travel frequently for work or for leisure and indicators in the birth chart for where you should live!
  • A complete tutorial on how to generate an astrocartography map (using free soft- ware) and how to READ such a map. We’ll cover all of the planetary lines—the Sun through Pluto—and go really in-depth into the potential experiences associated with each planetary energy
  • How to find the BEST planetary energy in your chart and HIGHLIGHT YOUR STRENGTHS through the relocated chart! This is, in my opinion, the most important and useful application of relocation astrology!

BONUS #2: Introduction to Electional Astrology Webinar


  • Learn what electional astrology is and how it works!
  • Detailed training for the most important techniques for choosing the best “birth charts” for important events using astrology.
  • Techniques that I personally use with my clients and in creating my incredibly popular Seasonal Electional Astrology Guides—techniques that have been time tested and proven to bring results!
  • We’ll be building an ideal electional chart for a real life client throughout the course so you can see these techniques in action!

BONUS #3: Astrological Forecasting: A Complete Guide To Creating Written and Video Horoscopes for All 12 Zodiac Signs


  • A comprehensive guide to creating general video and written horoscopes and fore- casts for daily, weekly and monthly astrological transits.
  • A deep dive into the “Solar Chart,” also known as a “Sunrise Chart,” including its historical use for making predictions and how it is used in modern times to create accurate general horoscopes and forecasts for each Zodiac sign.
  • Rising Sign versus Sun Sign Forecasts: What’s the difference, and which is most accurate?
  • Step-by-step instructions highlighting Heather’s personal methods for creating her super popular general astrology forecasts for YouTube!

“I just finished a reading with an acquaintance I reached out to on LinkedIn. I did planets in the signs and houses. When we finished, she told me I was 98% right.

Wow! Simply WOW!

Right now I feel like after a successful recital and that I’m on the right track with switching over to more of an astrologer than a coach/therapist. Very grateful for the structure of this course. Thank you!”

—Stella Scott


Heather Eland - Making Astrology Mastery Manageable and Meaningful

Hi, I'm Heather Eland,

I'm a professional astrologer, and creator of The Cosmic Academy of Astrology and Cosmic Community.

For over a decade, I have studied, practiced, and taught astrology.

I didn’t start as an astrologer. In fact, my background is in Clinical Psychology, and I hold a Master’s degree.

Science and psychology have been a big part of my life along with the deep desire to better understand and serve others.

Astrology is how I blend all my passions. Simplifying complex astrological concepts is my superpower.

My Mercury in Libra ensures I am receptive to the ideas and needs of my students and fellow astrologers.

And my Sun in Virgo is what makes my lesson plans obsessively organized, leaving no room for any confusion.

Plus, you’ll know you’ll never get fluff from me, thanks to my Scorpio rising with Pluto on my ascendant, while my Cancer Moon in the 9th house helps me to share my expertise in a way that is both supportive and nurturing. 

What you need right now is a step-by-step, structured path to understand astrology.

You need to clear away the confusion.

You need the confidence to make meaningful, accurate predictions.

And I can’t wait to help you find all of this!

Trusted By...

50kYouTube Subscribers

5300+Astrology Students

650+Cosmic Community Members

"All the love and appreciation for all the work and dedication it takes to become an astrologer. Heather, you are an amazing teacher. I put you up there with Anne Ortelee. Robert Hand. You’re truly gifted.”

—Eva Danzy

“I really love this academy, all of the material makes more sense now and it’s all clicking! I have taken other courses before and never got that “aha” feeling that I’m getting now. Thank you so much for creating this academy, you should be very proud. And what an amazing team you have on board!”

—Rozalija Johannsen

“I love the way Heather has put things together for us to learn. Everything is easy to follow and makes complete sense. Perfect amount of information without being overwhelming. Makes learning easy and very exciting! Loving the course. Thank you.”

—Mila Kuricova

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Enrollment for the Cosmic Academy of Astrology is currently closed. Join the waitlist to be among the first to be notified when enrollment opens back up AND to receive exclusive Early Bird pricing!

The Cosmic Academy of Astrology Teaching Assistants

Shanna Cross

Professional Astrologer & Teaching Assistant

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Pisces, Leo Rising

I have been studying astrology since 2012. I have studied in Heather’s courses as well as others and recently started studying both Vibrational and Hellenistic astrology. 

I nerd out on all things outer space and while I’d love to be a plant lady, I usually kill ‘em all!

As a TA in The Cosmic Academy of Astrology, I enjoy watching the lightbulb moments, when something clicks for the student and they get it and get excited to start looking at charts to put the newfound knowledge to use.

I also like when they realize those “scary” placements in their birth charts aren’t that scary.

I am SO excited about getting to know you better and watch YOUR lightbulb moments in The Cosmic Academy of Astrology

Chat with Shanna

Yelena Crawford

Professional Astrologer & Teaching Assistant

Sun in Taurus, Moon in Cancer, Cancer Rising

I have been a student of Heather’s and have since studied in the fields of Yoga, Philosophy, Numerology, Modern and Ancient Hellenistic Astrology which I now use in my Intuitive Soul Coaching business.

I am 100% dedicated to serving and making these esoteric and spiritual modalities a more common thread in modern-day society!

Cooking is my therapy and I have a deep (almost weird!) connection with animals.

Being a TA (or teaching assistant) is AWESOME because of the life-long connection I get to build with other budding astrologers from all over the globe.

Can’t wait to work with YOU in The Cosmic Academy of Astrology!

Chat with Yelena @yelenacrawfordastrology

"I had been studying with a teacher for a while who eventually stopped teaching because of personal issues.

I didn't want to continue trying to learn on my own through bits and pieces on Youtube. I wanted to eventually be able to give accurate and detailed professional readings, so I decided to make an investment in a more structured, professional course.

I LOVE the way the course is set up. It really helped me to have everything so well organized and that I could work at the course at my own pace.

I love the many avenues of support and learning experiences available: The student forum, the amazing teaching assistants, the extra practice sessions, bonus videos. Those have been incredibly helpful!! 

Compared to courses I've taken in the past, this was the most well-organized, user-friendly, and student-centered course by far.

Through filling the holes in my understanding and really having the opportunity to practice in real-time and get real feedback, my confidence has improved a lot.

I'm feeling really good about being able to read for other people! I gave my first professional, paid astrology reading recently and received amazing feedback. I also like having the ability to look in-depth at my own chart, especially during challenging times, which is incredibly valuable.

I've been using the combination of techniques we've learned and have been blown away by the accuracy and insight about what I'm going through.”

- Elise Becker

“I loved the cohesiveness, structure, and flow. It was laid out in a way that always complimented the next layer of learning. I felt like I had a solid base to move onto the next level always.  

In comparison to other courses, this one gives you everything you need to know to make everything come together.

Other courses have given me the knowledge for that specific topic eg the houses or the signs but not all of it together and how to blend and use the information. That's what's so amazing about this course. 

Everything has totally 100% improved. I know what all of the glyphs are, what the planets, signs, and transits signify, and how to read charts now.

I couldn't have done all of that by myself in this amount of time.

Heather, Yelena, Shanna, and Tracy are an excellent team to work with. Heather gives such excellent lectures and explanations and structures them perfectly.

Yelena and Shanna are also brilliant at teaching us to see where the charts make sense and in a way that is broken down. The study sessions have been invaluable and such a learning experience.”

- Jenny Kinsella

And here’s something to help you breathe easy…

Your enrolment in The Cosmic Academy of Astrology is protected and risk-free.  

I understand how tough investing in yourself can feel. Especially if past investments have burned your wallet. At the same time, I don't want you to hold back on your learning and growth. 

With The Cosmic Academy of Astrology, you can rest easy.

You have a FULL 30 days to give the material a workout. Complete your assignments, attend the calls, do the work. If you still feel that the course isn't what we promised, reach out to us for a refund.

Click here to review our full refund policy.

"I'm learning new techniques I was not aware of in the 25 years I’ve been studying."

—Anita Carter

Choose your path with zero fear and complete confidence

Join the waitlist!

Enrollment for the Cosmic Academy of Astrology is currently closed. Join the waitlist to be among the first to be notified when enrollment opens back up AND to receive exclusive Early Bird pricing!

You’ll embark on a confidence-boosting journey of complete mastery with fellow astrologers like these:

“I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to follow the material provided and/or be able to time manage with other things that are going on in my daily life.

I love the structure of the course: how perfectly Heather put the material together to build layer upon a layer of knowledge but not in an overwhelming way.

I love and very much appreciate the TA Session and also the Live sessions with Heather (even though I watch those from the recordings because the timing doesn't suit my time zone).

I also found an enormous value in the Homework demonstrations (I found it easy to get lost in the written homework instructions and it was very helpful to see them acted live in the homework demonstrations).   

Most courses only offer some aspect of Astrology, whereas Heather offers an amazing foundation here.

I feel I have a much better understanding of the foundation of Astrology and definitely feel more confident.

I can follow Astrology material on social media with much more ease and it's easier for me to learn and remember the information now that I understand the basics.  

I am going to keep learning and building up the knowledge and of course, keep practicing. Hopefully, in the upcoming months, I will be able to start helping more people and offer more value as my knowledge and experience expand.”

- Mila Kuricova

“Financial considerations are always a concern, however, I feel your course was very well priced, perhaps even too low for what you have given and will continue to give.  Now in saying that, I would love the opportunity for a next-level course one day!

I'd been self-studying for about 6 years and was already operating a business as a psychic medium, hypnotherapist, and intuitive counsellor, so it made sense to take my knowledge to the next level. 

I realized astrology would compliment my other skills and besides I LOVED IT!

The Cosmic Academy of Astrology is hands down the best course I've experienced!! 

Your course is my first in Astrology, however, I've done other courses in different subjects.  Heather and team, wow, what an incredible course you've created!  Can't wait to join your community platform!

I've gained loads of confidence after taking this course and now practicing as much as possible before I start doing readings.  Haha, my North Node and Pluto are in Virgo, so I'm big on details, total perfectionist, which drives me crazy at times and I certainly like to dig deep!

At the moment, after absorbing all your wonderful teachings, I'm still studying my charts and other charts too. I'm putting all my newfound astrology skills together and practicing on friends and family before I professionally charge for readings. 

I plan to add astrology readings as part of my intuitive and holistic business.”

- Christina Manson

“ I actually didn’t have any hesitations in joining. I knew I wanted to take an immersive course that would challenge me.

The biggest a-ha is I feel like I got 2 years of really good knowledge all in 9 months.

I could barely read a chart in the beginning and now I am starting to take clients. I hope to have a fully functional astrology business in the future

- William Holloway

“ I had no hesitations and was excited to enrol. I loved everything about the course. It was well organized & the info was thorough. But what do you expect when your astrologer is a Virgo?!

I have started reading for clients so my confidence has grown since taking the class.

I’m constantly updating my family & friends on astrological energy. I also started my own community on Instagram!”

Aericka Wright

I have full confidence in my ability to interpret a birth chart and transits.

And I have great reference material now.  And along the way, I intuitively had some of this knowledge.

The course helped me unlock that. I have what I need now and I am very grateful for that. Thank you.” - James Beck

Join the waitlist!

Enrollment for the Cosmic Academy of Astrology is currently closed. Join the waitlist to be among the first to be notified when enrollment opens back up AND to receive exclusive Early Bird pricing!

But what does mastery even look like?


You’re going through The Cosmic Academy of Astrology.

You’re learning and applying. You finally feel confident and clear-headed.

You’ve started offering readings and sharing predictions.

And then when they DO happen, you get that text from a client that says, “You’re not going to believe this!” 😱🀩

How cool is that?!

Imagine opening up a chart and being able to not only understand it perfectly but also see what’s going to happen next and having the confidence to share it with them.

Think about the responses you get from your clients and how blown away they are.

Feels SO amazing, doesn’t it?

That is what astrology mastery in The Cosmic Academy of Astrology is ALL about.

Mastery, however, isn’t just about reading charts. Or understanding all the different challenges and blessings that they bring into the world.

Mastery is about understanding your own self, your potential, and your relationships with yourself and others.

You can use your knowledge of astrology to identify patterns, break the cycle, and rewrite your story if you want to. You can use astrology like a language to communicate and relate to people.

Mastery is when you go from “How do I even figure out how to apply this?” to “I know exactly what to do!”

Mastery is what gives you the confidence to show up and share your passion with others without fear.  

True mastery of astrology is powerful and potent.

This is why you need to be SO careful when choosing who to learn from.

“I have 10 years of self-study experience and I was working on a plan to be financially independent and leave a toxic work environment. I loved how comprehensive this course is. It didn’t only fill in the gaps in my astrology knowledge but also gave me so many new tools.

Changing to the whole house system has been HUGE for me! I’m much more confident, and my readings are more accurate.

I feel like I have many more tools( rulerships, solar returns, etc), and I feel I have a more grounded and full-spectrum understanding of astrology as a whole.

I’m now giving readings, helping friends, learning more about myself, and am hoping to start a small Astro business next year.”

- Lindsay Jetton


The Cosmic Academy of Astrology is your safe space to learn everything you need to know so you can cut through the noise and use astrology to understand yourself better, do readings with confidence and create positive, meaningful change in your life.

(But it’s not for everyone!) πŸ‘‡πŸ» πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»

The truth is The Cosmic Academy of Astrology is perfect for you IF

  •  You have a basic knowledge of astrology but there are gaps in what you know. You’re hungry for more and you want to learn it in a way that’s structured and comprehensive.
  •  You’ve been learning about astrology, but it’s been a haphazard path. You lack the confidence needed to do readings and make predictions.
  •  You have a strong, unignorable, almost-obsessive calling towards astrology but you don’t know where to start. Binge-watching YouTube videos has brought you so far, but you lack a roadmap to show you the next steps.
  •  You want to use astrology for self-discovery, practical applications, and personal growth. You know that this is not a superficial “armchair astrology” course. This is deep learning at its finest.
  •  You are willing to put in the work. Mastery isn’t for the faint-hearted. There’s a reason this program is 12 months long. Think of it as an academic-level course. It’s deep, robust, and takes you step-by-step.

    I’ll show you HOW to do the work, but the doing is where you come in if you want to see results.

Ready to become a confident astrologer who has all the pieces and knows exactly WHAT to do and say during readings?

Join the waitlist!

Enrollment for the Cosmic Academy of Astrology is currently closed. Join the waitlist to be among the first to be notified when enrollment opens back up AND to receive exclusive Early Bird pricing!

“But do I really need to commit to a 12-month program?”

(and other questions your fellow aspiring astrologers asked before signing up!)

I’m SO glad you asked. The Cosmic Academy of Astrology curriculum as you’ll see is comprehensive but also overwhelm-free. 


We’ve integrated regular break weeks to help you rest and catch up with assignments without feeling like you’re rushed.

Think of this as a university-level Master’s in Astrology minus the hefty tuition fee and all-nighters!


You’ve made it to the end of the page, amazing human.

Here’s a message from me to you.

Look, I know it can feel scary.  Investing in not only yourself but also in a field of study that so far has felt more confusing than exciting.

It’s scarier still because well…

...your passion and love for astrology have led to a lot of loneliness and judgment.

Should you even consider doing this?


I’ve been there myself.

Second-guessing whether I should invest in my learning. 

BUT at the end of the day?

I'm SO glad I took the jump. Today, I continue to learn, test, and share everything in The Cosmic Academy of Astrology.


I have seen the impact true mastery can have on not only one’s own life but also the lives of others.

When you share your brilliance, your incredible knowledge, and your wisdom with others…

...the ripples run far and wide.

The judgment vanishes. Admiration and respect replace it.

The overwhelm dissipates and turns into confident clarity.

The loneliness melts away in the presence of a warm and supportive community.

I cannot wait to see you shine bright and soar high.

Confident, clear-headed, and completely capable of being a professional astrologer. Surrounded by like-minded peers and guided by mentors you can lean on.

Join the waitlist!

Enrollment for the Cosmic Academy of Astrology is currently closed. Join the waitlist to be among the first to be notified when enrollment opens back up AND to receive exclusive Early Bird pricing!

“My responses from clients are so much better now. They are totally blown away by what I can say about them.”

– Rozalija Johannsen