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Astrology is a powerful tool for self-understanding. 

A reading from a knowledgable, expertly-trained and experienced astrologer can help you unlock your true potential in ways you never before thought possible. 

Astrology shows us how we connect and interact with the world around us.

Astrologers who graduate from the Cosmic Academy of Astrology are taught to use this insight to provide a roadmap, guiding you through difficult times and helping you take advantage of supportive future influences.

Astrology readings can help enhance business success, gain clarity on difficult psychological and physiological issues, determine the best locations to travel, live and thrive, to better understand and relate to your partners and friends, to predict future changes and to make sense of challenging situations that have long since passed.

Readings from our Certified Graduates can deliver powerful insight into almost anything you wish to know.

All of the professional astrologers listed below have received their Certificate of Completion from the Cosmic Academy of Astrology.

This means that they completed our 140+ hour astrology program, including our homework assignments and practice lessons. 

Additionally, they have all demonstrated their excellent interpretation skills by completing a minimum of ten practice readings and have passed their final exams with flying colors!

That's how you'll know you’re in good hands when you book a reading with one of our Certified Graduates!

Book a reading with one of our graduates!

 Jennifer Kinsella

Astro Soul Alchemy

Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Moon, Leo Rising


Hi, my name is Jen Kinsella and I am a graduate of, and currently a Teaching Assistant in the Cosmic Academy of Astrology. I love to help people explore their natal charts and better understand themselves. Through Astrology readings, we navigate the natal chart. Many areas of life can be uncovered such as career, relationships, life purpose, upcoming themes for the year ahead, or what is currently being activated in your chart. This unlocks a deep understanding of ourselves and shows how we can expand on our strengths and use our challenges to discover lessons and gifts within them. My goal is to help you clarify your current questions and guide you on the next steps through your natal chart.  


 Stella Scott


Gemini Sun, Picses Moon, Capricorn Rising

If you're a female entrepreneur, following your passion and making ends meet can be confusing and daunting. I started my first business 44 years ago, so I have ample experience of how difficult I can be. There was hard work, winning, and then going broke again! I felt confused and guilty for bringing it on to myself. Despite loving what I did, I wondered: “where is the money?” But 30 years ago, things shifted when I began my career as a Gestalt therapist and counselor! I started to see my whole life through a new lens. Do you feel frustrated, confused and guilty about who you are or what you do? Do you feel stuck and not quite sure where to go next? I've got your back! Through combining astrology and personal development, I guide you toward a maturing, prosperous business aligned with your purpose. My mission is to empower you to embrace who you are and who you uniquely came here to be while earning a good living serving your dream client.


 AJ Schaeffer

The Lunar Mermaid

Gemini Sun, Virgo Moon, Cancer Rising

I am AJ, founder of The Lunar Mermaid—an esteemed sanctuary for enthusiasts of the ancient tools of Astrology and Tarot. Over the past three years, my dedicated pursuit has led me to immerse deeply in the intricate tapestry of these celestial arts, unlocking their transformative potential. This journey originated from my quest for self-discovery, during which a love for Astrology, Archetypes and Tarot emerged as a profound guiding force. My mission is to extend the profound wisdom derived from these sacred arts. With a lifelong commitment to celestial studies and a profound reverence for the intuitive arts, I established The Lunar Mermaid as a refined space for exploration, fostering healing, authentic expression and facilitating self-reflection. Allow me to guide you through a meticulous voyage of self-exploration. Through personalized readings, we will unravel the complexities of your existence, unveiling concealed truths and illuminating the trajectory ahead. Your destiny awaits, and I am honored to be part of your alchemical journey of self-discovery.


 Alex Hunt

Venus in Virgo Astrology

Leo Sun, Aquarius Moon, Capricorn Rising

Alex is a New Zealand based astrologer and since graduating the Cosmic Academy of Astrology in 2021, has gone on to provide many accurate and inspiring readings to clients from all over the world. Alongside the opportunity of being a part of Heather's fantastic team as a Teaching Assistant within the Cosmic Academy of Astrology. As 2/4 Projector in Human Design, being a guide in helping you understand your own power and magic is Alex's passion, specializing in career based and year ahead predictive readings. Alex is known for providing extremely detailed readings with grounded and practical advice throughout. If you’re interested in understanding what the planets have in store for you or how to harness your individual strengths, especially within a career environment, Alex would love to work with you!


Ginoski Bohorquez

So far So happy

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Aquarius and Libra Rising


I am a natural mystic who embarked on a personal astrology journey at the tender age of eighteen. Since 2017, I have been wholeheartedly committed to sharing my profound passion for astrology with the world. I am a proud graduate of the Cosmic Academy of Astrology. Through my journey, I have discovered the art of translating the cosmic language into insights that resonate with my community. Join me on my YouTube channel, So Far So Happy, where I passionately facilitate astrology knowledge and provide updates to my Spanish-speaking community.


 Elise Fanton d'Andon

La Grange Etoilée Astrologie

Capricorn Sun, Aquarius Moon, Aries rising

My name is Elise and I’m a professional astrologer. I’m passionate about psychology and understanding how people work! I discovered astrology early on thanks to my grand-father, who used it with open-mindedness and generosity. Since 2016 I’ve been studying with several French and American astrologers who taught me their different philosophies. They all guided me towards the astrology that I now practice : positive, inspiring and concrete. I’m specialized in Career and Astrocartography. I also love to do chart readings for newborn babies and help parents to better understand their children! I offer my readings in French (mother tongue) or English. (By the way, the name of my business means 'the starry barn' ;)


 Mike Grazia

Grand Air Astrology

Libra Sun, Gemini Moon, Scorpio Rising

My astrology practice for my clients is exactly how I have been successfully utilizing astrology in my own life for many years now. We start by doing a deep dive analysis into the natal chart to pinpoint the major energies driving our experience and continue to develop our understanding of this over time through observing how current transits are impacting us. This gives us a reference point to determine how to best take action with the many challenges and obstacles we encounter in our daily experiences. When we have an understanding of ourselves on a deeper level, we can move forward through life with more confidence and grace.


 Mantreh Atashband

Astrology with Mantreh

Pisces, Gemini, Virgo

Embracing both ancient wisdom and contemporary insights, I provide personalized readings to guide you through life's complexities. Together, let's unravel the distinct patterns in your birth chart and pinpoint the traits that propel you toward your greatest goals. With a background in alternative health practices, career coaching, and life coaching, I'm here to illuminate your cosmic path. Join me on a journey into the captivating realm of astrology, where we uncover the celestial influences shaping your unique journey.


All of the professional astrologers listed below have received their Certificate of Completion from Astrology with Heather's Medical Astrology Foundations Course.

This means that they completed our 45+ hour medical astrology program, including quizzes, homework assignments and practice lessons!

Additionally, they have all demonstrated their understanding of medical astrology by completing a successful practice medical astrology reading with a real-life client and have completed an in-depth research project pertaining to a specific condition.

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 Angela Wallis


Taurus Sun, Gemini Moon, Leo Rising


I have been a healer for over 30 years. My journey started as a registered nurse caring for cardiac patients. I am a Leo rising after all. As the pandemic hit, I was forced to work at home as a clinical educator. I started listening to Theresa Reed the "Tarot Lady" every day on Instagram. I had always loved Tarot, but she combined her tarot readings with astrology. This sent me on a whole new path of learning astrology. I found Heather Eland's Cosmic Academy of Astrology. I then went on to complete Heather's Medical Astrology Foundations. I also began my own healing journey in a Reiki community and now have my Reiki level 2 certification. Life is a journey and I am a committed (Taurus Sun) life-learner (Gemini Moon).


 Kait Leonard

Kait Leonard Astrology

Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus

Kait Leonard believes that astrology should empower people to live their best lives. She approaches each reading with the intent of helping clients recognize and make the best use of the strengths in their charts. As a medical astrologer, Kait focuses on finding supportive energies and strategies that have traditionally been helpful to people with similar astrological profiles. She has a Masters degree in psychology and has a special interest in mental health.


 M. Virginia Kelly MS. L. Ac.

Kelly's Holistic

Scorpio Sun, Taurus Rising, Libra Moon

​M. Virginia Kelly Ms. L. Ac. is an Integrated Medicine Practitioner with over a decade and a half in full practice. Licensed Acupuncturist and Certified Psychotherapist, Virginia holds over dozens of certifications in varied healing modalities from Medical Astrology, Shamanism, Energy Healing, etc. for what she has a holistic approach. Miss Kelly has over 15.000 hours experience, and has seen over thousands of patients, both online and on-site in varied medical settings. Virginia also has her own Herbal Apothecary line: Virgin Alchemy, customized to your particular needs. Inquire about wellness products.


 Tabatha Sidi

Old ways of the Soul

Sag Sun, Scorpio Rising, Pisces Moon

​I have studied astrology for many years and it is my passion. I have Interpreted over 5000 charts and have positive feed back from clients! Now I am able to add into that with Medical Astrology foundations!


 Courtney Miller

Cosmic Clarity Astrology

Gemini Sun, Capricorn Moon, Virgo Rising

​Courtney is an experienced astrologer since 2019, integrating psychological, medical, traditional, and evolutionary astrology in her holistic approach. Specializing in fertility guidance, personalized coaching, relationship insights, natal chart analyses, and future predictions, she uncovers tailored solutions within birth charts. By delving into clients' core issues and their soul's evolutionary journey, Courtney offers strategic guidance for navigating challenges with peace and acceptance. Her mission is to foster deep self-understanding, facilitating healing and clarity across mind, body, and spirit dimensions, unlocking inner mysteries for profound personal growth.


 Sarah Boss

Intuitive Imprints

Libra Sun, Pisces Moon, Scorpio Rising

​Sarah combines Astrology with different Holistic Healing Modalities to help people confidently navigate major life transitions, empower themselves and manifest the life of their dreams. Astrology sessions are intuitively guided, with your astrological chart serving as a springboard to go deeper into the root of challenges and how they are manifesting on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. You will come away with a greater sense of clarity, self-awareness and strategies for how to heal. Sarah’s background includes certifications and trainings in Astrology (Western, Medical and Relationship Astrology), Akashic Records Healing, Reiki, ICF Life Coaching, NLP, Intuitive Cards and Crystal Healing. Sarah has lived in China, France and Argentina and offers sessions in English, French and Spanish.


 Alexandré Tschampl-Diesing

Astral Concierge

Aquarius Sun, Aries Moon, Capricorn Rising

​As a dedicated metaphysics & energy practitioner with over 6 years experience, I am deeply committed to igniting transformation in individuals' lives through the profound insights of Medical Astrology. My journey into this transformative field began as a quest for holistic healing solutions that honor our mind, body, & soul-a journey fueled by passion, creativity, & enthusiasm. As a certified graduate of Heather's first Medical Astrology Foundations course, I bring a unique blend of intuition, knowledge, & compassion to every client interaction-grounded in practical wisdom, reliability, & stability. My mission is to stimulate intellectual curiosity & foster deep emotional insights, empowering others to navigate life's challenges with clarity & purpose-anchored in a holistic approach that embraces both logic & intuition. I invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery & healing with me. Visit my Linktree where we can begin your exploration into the transformative power of Medical Astrology!


 Isabel Pareja

Isabel Pareja Terapia y AstrologĂ­a

Taurus, Pisces, Libra

​I am a mother of two and I worked for many years as a High School teacher and as a Head of Studies (I have a B.A. in English and German Language and Literature) in different schools, where I was involved in several projects aimed at the well-being and healthy development of young people. I am a professional astrologer, a Karuna Reiki Master and a Mind-body Integration therapist, member of the American Counseling Association and committed to my own therapeutic process. I have always studied Astrology, self-taught, but also with renowned Spanish-speaking astrologers, like Juan Carlos Gómez, Martín Ochoa, José Millán and also at Pablo Flores' School of Evolutionary and Psychological Astrology. I have my own Astrology and Therapy channel on YouTube and, lately, I have completed the Ethical Awareness Training Course organized by ISAR (International Society of Astrological Research) and my certification on Medical Astrology with Heather Eland. I have been practicing Astrology together with counseling for many years now and I am amazed at the richness and depth of the combination of both practices and the way it helps with emotional healing and shadow work. From my personal experience and the work with my clients, I know Therapeutic and Evolutionary Astrology is an optimal tool to get to know ourselves better and help us in our path towards living a more authentic life where we can express our full potential, and I would be really happy to help you in that regard.



Disclaimer: Astrology with Heather makes no guarantees about your satisfaction with the astrology readings provided by the Certified Graduates listed in our directory. The astrologers listed above are independent entities running separate businesses and are not employees of Astrology with Heather.