Meet the Astrologer

Heather Eland, MA

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Cancer, Scorpio Rising

Hi, I'm Heather!

I'm a professional astrologer, educator, and creator of The Cosmic Academy of Astrology.

For over a decade, I have studied, practiced, and taught astrology.

I didn’t start as an astrologer. In fact, my background is in Clinical Psychology, and I hold a Master’s degree.

Science and psychology have been a big part of my life along with the deep desire to better understand and serve others.

Astrology is how I blend all my passions. Simplifying complex astrological concepts is my superpower.

I specialize in helping students who are struggling to put all the pieces together learn to give meaningful, accurate astrology readings with confidence.

This is why I created the Cosmic Academy of Astrology and all of the various Astrology Webinars and Mini-Courses you'll find here on my website.

Teaching astrology is my passion. So much so that I've devoted countless hours to creating free astrology forecasts and educational tutorials over on my YouTube channel, which has reached millions of viewers and over 65,000 subscribers.

My practice and teachings are centered around modern, Western astrology blended with traditional, Hellenstic techniques.

As a Virgo with over a decade of personal experience in healing from chronic illness, I've naturally been drawn to Medical Astrology, which I've studied and practiced for nearly a decade. 

Beyond astrology, I love to study herbalism and I enjoy cooking super delicious, healthy & nourishing food!

Oh, and I LOVE animals. Right now we love and care for three wonderful rescue dogs, a cat, 9 chickens, 10 sheep two rescued angora rabbits, and four frogs.

I live out in the mountains in Colorado with my husband (and all of our above-mentioned pets) and we LOVE IT! Hiking and camping are our thing and we’re so grateful to live in a beautiful place so close to nature.

So happy to meet you!


BA in Psychology, Michigan State University; Lansing, MI
MA in Clinical Psychology, Roosevelt University; Chicago, IL
Registered Yoga Teacher (200 hour), Integrative Yoga Therapy; Austin, TX
Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy, Integrative Yoga Therapy; Austin, TX
The Science and Art of Herbalism with Rosemary Gladstar; Online Course 

Meet Heather's Team



Sun in Libra, Moon in Sagittarius, Leo Rising

I was raised in a health food store, which my mother owned and operated for 24 years. Growing up in a health conscious environment taught me a lot about natural medicine and, as a result, I haven’t taken any prescription drugs in decades. I've raised two amazing daughters who now own a farm in upper Michigan with many different animals. I’m very proud of them for working toward living a self-sufficient lifestyle! Once I settle down in my travels, I’ll likely plant myself (and a pinball table) on their land.

As a part of Heather’s team, one of my jobs is to answer your questions and to provide customer support to Heather’s students and clients, but I pretty much do a little bit of everything around here!

Fun Facts:

  • I’m currently a traveling gypsy nomad visiting friends, family, and places I’ve never been all while finding locations to play pinball during my travels.  
  • I absolutely find joy in cooking for others and once worked as a lunch lady cooking for over 1000 kids a day.  

What I love most about being Heather’s Virtual Assistant & Student Support Specialist:

“I love working for Heather, her team, and being here to help people in their astrological journeys!  I may not know much about astrology, but I truly love being able to support the customers and help Heather with all the behind the scenes work, essentially the “wizard gypsy” behind the curtain!”



Sun in Cancer, Moon in Pisces, Leo Rising

My name is Shanna, I have been studying astrology since 2012 taking notes from all the free videos out there and looking at my and my husbands charts to find the deeper meaning of our lives.  The formal structured courses I have taken are with Heather Eland through her live in person and at your own pace foundational courses and all her outer planets and extras that she puts out.  I have also studied through Robert Phoenix's 11th house Astrology online course, several of Astrolada and her other Astrologer courses and recently started studying both Vibrational and Helenistic astrology.  Working as a TA with Heather is both an honor and a pleasure and I look forward to also deepening and sharpening my skills and knowledge with everyone on his journey. 

Fun Facts:

  • I try to love plants, but I usually kill them.
  • I’m a total space nerd—like ALL things outer space. 

What I love most about being a Teaching Assistant in the Cosmic Academy of Astrology:

“I enjoy watching the lightbulb moments, when something clicks for the student and they get it and get excited to start looking at charts to put the newfound knowledge to use. I also like when they realize those “scary” placements in their birth charts aren’t that scary.”

Learn more about Shanna’s work through her website at




Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Scorpio, Leo Rising

I live in Wexford, Ireland, where we have some of the best beaches in the country and I love spending time there and in the forest that runs along the coastline. I am married with two sons, and I am very blessed with my family, we have a great life together.

I have two degrees; one is a B.A. in Social Studies and the other is a BSc. in Digital Marketing. I am also an Akashic record reader.

I have always loved to study astrology; I have hand drawings from when I was about ten years old when I wanted to figure out my chart and Ascendent sign.

I learned astrology from lots of books and online sources and courses but when I discovered Heather’s Cosmic Academy of Astrology it all came together. I loved learning every day, and it was just what my Neptune/Mercury mind needed for the pieces to fall into place. 

Fun Facts:

  • I love to travel and take photos everywhere I go. I love to make digital art pieces from my photos of nature, I find it so calming.
  • I was a body piercer and a tattoo studio manager for many years, which was great fun. 

What I love most about being a Teaching Assistant in the Cosmic Academy of Astrology:

"I am so excited to work as a Teaching Assistant with Heather and the team in the Cosmic Academy of Astrology to help students to discover all of the layers and nuances about themselves and to learn the language of Astrology so they can go on to help others."

You can connect with Jen and learn more about her work at



Sun in Leo, Moon in Libra, Virgo Rising

I have been immersed in the language of the stars, practicing and studying astrology for over a decade. Astrology has been one of my most powerful tools to more clearly understand myself, the world around me, and the cycles of life. It all began while going to school for communications, focusing on broadcast journalism…

Though I never became a typical news reporter, I love exploring topics relating to astrology, holistic health and consciousness while sharing my findings with inquiring minds.

Ever since childhood, I’ve had a special interest in dreams and the subconscious mind, which led me to certifications in three different methods of past life regression and hypnosis, including Delores Cannon’s QHHT.

Practicing astrology, past life regression and living a holistic lifestyle, have been my trifecta to assist with embodying more of my unique light. And I am passionate about sharing information that excites others to radiate more of their own unique light into the world. 

Fun Facts:

  • My dog Pharaoh, is a rare breed of about 200 in the United States. He is also an ancient breed, known as a Cirneco dell’Etna. There is ancient lore of 1,000 of them being used to protect the temple of the Sicilian fire god, Adranos. According to the lore, they have the divine ability to detect thieves.
  • I have been trained to use my voice to induce a deep state of hypnosis, which just takes a few minutes for most people.

You can connect with Chelsea and learn more about her work at  



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