Astrology Readings & Consultations

Astrology connects us to something deep and ancient.

It shows us the ways in which all things are interconnected.

Astrology connects us to ourselves. It’s a tool for self-knowledge and self-understanding.

Astrology shows us how we interact and interrelate with the world around us. It provides a roadmap, guiding us through difficult times and helping us take advantage of supportive influences.

Astrology readings can help you enhance success in business, gain clarity on difficult psychological and physiological issues, determine the best locations to travel, live and thrive, better understand and relate to your partners and friends, predict future changes and make sense of challenging situations that have long since passed.

Astrology readings can deliver powerful insight into almost anything you wish to know.

Astrology readings with Heather are currently unavailable.

If you're interested in booking an astrology reading, check out our list of Certified Graduates from the Cosmic Academy of Astrology offering professional readings at THIS LINK! 

Meet the Astrologer

Hi, I’m Heather!

As a professional astrologer, I’ve read thousands of astrology charts and I’ve been studying, practicing, and teaching astrology for over a decade.

But, I didn’t start out as a professional astrologer…

In fact, my prior educational background is in Clinical Psychology!

Science and psychology have been a big part of my life along with the deep desire to better under-stand and serve others.

Astrology is how I blend all my passions. Simpli-fying complex astrological concepts is my super-power.

Diving into someone’s birth chart to get to the core of an issue, delivering deep and paradigm-shifting insights—that’s what truly lights me up about being an astrologer!

Heather’s Reading Style

Combining her background in psychology, herbalism, mind-body therapies, modern, Western psychological astrology and traditional Hellenistic astrology—Heather is known for her practical, down-to-earth, highly detailed, and truly holistic approach to astrology.

You’ll walk away from your reading understanding the root of the issue at hand and you’ll be given clear and direct guidance for how to work with the energy available to you.

You’ll feel empowered to tackle life’s challenges using the clear and direct roadmap provided in your reading.

 Single Question Reading

 Receive a detailed, in-depth answer to one specific question with a Single Question Astrology Read-ing!

This quick and to-the-point reading is intended to get right to the core of an issue, topic or transit in a way that is simple and easy to understand in 15 minutes or less.



General Astrology Reading

Gain important insight into your astrological blueprint with a detailed astrology reading focused on 2-3 topics most important to you! This reading type includes a birth chart assessment and future predictions.

In this reading, Heather will pull from a variety of modern and traditional Western astrology techniques.



Predictive Astrology Reading

Get a customized roadmap to navigate the coming months and years based on your unique astrological chart!

In this reading, Heather will combine a variety of modern and traditional predictive techniques to provide accurate, actionable guidance to help you prepare for what's ahead. 



Health & Wellness Consultation

A medical astrology reading focuses on the emotional, psychological, interpersonal and environmental correspondances to both physical and psychological imbalance.

You may choose a reading focused on specific health concerns or promotion of your general well-being.

Medical astrology readings are for educational purposes only and are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure illness.

Initial Consultation: $599 
Follow-up Consultation: $349


Electional Chart

Electional Astrology refers to the art of choosing the best astrological timing for anything of great importance you wish to initiate!

Ask Heather to find the best date for a business launch, wedding or event, or even an important trip!


Please note: clients must provide a maximum 3-month window of time to work within.




Business Reading

Astrology can help you align with greater success, fulfillment and financial abundance in your business.

In this reading, Heather will go over indicators for finding happiness and purpose through your work, attracting the right customers and clients, your unique, individual best practices for marketing and attracting wealth, predictions for big shifts in your business and MORE!

This reading includes one electional chart ($299 value) for an important launch or event for your business!



Relocation Reading

Find the best locations to travel, live and thrive!

All readings include an overview of relocation indicators in the birth chart along with your current location and upcoming transits related to your travel plans or big move!

Choose up to three locations for yourself or allow Heather to choose the best location to fit your needs!



Most reading types are offered in a convenient prerecorded video format. Heather only offers live readings for Health & Wellness Consultations which are subject to Heather’s personal schedule and availability.

All readings last roughly 50-60 minutes unless otherwise stated.

Your consultation fee includes the time and energy spent researching your chart and preparing for your reading before it is delivered. This process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2+ hours depending on the complexity of your specific request (in addition to the time spent on chart interpretation during your reading).

Because of this, no refunds will be given after your payment is submitted for any reason. All sales are final.

Frequently Asked Questions

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