Have a big launch or important event (like a wedding!) on the horizon?

Want to know the best time to apply for that job or make a crucial decision?

Ever wonder if there could be a way to know the exact date to send in those all-important papers?

Astrology can help you know with certainty that you’ve chosen a time and an energy that actually supports your intentions and enhances your success in anything you wish to achieve!


Electional Astrology Mini-Course

by Heather Eland

Mastering the Science of Perfect Timing for Crucial Life and Business Events

No More Second-Guessing or Blindly Leaping Forward!

Master the art (and science!) of choosing the best astrology so you (or your clients!) can have greater control over important events and their outcomes. Know exactly when to plan those big moves so you can side-step any pitfalls or disasters.


Planning big events is challenging but planning them and having them fizzle or flop is quite simply frustrating and deeply disappointing.

Whether you’re considering a life change or a business decision, timing is everything.

The real challenge is… 

…it isn’t easy to time events perfectly. 

Unless, of course, you knew how to use the art and science of electional astrology with complete confidence. 

That’s right. 

By mastering electional astrology, you’ll never second-guess the perfect timing for crucial life and business events again! 

You’ll never move forward blindly in the dark and hope for the best. 

You’ll just KNOW the time is right and you can confidently make your move. 

If you’re an astrologer, you’d be in a much better position to guide your clients. And if you’re using astrology for yourself, you’d know exactly when to plan major life and professional events! 

You can use electional astrology to choose the perfect “birth chart” to help your plans move forward smoothly without any hiccups. Accomplishing those big goals? No longer feels daunting or scary. 

The Electional Astrology Mini-Course is THE perfect resource for astrologers who want to fine-tune their chart-choosing skills for everything from weddings to business launches to closing on a house or selling one to signing contracts or severing ties. 

Pretty much any major life or business event can benefit from electional astrology.

Breathe a sigh of relief because electional astrology will simplify finding the perfect time for everything that’s important for you!

Here’s how you’ll go from wondering about timing to being an electional astrologer in 5 hours FLAT:

  • Complete step-by-step video training so you can go from not knowing anything about electional astrology to creating the best “birth charts” for important life and business events. 
  • Understanding how to use the lunar phases, Moon signs and aspects to the Moon for enhancing the success probability of your event. 
  • Unlocking the secrets of planetary alignments to correspond with the goals you’re looking to accomplish. 
  • Demystifing the specific meanings of the Houses in electional astrology.
  • Discover how to align the planetary energies in the correct placement in the electional chart. 
  • Mitigating difficult planetary energies so any challenges that may come up wouldn’t be as disruptive and throw your plans out the window. Plus, like the Boy Scouts, you’ll be prepared! 
  • Crystal clarity when determining the point of initiation so you get the timing exactly right. For instance, do you time the chart for when you say “I do” or when the guests arrive at the wedding?

Ready to stop second-guessing (or worse, blindly leaping forward!) and instead find the PERFECT timing for your next big life (or business) event?

Get instant, lifetime access to The Electional Astrology Mini-Course

Only $129


Hi again! It's me, Heather!


For over a decade now I’ve studied, practiced and taught astrology.

And, you’re in luck because, as a proper Virgo, I’m absolutely OBSESSED with using electional astrology to uplevel my planning!

So much so that I jumped ahead to learning electional astrology techniques before I even had my basic natal chart interpretation skills locked-and-loaded (backwards, I know)!

You see, when I first learned about electional astrology, I dedicated myself to mastering the art and science of understanding and applying its principles to all major life and business events. 

I’ve used electional astrology for launching my business, finalizing my wedding date, initiating the purchase of our house and pretty much every other significant event in my life and business. 

In addition to testing my skill set through over a decade of direct experience, I’ve given expertly crafted electional charts to help hundreds of clients all over the world (with rave reviews)!

Now, I’m combining my passion for teaching and innate knack for breaking down and simplifying complex astrological concepts to deliver what I’ve learned in this small-but-mighty course!

“Your course was everything! Even as an astrologer, the timing for my last launch was off by a few days. This course helped me fine tune that moment to its most ideal time! Thank you Heather. I highly recommend this course to anyone who’s trying to start something new right now, the astrology is intense!”

— Allie AKA “The Cosmic Space Witch”
Professional Astrologer

“I got help from Heather everything she told me is coming through! Eternally grateful. I was so worried about the re-launch of my website and while I had looked into it, I had deliberated and was kind of frozen. Your advice and electional bundle have been invaluable!”

— Raphael Rey
Professional Tarot Reader, Reydiant Reality Tarot

“I am using your electional astrology guide to plan the launch of my SEO content writing business with great success! I selected July 28th to launch this per your guidance. This is also the date of my solar return.

I am hoping that hearing how well your electional astrology guidance works will encourage you to keep on giving and keep on being of service. You GO!!!”  

—Shana Rhinehart

Here’s what you get when you enroll for The Electional Astrology Mini-Course

  • Laser-focused 5-hour video training to help you gain confidence in knowing the date you’ve chosen is the RIGHT date—one that aligns perfectly with the intentions for your project, launch or major life event. 
  • Complete, no-steps-skipped training to help you choose the best “birth charts” for important events using astrology. 
  • Client-tested techniques I personally use so you can help your clients make life and business decisions with intention and complete information. 
  • Step-by-step demonstration for each step in the process so you can see exactly how to create an ideal electional chart for yourself or a client. 
  • Self-paced and lifetime access so you can press pause, rewind or revisit the training any time you need a refresher.

Ready to add electional astrology to your list of astrological superpowers?

Get instant, lifetime access to The Electional Astrology Mini-Course

Only $129


I know investing in advancing your astrological skills can always feel daunting. Let’s talk about how you can make your money back with the first reading you do. 

Most astrologers charge upwards of $150 for an Electional Astrology reading… At $129, you’d make your enrollment fee back easily even if you were to do a single reading and never do it again after. 

More seasoned astrologers (like myself) charge $300 or more for an electional astrology reading. If you’re experienced and are doing this professionally, you’ll recover your investment and more almost immediately.


Answers to Questions Your Fellow Astrologers Asked Before Enrolling in The Electional Astrology Mini-Course

And here’s something to help you breathe easy…

Your enrollment in the Electional Astrology Mini-Course is protected and risk-free!

I understand how tough investing in yourself can feel. Especially if past investments have burned your wallet. At the same time, I don't want you to hold back on your learning and growth. 

With The Electional Astrology Mini-Course, you can rest easy.

You have a FULL 5 days to give the material a try. If you feel that the course isn't what we promised, reach out to us for a refund.

Click here to review our full refund policy. 

“The level of detail and depth that Heather goes into within the lectures is incredible. The abundant chart examples illustrated perfectly what we were learning and made it easy to understand.”

— Kristina Regulus

“I love how perfectly Heather puts the material together to build layer upon a layer of knowledge but not in an overwhelming way.”

Mila Kuricova

“She has such an amazing way of explaining things, giving examples and delivering information in a careful but honest, interesting and understandable way.”

— Martina Ehrhardt

It’s time to stop second-guessing and learn to find the PERFECT timing!

Get instant, lifetime access to The Electional Astrology Mini-Course

Only $129


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"I just LOVE the monthly electional astrology guides! They are so helpful. Thank you, Heather! They are just one of the many perks of being in the Cosmic Community."

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