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by Heather Eland

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Bored with the basics and ready for a deep dive into niche astrology areas like astrocartography or electional astrology?

Tired of sorting through endless streams of haphazard content to enhance your readings?

Ready to add more advanced astrology techniques to your toolkit?

Well, you're in luck.

Level-up your astrology skills with a suite of  straightforward, success-enhancing, tailored-to-you tutorials and trainings!

Hi, I'm Heather

Simplifying complex astrological concepts is my superpower. 

Whether you're here because you want to use astrology to understand yourself, to help your friends and family, or pursue a professional astrology business of your own... 

…I'm here to help you cut through the chaos, clear up confusion, and give you the tools you need to take your readings far beyond the basics.

In this selection of pick-and-choose, watch-in-an-afternoon, trainings, you’ll find EVERYTHING you need to help you speed past the basics and get the tools you need to: 

  • Enhance career success!
  • Select the best charts for launches!
  • Help clients overcome difficult chart placements!
  • Move to locations where they’ll not only survive, but also thrive!

Yep! You name it, and we’ve probably got a course or webinar for it!

Our webinars and mini-courses are tried, tested and truly loved by your fellow astrologers!

"I was amazed by how much information Heather packed in those courses. She provides a more unique outlook to planets and signs and houses than others. Her teachings also have great physiological analysis without losing objectivity.”

— Colley Neslihan

“I love the way Heather has put things together for us to learn. Everything is easy to follow and makes complete sense. Perfect amount of information without being overwhelming. Makes learning easy and very exciting! Loving the course. Thank you.”

— Mila Kuricova

“The level of detail and depth that Heather goes into within the lectures is incredible. The abundant chart examples illustrated perfectly what we were learning and made it easy to understand.”

— Kristina Regulus

Dive deep into niche topics in our laser-focused astrology webinars. 

Master a new concept or technique in as little as 2-3 hours!

The Lots of Fortune & Spirit: Places of Health, Wealth, Happiness & Purpose

Many astrologers and students know that the Lot of Fortune exists, but most modern astrologers have only a vague idea of what it means and many have no idea how to actually use this potent astrological point in practice. 

I want to change that. 

In this webinar, we dig DEEP into the Lots of Fortune & Spirit and teach you all about the ways the two most important ancient Hermetic Lots are connected to health, wealth, happiness and purpose. 

Here's what you'll learn:

What the Lots do, and what they don't do! ★ LOF & LOS Significations ★ Evaluating the Condition of the Lots ★ LOF & LOS Rulership Interpretation ★ LOF Houses Technique

Only $49 for LIFETIME access!
(Includes access to our exclusive Student Forum) 

I'm ready to learn!

Chiron's Key: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Wounded Healer in the Birth Chart

Chiron's placement describes our deepest wounds, traumas, insecurities and vulnerabilities as well as how we may excel as healers and show up to serve others.

In this webinar, we uncover your personal "Chiron Story" and how to work with this powerful energy.

Here's what you'll learn:

Chiron's discovery ★ What IS Chiron? ★ Chiron Mythology ★ Chiron Significations ★ Chiron in the Signs ★ Chiron in the Houses ★ Chiron in Aspect ★ Chiron's degree & the "Chiron Crisis" ★ Special Considerations for Chiron in Medical Astrology


Only $49 for LIFETIME access!
(Includes access to our exclusive Student Forum) 

I'm ready to learn!

Career & Vocational Astrology: Using Astrology to Align with Your Dream Job!

 Learn to use astrology as a tool to discover the highest expression of your career!

Enhance your career success AND satisfaction.

Discover potential career paths that may be more fulfilling, purposeful AND profitable.

Here's what you'll learn:

Foundational Concepts for Success ★ MC & 10th House and Career ★ The AC and Purpose ★ 6th House & Your Work ★ 2nd House & Earning Potential ★ Intermediate Concepts for Success ★ Interpreting the MC, 10th, 6th, & 2nd House Rulers ★ Advanced Concepts for Success ★ MC & 10th House Dispositor Chains

Only $49 for LIFETIME access!
(Includes access to our exclusive Student Forum) 

I'm ready to learn!

Mastering the Outer Planets: Five-Part Webinar Series

Get a detailed, more advanced understanding of each of the outer planets and the way they impact you, personally! 

In this 20-hour deep dive, you'll gain insight into birth chart placements, transits, outer planetary cycles AND MORE.

Learn everything you need to know about Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto.

Here's what you'll learn in each of the five webinars:

Discovery of the Modern Outer Planets ★ Planetary Mythology ★ Outer Planet Significations & Rulership ★ Outer Planets In All 12 Signs ★ Outer Planets in All 12 Houses ★ Interpreting Retrogrades ★ Natal Aspects to Outer Planets ★ Transformative Outer Planet Transits ★ Major Outer Planetary Cycles & Returns

Only $199 for LIFETIME access!
(Includes access to our exclusive Student Forum) 

I'm ready to learn!

Navigating Difficult Astrology in the Birth Chart

Learn to view difficult planetary placements in the birth chart more positively and adaptively.

Gain a deeper understanding of how to use astrology as a tool to overcome lifes challenges and the ability to guide others to do the same!


Here's what you'll learn:

Planets in Detriment & Fall ★ Malefic Planets ★ Natal Aspects to Malefic Planets ★ Hard Neptune Placements ★ Squares, T-Squares & Grand Crosses ★ Planets in the "Malefic" Houses (6th, 8th and 12th) ★ Chiron, Lunar Nodes, Inconjunctions & Transpluto

Only $49 for LIFETIME access!
(Includes access to our exclusive Student Forum) 

I'm ready to learn!

The Astrology of Intuition, Psychic Abilities & Paranormal Experience

Reach a deeper understanding of your unique intuitive and psychic gifts and how they're connected to your unique astrologcal blueprint!

Learn how to use astrology to tap into your innate abilities more effectively! 

Here's what you'll learn:

 The Moon & Intuition ★ Understanding & Tapping into the Psychic Abilities We ALL Have ★ Most Intuitive & Psychic Zodiac Signs ★ Signs More Prone to Paranormal Experience ★ House Placements for Paranormal Experience ★ Additional Planetary Considerations for Intuition, Psychic Abilities & Paranormal Experience

Only $49 for LIFETIME access!
(Includes access to our exclusive Student Forum) 

I'm ready to learn!

The Karmic Power of Eclipses

In this webinar, we’ll do a deep dive into EVERYTHING you could possibly want to know about eclipses in astrology—this is a BIG topic that is hugely influential when it comes to making predictions!

Here's what you'll learn:

Understanding of the Lunar Nodes ★ Determining the strength and significance of individual eclipses ★ The differences between the effects of Solar vs Lunar Eclipses ★ What it means to be born near an eclipse ★ Pre- and post-natal eclipses ★ Impact of eclipses by transit to the birth chart ★ Eclipse activation points—when will an eclipse event actually manifest?  

Only $49

SALE! 30% off! Only $34.30 for LIFETIME access!
(Includes access to our exclusive Student Community) 

I'm ready to learn!

Major Astrological Milestones Throughout Each Stage of Life 

Did you know that there are MAJOR astrological milestones that impact us all, around the same age, at every stage of life? 

Here's what you'll learn:

How to navigate the biggest astrological cycles and transits for your children! ★ Helping your teen through pivotal planetary energies and cycles. ★ Understanding crucial astrological milestones and cycles for young adults! ★ Midlife transits! This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT periods of change and understanding your planetary cycles makes all the difference! ★ Dealing with important planetary cycles and milestones for mature adults. ★ ELDER CYCLES & TRANSITS are often overlooked but are just as important as the planetary energies that we experience in early life. 

Only $49 for LIFETIME access!
(Includes access to our exclusive Student Community) 

I'm ready to learn!

“Before attending the “Chiron’s Key” webinar, I already had a decent understanding of Chiron.

I’m studying to become a professional astrologer, and now, after attending the webinar, I feel as though I can read Chiron placements with a better understanding; as to how to help someone heal their Chiron wound.

Understanding your own Chiron placement can help you heal yourself; which is what Chiron couldn't do for himself. Ultimately that is what Chiron is there to teach us. Heal Thyself!

The information given was awesome! Heather really breaks it all down to where you can understand the concepts.”

—Angelia Sharp

Master Advanced Astrological Concepts with Our Suite of Mini-Courses: All You Need is Half a Day and You’re Done!

Mastering advanced astrological concepts, like electional astrology or relocation astrology, doesn’t have to take you hundreds of hours or even, a few days. 

In as little as 6 hours (tops!), you can cut through the chaos and confusion and learn everything you need to give better readings, help your clients in deeper, richer ways and be a more confident astrologer. 

Choose the mini-course (or courses!) that meets your needs right now:

Electional Astrology Mini-Course

Mastering the Science of Perfect Timing for Crucial Life and Business Events without Second-Guessing 

Understand, harness, and use the power of tuning into  precise astrological timing using this training that focuses on teaching you Electional Astrology techniques.

These techniques are crucial for enhancing successful outcomes for everything from business launches to major investments to weddings to foreign travel and everything in between!

Your LIFETIME access to The Electional Astrology Mini-Course gives you: 

  • A deep understanding into what electional astrology is and how it works!
  • Detailed training for the most important techniques for choosing the best birth charts” for important events using astrology.
  • Tried-and-true techniques that I personally use with my clients to help them make life and business decisions with intention and full information about perfect astrological timing. an ideal electional chart for a real-life client. You’ll not just learn but see how to put these techniques to work. 


“Your course was everything! Even as an astrologer, the timing for my last launch was off by a few days. This course helped me fine tune that moment to its most ideal time! Thank you Heather. I highly recommend this course to anyone who’s trying to start something new right now, astrology is intense!”

— Allie AKA “The Cosmic Space Witch”
Professional Astrologer


The Astrology of Place

Demystifing Relocation & Astrocartography for Finding The Perfect Place to Live & Thrive

This mini-course will give you the knowledge and tools you need to use astrology to determine the BEST possible locations for travel, work, and living to enhance happiness and success in the areas of life most important to you, your friends and family, and your clients.

Your LIFETIME access to The Astrology of Place course will give you: 

  • An in-depth overview of astrological indicators for the timing of a long-distance move or travel.
  • Knowing HOW to assess and identify the specific types of natural environments best suited for you or your clients by looking at a birth chart. 
  • A full tutorial on how to interpret and use an astrocartography map. 
  • Complete understanding of how to interpret all of the planetary lines and a deep dive into the relocated chart!
  • ALL the resources you need so you know how to find the BEST planetary energy in your chart and HIGHLIGHT YOUR STRENGTHS through the relocated chart! 


“I have been meaning to write a testimonial about my experience in your very first astrocartography class. OMG! I really enjoyed the class. You had a wealth of information and supporting documents. We are able to follow along by the example you (Heather) provided. Thank you for a fun class, we really enjoyed YOU!”



Astrological Forecasting Mini-Course

A Complete Guide to Creating Valuable Horoscopes as a Confident Astrologer

As a professional astrologer, creating detailed and accurate general astrology horoscopes for blog posts, social media, YouTube videos, and more can help you carve a distinct demand and niche for your brand and services. Well-crafted, thoughtful forecasts are one of the most effective ways to get your name out there and market your new astrology business by creating valuable content that truly helps your audience!

BUT not all astrological forecasts are created equal and the worst thing you can do is have fluff-filled horoscopes attached to your name and brand. 

This Astrological Forecasting Mini-Course will help you avoid common horoscope pitfalls and give you the tools and techniques you need to create meaningful forecasts that help you stand out and serve better. 



“Heather has a natural teaching ability and all of her course content is so easy to understand. Also, finding out Heather is a Virgo was an extra selling point! Virgo’s are amazing teachers!”

— Sarah Bradnam


Take these Mini-Courses for a 5-Day Risk-Free Spin!

I understand how tough investing in yourself can feel. Especially if past investments have burned your wallet. At the same time, I don't want you to hold back on your learning and growth. 

That’s why you have a FULL 5 days to go through the content and training and put it work. If you feel that the mini-course isn’t everything we said it would be… reach out to us for a full refund. 

Click here to review our full refund policy.

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Not anymore!

In the Cosmic Academy of Astrology, you'll cut through the chaos, clear up confusion, and learn to give meaningful, accurate astrology readings with confidence!

Get structured learning, mentorship and the practice you need to master astrology!


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