Hi, I'm Heather

I’m a professional astrologer and educator who is best known for providing astrological guidance to students and seekers all over the world through my very detailed (and very Virgoan) YouTube channel and comprehensive astrology courses!

My goal has always been to help my clients to understand themselves, overcome obstacles and navigate their realities in a more meaningful way—and I’ve been very lucky to find opportunities to do just that for thousands of people all over the world!

Now I help aspiring astrologers (just like you) learn to give meaningful, accurate astrology readings to help themselves, their friends and families, and even their clients, to become more self-aware and succeed in overcoming life’s challenges!


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Cosmic Community

Community guided, astrologer led.

Get astrology insights you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Connect with like-minded fellow astrology-lovers. Discover how to use what you learn to be your best self and live your best life.

Inside the Cosmic Community, you’ll find well-organized, bite-sized, easy-to-digest concepts and training so you not only continue to learn astrology but you also master astrological application. 

And you do it in an easy-to-use, engaged community.

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Cosmic Academy of Astrology

Tired of pouring over endless astrology content all over the internet only to be left feeling confused when it comes time to put your knowledge to the test and read a birth chart?

Overwhelmed by all of the information out there and wondering if you’ll ever have what it takes to truly understand astrology? 

In The Cosmic Academy of Astrology, we’ll work hard to fill cracks in your astrological foundations (or, even better, prevent those cracks from forming to begin with!), build confidence, and strengthen your ability to give clear astrological interpretations and make accurate predictions with ease!

Are you ready to cut through the chaos, clear up confusion and learn to give meaningful, accurate astrology readings with confidence?

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