Hi, I'm Heather

Simplifying complex astrological concepts is my superpower. 

Whether you're here because you want to use astrology to understand yourself, to help your friends and family, or to pursue a professional astrology business of your own... 

I'm here to help you cut through the chaos, clear up confusion, and learn to give meaningful, accurate astrology readings with confidence.

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Cosmic Community

Community guided, astrologer led.

Get astrology insights you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Connect with like-minded fellow astrology-lovers. Discover how to use what you learn to be your best self and live your best life.

Inside the Cosmic Community, you’ll find well-organized, bite-sized, easy-to-digest concepts and training so you not only continue to learn astrology but you also master astrological application. 

And you do it in an easy-to-use, engaged community.

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Cosmic Academy of Astrology


Struggling to organize everything you learn about astrology from YouTube and books?

Overwhelmed with the inflow of astrological information that you can’t seem to put together in a usable way?

Lack the confidence to give readings clearly and accurately?

Not anymore!



Astrology Mini-Courses

Bored with the basics and ready for a deep dive into niche astrology areas like astrocartography or electional astrology?

Tired of sorting through endless streams of haphazard content to enhance your readings?

Ready to add more advanced astrology techniques to your toolkit?
Well, you're in luck.

Give your specialized astrology education the gift of clarity with curated mini-courses!

Mastery that Takes Half a Day BUT Lasts a Lifetime.

Instant, lifetime access. Self-paced. Fluff-free.



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Everything you need to know to get started with learning astrology, all in one place!

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