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A sneak preview of the astrology for 2022…

Nov 10, 2021

This weekend, I’m hosting a two-hour webinar in the Cosmic Community all about the biggest astrological energies for the ENTIRE YEAR in 2022 and I’ve been hard at work diving DEEP into massive shifts and planetary influences that lie ahead.


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Because I want you to be fully prepared to pain ahead for the new year, I’ve created a short summary of the astrological influences you need to know about most!



Here’s a preview of whats in store for the year ahead…



Final Pass of Saturn square Uranus

Yes, it’s true, this square will no longer be exact by degree in 2022 (thank goodness!)—but, because this square is coming exact for its final pass just one week before we enter into the New Year, this disruptive and frustrating energy will carry us into the 2022.


Venus Retrograde in Capricorn

While this is another aspect that technically begins in 2021, this deep dive into our hidden relationship and financial patterns will continue on well through the start of 2022, with the post-shadow period lasting until March!  

With its on-again, off-again conjunction to Pluto and square to Eris, Venus will spend a great deal of time showing us very clearly what we truly need, want and desire in our relationships on a deep level.


North Node in Taurus & South Node in Scorpio 

The nodes move in a cycle that lasts roughly 18.6 years, which means that the last time we saw the nodes in this position was back in 2003 & 2004! This time around, the North Node will come into an exact conjunction with Uranus in Taurus, amplifying the catalyzing energy that’s been disrupting the status quo since 2018!


Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter will be moving into its home sign of Pisces once again, re-connecting us to the more optimistic and compassionate energies we experienced for a brief moment in time mid-2021. This time around, Jupiter will come into an exact conjunction with Neptune in April, a magical energy that could cause us to feel elated with hope and idealism.


Jupiter in Aries

Aries is an enthusiastic cardinal, fire sign that is all about taking action and making big moves. Jupiter in Aries will have us feeling fired up, motivated, and passionate to the MAX this year. This can be great for those who have been lacking in energy or optimism and just need a sharp kick in the pants to get some momentum going! On the flip side, Jupiter in Aries is an influence that may cause us to become overly ambitious and jump into things TOO enthusiastically, which may cause us to bit off a bit more than we can chew.


Mars Retrograde in Gemini

This Mars retrograde, which is a major energy carrying us into 2023, will start with a highly unfocused and disorienting square to Neptune. Mars in Gemini, in general, can have us scattering our energy across too many areas and enthusiastically initiating way more than we can ever hope to complete. Mars retrograde is a time of refinement, where we need to get very clear on the right actions to take. Unfortunately, Neptune’s influence will not make this an easy task for many of us. Projects that are initiated during this time are likely to fizzle out once Mars goes direct.


Mercury Retrograde Moving From The Air Signs To The Earth Signs

This on-again, off-again influence throughout 2022 is all about taking our ideas (Mercury & Air) and grounding them into practical reality (Earth). Expect to be re-visiting and re-working old ideas that you’ve brushed off or forgotten about altogether in order to revive and revise these old plans and turn them into something tangible. Each Mercury retrograde this year will also involve close (and mostly positive) connections to Pluto, cultivating INTENSE mental focus and precision when it comes to manifesting our ideas into reality.



For my readers who are a bit more astrologically savvy, here's a complete timeline for the biggest influences in 2022!

Complete Timeline For The Main Astrological Events!

  • November 2021-March 2022: Final Activation of Saturn/Uranus
  • December 19th-January 29th, 2022: Venus Retrograde in Capricorn
  • December 29th, 2022-May 10th, 2022: Jupiter in Pisces
  • January 14th-February 3rd, 2022: Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius/Capricorn
  • January 18th, 2022-July 17th, 2023: Lunar Nodes in Taurus & Scorpio
  • April 12th, 2022: Jupiter conjunct Neptune
  • April 30th, 2022: Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus
  • May 10th, 2022-June 3rd, 2022: Mercury retrograde in Gemini/Taurus
  • May 10th, 2022-October 27th, 2022: Jupiter in Aries
  • May 15th, 2022: Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio
  • July & August 2022: "Close call" between Saturn/Uranus
  • July 31st, 2022: North Node conjunct Uranus
  • September 9th, 2022-October 2nd, 2022: Mercury retrograde in Libra/Virgo
  • October 25th, 2022: Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio
  • October 27th, 2022-December 20th, 2022: Jupiter re-enters Pisces
  • October 30th, 2022-January 12th, 2023: Mars Retrograde in Gemini
  • November 8th, 2022: Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus
  • December 20th, 2022-May 16th, 2023: Jupiter re-enters Aries
  • December 29th, 2022-January 18th, 2023: Mercury retrograde in Capricorn