Cosmic Insights

💥A VOLATILE New Moon in Scorpio!

Nov 04, 2023

Hold on to your hat, the New Moon in Scorpio will be a bumpy ride!


The Scorpio New Moon, though potentially frustrating, is the "kick in the pants" we have needed to break out of a slump and jumpstart a powerfully creative new path!


The New Moon in Scorpio holds a lot of POWER, especially since its conjunct its ruler Mars! However, Mars is currently in a volatile opposition to Uranus in Taurus making DISRUPTION the name of the game at this New Moon!


While our desire for more control is activated during Scorpio season, the Mars/Uranus opposition at this time makes this an infuriating impossibility.


We are likely to feel quite impatient and frustrated by our current circumstances at this New Moon, which will trigger many of us into taking impulsive action just to feel as though we have some say in what is unfolding in our lives. 


It's important to understand that oppositions between Mars and Uranus can work for or against us! If we remain conscious, we can experience sudden creative breakthroughs and dynamic bursts of physical energy that empower us to achieve anything we set our sights on.


We can also spiral into erratic and reckless action that wreaks havoc on our lives and the lives of others under this energy.


Ultimately, the Scorpio New Moon gives great power to our intentions and our actions. But as always with explosive Mars/Uranus energy, the KEY at this New Moon to remain conscious and PAUSE for reflection! 


Watch the video below to find out what's in store for YOU at the Scorpio New Moon!