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Are you ready for another INTENSE Mercury Retrograde?

astrology forecast january 2022 mercury in aquarius mercury in capricorn mercury retrograde retrograde planets Jan 08, 2022

We kicked off the year with Mercury entering Aquarius on January 1st 2022, but this is not going to be our normal Mercury through Aquarius transit, which is normally a really great place for Mercury! Mercury retrogrades are always an important time for review and this transit is no exception making several intense aspects throughout this 3 week period! Mercury will station to go retrograde on January 14th in a conjunction with Saturn and in an EXACT square to Uranus in Taurus! This is inevitably going to bring up the all-too-familiar tensions and frustrations that we have been dealing with for the entirety of 2021 throughout the ongoing square between Saturn and Uranus.


What makes this retrograde cycle of Mercury even more poignant is that it will also station direct on February 3rd in a close conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn, bringing to the surface many of the difficult lessons and deeper truths we’ve been learning throughout the entire Venus retrograde occurring in this same area of our charts.


Additionally, Mercury returning to Capricorn is kicking off another important theme for 2022, which is Mercury retrogrades beginning in Air signs and then moving back to Earth signs before stationing direct. This tells us that in our own lives we are each in need of taking stock of our mental landscape, the inspirations, thought processes and  ideas created in the mind this year and bringing that energy down to earth, making it tangible, practical and usable, rather than fleeting.


Overall this is looking to be an intense time, but in the end this is going to help us find the solutions we’ve overlooked and make the changes we are in need of making in order to take the correct action and further create the lives we are trying to create!


To help you navigate this extra pressurized Mercury retrograde, I've created an extended three-week forecast for all 12 Zodiac signs!