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cosmic insight May 14, 2020

Recently, I attempted to send out a newsletter to my mailing list on Mailchimp, and when I hit the “send button,” the email was immediately flagged and my account was suspended! Ironically, the email was LITERALLY about the astrology of Internet censorship!

Right now, my assistant and I are working on finding an alternative platform that’s more compatible with my business AND my integrity. In the mean time, I wanted to share the content of the super scandalous email with you all that got me banned from Mailchimp! The content of this email wasn’t anything too crazy and certainly wasn’t anything I haven’t mentioned before in my YouTube videos and social media posts, but apparently it was a bit too much for Mailchimp’s censorship algorithms!

The Astrology of Internet Censorship & What We Can Do About It!

As predicted, with Saturn entering Aquarius we’ve already seen unprecedented levels of internet censorship coming from all of the major social media and search engine monopolies. Domain hosts are preventing websites from being registered that contain certain words, search engines are removing websites with information and viewpoints contradicting the mainstream narrative, Facebook is deleting people and posts at record speed and, on YouTube in particular, videos are disappearing overnight without explanation and channels are being demonetized or even deleted at a rate we’ve never seen! 

In addition to this, in my latest video where I discussed the astrology of internet censorship (see below), I also talked about the potential of astrology being attacked and censored during Saturn’s transit through Aquarius. One of the ways astrology has been “censored” in modern times is through a combination of ridicule and the spread of information, predominantly in scientific communities and through the mainstream media. Less than one week after my video was uploaded, a huge article was released by the New York Times attacking astrology! How crazy is that? 


On the flip side, the North Node just entered Gemini, where it will remain for the next 18 months! The last time the North Node transited Gemini was between October of 2001 and April of 2003. During this time blogging became all the rage and the alternative media absolutely exploded as a result! This was also the time MySpace was released to the public, which initiated the birth of social media and forever changed the way we connected with one another and shared information! 

This time around, we have ANOTHER chance to create new outlets for connecting with one another and sharing information in a way that’s more personal, liberating, and maybe even a bit controversial (it is the north node, after all)! One thing we can all do to move away from the internet information monopoly is to support alternative platforms for media and social media and video hosting, and developing new outlets for sharing information and forming better interpersonal connections. One way that I’ve recently done this is by supporting a new alternative media platform called Ickonic! In collaboration with Ickonic, I’ve created a 10 episode series all about astrology called Astrology 101!  Ironically, the exact same day the New York Times article came out to bad-mouth astrology, the second episode of my Astrology 101 series was released where I discuss the history of the censorship and suppression of astrology!  I couldn’t have timed that better myself! 


If you’re interested in checking out this series along with a ton of interesting content, follow this link to sign up for a 7-day free trial to Ickonic. I hope you enjoy watching this series as much as I enjoyed creating it! :)