Cosmic Insights


cosmic insight Nov 14, 2019


    A couple of years ago, I began experiencing something very strange and troubling. I’d be minding my own business, going about my day doing something normal and mundane like washing the dishes or taking my dogs to the park when suddenly, this strange, ominous free-floating sense of anxiety would just hit me out of nowhere. At first, I believed my intuition may have been trying to alert me to something pertinent to my personal safety and I’d think to myself—“is something bad about to happen?” Or “Maybe I should call and check on my husband, parents, friends, etc… just in case.” 

    After this sensation came and went on several occasions without any notable events occurring in my life, I realized that this sensation must be a reflection of something beyond my personal experience and, on a hunch, I decided to reach out to a highly sensitive, very perceptive friend to “check in” and see if she was picking up on something similar. As it turns out, she knew exactly what I was referring to and had been feeling the same energy herself! That evening we talked on the phone for over an hour, detailing what we were feeling and honing in on what it might mean. In the end, we decided it had to do with the United States—something sinister was going on in secret, beyond the level of public awareness, and it involved the potential for violence with other countries. Less than 48 hours after this conversation, on April 13th, 2017, it was announced that the United States had dropped what was described as “the Mother of All Bombs” in Afghanistan. 

    While this confirmed our suspicions as to the collective energy we were undoubtedly picking up on AND my own personal suspicions that transiting Neptune opposing my natal Sun was to blame for this newfound, uninvited intuitive “gift” that was so frequently intruding on my peace-of-mind, it did nothing to make the experience feel any less disturbing for me. Apparently, Neptune was trying to teach me something about the true nature of reality and the interconnectedness between all of humanity—but, in that moment, my Virgo Sun didn’t like it one bit.

    All my life, I’ve received many important messages through dreams. In my dreams, I’ve learned about important upcoming life events, been guided to take hold of incredible opportunities, and have even been shown the future on more than one occasion. In a dream state, I considered this to be quite “normal,” but in the waking world, I often over-rationalized the sensations I was picking up on and openly questioned the reality of what I was experiencing. Neptune is known for heightening sensitivities to the point of extreme discomfort and this transit was no exception to that rule. Beyond simply picking up on collective energies, I began picking up on the emotions of other people—I could literally FEEL what others were feeling, and this was interfering with my ability to interact with people experiencing strong emotions and was even impacting my work doing live readings with clients!

    And so began my learning experience with Neptune. Out of sheer necessity, I learned to adapt to these types of experiences, to get grounded and determine what was real—to determine which energies and emotions were my own and which sensations were coming from outside of myself. I learned to create BOUNDARIES. Hard boundaries—both energetic and physical. I learned to tap into my intuition but not to let it overpower my experience and to USE it for something, rather than just sit back feeling like I might be going crazy.