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cosmic insight Jul 16, 2020


Have you ever initiated something important—a project, a product, event or business, knowing it was a great idea, but things just didn’t quite go your way? Did you know there is a way to utilize astrology for electing the perfect date and time to insure success in anything you want to accomplish? 

Electional Astrology refers to the art of selecting the BEST astrological timing! Electional Astrology can be utilized to create a “Birth Chart” for anything and everything you wish to imbue with better planetary energy to enhance the likelihood of a positive outcome. This type of astrology has been frequently utilized for weddings, business launches, marketing and sales, important agreements, signing of contracts, timing of investments, purchasing a home, finding the perfect vehicle, and much, much more!

While Electional Astrology techniques can become very complicated, I wanted to share a few basic steps to get you started in electing the best dates and times for whatever you wish to accomplish! For those of you who feel that this is a bit over your head, or you don’t have the time to DIY it (and I don’t blame you, this type of astrology can be time consuming!) I’ve created a complete Electional Astrology Guide for each season, walking you through the best and worst dates AND giving specific timing and charts to utilize—just follow this link for details AND get $10 off if you preorder your Fall 2020 Electional Guide before August 6th! :)



It is important to look at your personal transits to see what aspects are being made and whether they are going to help or hinder your goals. Look for conjunctions, trines, and sextiles (especially from benefic planets like Jupiter or Venus) and make sure you don’t have any major challenging transits from malefics to key points in your chart. It’s particularly important to look at aspects to and from planets associated with the topic of your election—e.g. Mercury for projects involving communication, marketing, and the signing of contracts, Venus for plans involving relationships, agreements, or projects intended to increase wealth, or Mars for competitions, elective surgeries and athletic pursuits!


There are MANY different things you could focus on in this step, and the main target will depend heavily on your specific goals and intentions. A good place to start for most people would be to look for times when benefic planets like Venus and Jupiter are elevated, such as in their home sign or in their signs of exaltation. You could also focus on periods of time when these planets are making helpful aspects to other planets. Focusing on positive placement of the benefic planets helps to imbue the election with good energy and enhances your potential for success. On the flip side, if there is challenging energy in the general astrology, especially involving squares, conjunctions, or oppositions from the malefic planets Mars and Saturn, it might be best to wait for better timing to avoid challenges, frustrations, delays and complications. 

Just as I mentioned in the previous step, it’s also advisable to examine the sign placement and aspects to the planets associated with the specific topics related to your election. For teaching or travel, a well-placed Mercury and Jupiter will enhance your chances of success! For a business launch, the placement of the Sun, Saturn, Venus and/or the planet(s) associated with the specific focus of your business will become most important.


The Moon is often the one thing we have the most control over when choosing great Electional timing—especially when we’re working within a limited timeframe for launching projects, events, websites, and other things of great importance! While the sign the Moon in is, of course, important and should reflect your goals and intentions as closely as possible, in my personal opinion, the aspects the Moon is making in the sign that it’s in, and WILL be making in the sign it’s in (applying aspects) are much more important. The applying aspects in the sign the Moon is transiting for your election can indicate how smoothly (or not so smoothly) your journey will be toward your end goal AND the final aspect the Moon makes before going Void-of-Course gives important insight into the final outcome—so you always want this to be a positive one if at all possible! 

Speaking of Void-of-Course Moon periods… PAY ATTENTION TO THESE! While there are some exceptions to this rule, initiating anything during a Void-of-Course Moon period is typically not advised. The Void-of-Course Moon period refers to the period between the Moon’s last aspect in it’s current sign and the moment it begins transiting the next sign in Zodiacal order. During this period, the Moon isn’t doing very much and there will not be a lot of energy behind important projects launched (they typically fizzle out or experience some manner of complication that may cause you to scrap the project entirely). If possible, choose another time.


This is a BIG topic and an important step toward creating the BEST Electional Astrology Chart for your important plans and projects! For the purpose of keeping things concise, I’ll simply give you this: the houses in an Electional Chart have very similar significations to that of the Natal Chart with one key difference—the Ascendant and the First House represent the thing you intend to initiate, they don’t represent the initiator (that would be you). 

Choosing placements and alignments that make sense for your goal and match up with your intentions for your projects and plans are very important, however; it’s important to note that there’s rarely a “perfect” day to initiate and there will almost always be challenging aspects and placements to contend with. Selecting the house placements for these more challenging energies in order to minimize their impact on your work is an art and it takes time, experience, and A LOT of trial-and-error to master this step.


The (rather important) final step in choosing a good Electional Date is to double check your work! Make sure you’re happy with the story told by the chart you’ve selected AND be sure to check the chart against your own to insure there are no big personal challenges associated with the energy of this day! 


While this is not an all-encompassing guide to the topic of Electional Astrology, I do hope it has helped you to understand the basics so that you can get started creating your own best days to initiate anything and everything you wish to accomplish! To give yourself an extra boost, be sure to check out my Seasonal Electional Astrology Guides which give you a full Electional Astrology Calendar, written guide to the best Electional days, specific charts to utilize for your most important projects AND a full video rundown of the energy for each month!