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cosmic insight Oct 16, 2018


Electional Astrology refers to the art of choosing the best timing for an important event or undertaking based on the planetary alignments at this time. Electional astrology helps us to insure that we’re making the best possible use of the energy available to us, increasing our chances of success when initiating important changes or planning meaningful life events. Electional techniques can also be used on a much smaller scale in our daily lives for planning out projects and important tasks for the week ahead. Because there’s often little we can do to work around longer-term (and often difficult) planetary aspects on a day-to-day level, aligning our energy with the transits of the Moon is typically our best bet in utilizing astrological planning for everyday life. Below you’ll find a short video tutorial on using basic electional astrology techniques to make the best use of the energy available throughout the lunar month!




The Dark Moon phase lasts roughly three days surrounding the time of the New Moon. The dark phase of the lunar cycle is a period of letting go of that which no longer serves us from the preceding lunar cycles. It is a time when the veil is quite thin and our connection to the other realms becomes much more potent. The Dark Moon is not an appropriate time to initiate new actions. For women in particular, now is a time when our physical energy is at it's lowest. It is powerful time when our psychic and intuitive abilities are heightened. Now is the time to go inward to surrender and reflect on the past while seeding intentions for the future. 


The Crescent Moon phase is a time when the seeds planted at the time of the new moon first begin to sprout. This can be an exciting time of exploring new ideas. This is an ideal time to get out into the world to meet new people and test the waters by beginning to take action on your intentions. This is a very optimistic time when we anticipate the potential of the new plans and projects that are about to take form over the coming lunar month. This lunar phase is associated with the Triple Goddess in her maiden form, representing the energy of purity, growth, curiosity and the sprouting of new life. 


The First Quarter Square of the moon marks a crisis of commitment. This is a time where we may feel disappointed with our progress thus far and old baggage from past cycles may come into conflict with what is being created in the present. The key here is to let go of old, limiting beliefs and psychological patterns that are holding us back. Emotional baggage from the past can leave us feeling stuck at this time, and this is an excellent time to clear away old wounds as they surface. The key here is to push through and not allow oneself to be held back by the events of the past. If used correctly, this can be a potent time of action and opportunity.


The Waxing Gibbous Moon phase marks a harmonious time in the lunar cycle when the intentions we seeded at the new moon are beginning to gain traction and grow to their fullness. The challenges we encountered during the first quarter square of the moon have been overcome and things begin to flow more easily. The Gibbous Moon is a time to clarify intentions and promote further growth and liberation from the failures of past cycles. 


The Full Moon represents the Mother phase of the Triple Goddess, birthing new life and nurturing her new creation. This lunar phase can either be a culmination point or a crisis point (or a little of both) depending on how we’ve dealt with the energies of the first two weeks of the lunar cycle. Now is a time when we may sense disconnect between our internal world and our physical reality, as if we’re being pulled between two opposites. The key here is to integrate the polarity of the two signs implicated in the opposition between the two luminaries in order to bring our intentions to fruition. 


The Disseminating or Waning Gibbous phase marks the time when we may harvest the fruits of our labors. It is a time to gather the results of what was created during the lunar cycle so far and to begin to cultivate an understanding of what worked well and what did not. The Disseminating Moon is a phase of creative release, where we begin to relinquish control of the creative process in order to move forward into the cycle that follows. 


The Last Quarter Moon marks a crisis of completion. It is a time of tension between our physical reality and our emotional and intuitive energies. Although it may feel like there is still much to do, we come to a realization that we need to begin to separate ourselves from the work we’ve completed throughout this cycle. We are now called to find a new direction, make appropriate mental and emotional adjustments, and begin reflecting on our intentions for the next lunar cycle. 


The Balsamic phase of the lunar cycle marks a time of seeding and surrender. This period represents the crone aspect of the Triple Goddess and is a transition state associated with the death and sacrifice of what once was for the sake of the future. Now is a time of undoing when it is important to begin retreating inward to rest and replenish for the new cycle that lies ahead. 


The moon is considered Void of Course (VOC) during the time between the moon’s last major aspect with another planet in its current sign and the moment it moves into the next sign.

Because now is a time when the moon remains un-aspected, our inner world may become much more calm, quiet and clear.
The VOC moon is a time when our intuition can become heightened as it is free from outside planetary influences; however, too much mental or physical activity at this time can distort our psychic senses and cause us to take wrong action. This is why when we take action or begin a new project during the VOC moon, things often don't pan out. Likewise, any thoughts we may have or worries we may hold on to are also unlikely to come to fruition and are merely serving as a distraction from the inner quiet brought on by the void.

While the VOC moon is a fertile time for receiving insight and inspiration, now is not the time to act. In just a few hours, the moon will change signs, which will allow us to begin bringing to fruition whatever was seeded during this highly intuitive time of calm and contemplation.



The moon in fiery, passionate Aries feels electrifying! The moon’s transit through this cardinal sign marks the perfect time for a fresh start. This is an excellent placement for initiating new projects or exercise regimes. During this transit, people are more apt to focus on themselves and their own emotional needs rather than the needs and desires of those around them. The moon in Aries creates opportunity to act on your own passions and self-interests, but don’t expect others to have the same passion for a project as you do. People may become more active, impulsive and temperamental during this time. There may be a greater desire for physical activity, and remaining sedentary may lead to emotional outbursts due to frustration. Taking action, whatever that means for you, best uses the energy of moon in Aries.

Emotional keywords associated with moon in Aries: action, initiative, willpower, anger, frustration, passion, movement, impulsivity, energy, stimulation, drive


This is a very favorable placement as the moon is considered to be “exalted” in Taurus. This means that the sign of Taurus holds the potential to bring out the highest expression of the energy of the moon. Taurus is a very physical, sensory sign and during the moon’s transit through Taurus, there is a greater need for physical comfort. People often seek out sensory experiences that feel good: rich foods, beauty in nature, material comforts, the arts, etc. Anything that provides a feeling of deep satisfaction and contentment is favored at this time. Taurus is an Earth sign which tempers the active fire of moon’s previous transit through Aries by causing us to slow down a bit to take in the world around us. Taurus is the sign of pleasure, longevity, and value, and under the moon’s influence in this fixed sign new endeavors will often prove to be stable and long-lasting. This is a wonderful time to begin long-term commitments or to sign contracts, especially those involving material gain.

Emotional keywords associated with moon in Taurus: Comfort, stability, nourishment, nurturing, safety, value, grounding, contentment, sensuality, pleasure, connection with nature


The moon’s transit through Gemini is a time of heightened emotional intelligence, making it one of the best times to socialize. Activities such as throwing parties, attending social events, sending cards, emails, and letters, connecting with old friends, and doing things that are spontaneous and playful are favored at this time. Movement is key, as curious Gemini likes to move quickly from one topic to the next. This moon placement also favors intellectual pursuits such as research, writing, journalism, and all other activities requiring us to think on our feet. The moon in Gemini is an excellent time to communicate creatively. It is also a time when our thoughts become more connected with our emotions, making it more difficult to discern between what we think and what we feel. Emotional bonds can be strengthened through communication making this is a great time to connect with people in the community, as well as siblings, cousins and extended family members. A family reunion planned during this time would go over quite well! Gemini is an air sign and its energy does tend to feel a bit scattered. For some, there is a danger of becoming flaky and manipulative during this time.

Emotional keywords associated with moon in Gemini: playfulness, connection, curiosity, movement, fun, duality, manipulation, deception


The moon rules the sign of Cancer and is therefore considered to be “at home” while transiting this sign. This differs from exaltation in that the energy of the moon closely matches its expression through the sign of Cancer. The moon in Cancer is very intuitive, nurturing, and emotional. This is a time when people become more empathic and emotions can be felt very deeply. Self-care becomes important during this time and people tend to retreat to the home to engage in activities that allow them to feel safe, comfortable and cared-for. People may be more drawn to familiarity and less willing to step outside of their comfort zones. Cancer is the sign of the home and real estate, so related activities including purchasing and renovating a home are favored at this time. Deep emotional bonds are also emphasized, making the moon’s transit through Cancer a time when more importance may be placed on family ties, especially connection with the mother.

Emotional keywords associated with moon in Cancer: intuition, imagination, intimacy, emotion, tenderness, nurturing, nourishment, comfort, safety, fluidity, protection, feminine, receptive, reflective, retentive


Self-expression is what the moon in Leo is all about. This is a time when our creative passions take center stage, and we can feel more confident and optimistic about our ambitions. In generous, outgoing Leo, celebrations and socializing are also favored as well as heartfelt connections and romance. This is a beautiful time to indulge in hobbies and play. There is a tendency with the moon in Leo for people to become more emotionally expressive and dramatic. People may be more susceptible to vanity, self-centeredness, and over inflation of the ego at this time.

Emotional keywords associated with moon in Leo: Authority, drive, playfulness, optimism, confidence, generosity, pride, romance, heartfulness, drama, performance, creativity, self-expression, vanity, narcissism


In Virgo, the moon expresses itself with compassion and humility. There is an opportunity during this time to show up in selfless service of others. People may find themselves busier than normal, with endless to-do lists. Organizing, planning, and budgeting are particularly favorable activities. There is a tendency to over-think and over-analyze feelings, emotions, and interactions. People become more prone to self-criticism and judgment, leading to nervousness and anxiety. There is also a danger of becoming over-critical and judgmental of others. Exercise caution in expressing your feelings, as your words may come across more cold and harsh than you intend, and people are more easily affected by the criticisms of others. Taking care of your health, especially when it comes to diet and nutrition, is favored at this time.

Emotional keywords associated with moon in Virgo: Service, humility, compassion, perfectionism, organization, analyzing, discerning, judgment, nervousness, anxiety


The moon expresses itself quite harmoniously in the Venus-ruled sign of Libra. There is an emphasis on beauty and elegance, and aesthetics become more important. There is a pull toward relationships and working in harmony with others. This is a great time to sign contracts, as it is likely that agreements made will be mutually beneficial to both parties. People may become more indecisive, placing too much emphasis on fairness and equality over self-interest.

Emotional keywords associated with moon in Libra: balance, harmony, compassion, fairness, equality, charm, beauty, peacefulness, grace, ease


The sign of Scorpio is opposite Taurus (the moon’s “exhaltation”) and because of this, the moon is considered to be at its “fall” in this sign. This means that there is a difficult relationship between the energy of the moon and its potential for expression in Scorpio. Emotions can become quite volatile under the Scorpio moon. Scorpio is the sign of intensity, passion, solitude and deeply transformative emotional expression. Now is a time when deeply held emotional wounds can easily resurface for healing, all the while the urge to repress our emotions can become our downfall. In the fixed sign of Scorpio, emotions are often hidden and left to simmer and boil below the surface until they can no longer be contained. Once they explode up onto the surface they can feel like a flash flood destroying everything in its path. Caution should be exercised at this time when expressing one’s true feelings as hurts and losses experienced during the Scorpio moon can have a deep and lasting effect on the psyche. Now is an excellent time for therapy or counseling, or a more solitary means of expression such as journaling. The key is to find a healthy means of emotional expression, especially in regards to emotionally charged issues and experiences.

Emotional keywords associated with moon in Scorpio: truth, fear, passion, intensity, loss, grief, sorrow, anger, sexuality, desire


The moon in Sagittarius feels optimistic and expansive. There is an enhanced ability to view the world through the lens of positive emotion. People may feel more adventurous, independent-minded and sociable. One may find greater meaning behind everyday experiences. People may find themselves contemplating deeply held values and beliefs as they relate to one’s emotional understanding of the world around them. This is an optimal time to initiate travel plans or to enjoy risky, adrenaline fueled activities, such as mountain climbing or skydiving, which provide the opportunity to experience the expansiveness of the natural world in a way that is both sensational and exhilarating.

Emotional keywords associated with moon in Sagittarius: Integrity, adventure, exploration, wisdom, value, contentiousness, expansion, optimistic, jovial, independence, movement, truth, religion, philosophy, dogma


Capricorn is opposite Cancer (the moon’s “home”) and because of this, the moon is considered to be at its “detriment” in this sign. The world can feel a bit cold and closed off under the Capricorn moon. A greater emphasis is placed on duty and responsibility over nurturing and self-care. A sense of order and structure is provided, directing the emotional fluidity of the moon in a way that is more careful and calculated. There is a time and a place for feelings and emotions, and the Capricorn moon makes that very clear. Intuition is replaced with a more calculated and grounded approach to interpreting our experiences during this time. This is an ideal time to take responsibility for oneself and get back to work.

Emotional keywords associated with moon in Capricorn: discerning, resourceful, enduring, mature, responsible, restrained, calculating, cold, rigid, authoritative


The Aquarius moon is enigmatic. While it brings a sort of voyeuristic emotional detachment in our close relationships, there is also a deeply felt sense of connection with humanity and the world at large. There may be a resistance to the ideas and beliefs of others all the while new inspiration and insight might come about intuitively from out of the blue. This is a great time for innovation, technology and doing things that are outside of the norm. Humanitarian pursuits are favored at this time, and it may prove easier to rally people together for a common cause.

Emotional keywords associated with moon in Aquarius: enigmatic, eccentric, friendly, cool, aloof, detached, technical, intelligence, genius, humanitarian, connection, daydreaming, head-in-the-clouds


The moon takes on a dreamy, magical quality in Pisces. Intuition, connectedness and imagination are heightened. Situations, people, or special circumstances may manifest themselves from out of nowhere, bringing incredible synchronicities. People become more empathic, and it may become difficult for some to discern between their own emotions and the emotions of others. This is an excellent time to delve deep into the spiritual realms. People may intentionally become more detached as a coping mechanism to guard themselves against intense emotions. Some may get lost in fantasy or drugs and alcohol to achieve this end. There is a danger of disillusionment as people are more susceptible to deception. The energy of moon in Pisces can bring great beauty, insight and romance when used appropriately.

Emotional keywords associated with moon in Pisces: dreamy, imaginative, sensitive, empathic, creative, emotional, romantic, spiritual, astral, hidden, adaptable, vague, dark, murky, self-sacrifice