Cosmic Insights

Nothing Comes Easily with SATURN!🪐

Nov 18, 2023

 In astrology, Saturn earns the title of the "Great Malefic," notorious for ushering in karmic fear, challenges, limitations, and delays in the area of our birth charts that it occupies.

Saturn's natal placement reveals an area of life where we must face fear and assume responsibility to create structure, establish stability, and foster growth and a sense of personal authority.

Also dubbed the "Taskmaster" in astrology, our natal Saturn placement shows an area where we may compare ourselves to others and feel as though we have to work harder or wait longer than our peers to succeed.

Yet, Saturn harbors benefits as well. Embracing the demands and responsibilities of Saturn can lead to substantial and enduring rewards in the house that it occupies, particularly if we work with Saturn and make small, consistent efforts over time.

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