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cosmic insight May 03, 2019

In astrology, the planet Saturn has long been known as a planet that is associated with limitations, restrictions and hardships. The responsibilities and challenges that Saturn is commonly blamed for can be daunting to face, but I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way! It’s possible to learn about your Saturn and to create incredible opportunities for personal growth. Every challenge we face can be an opportunity for growth and expansion into our higher selves. What I want to explore with you in this post are the ways to explore the good side of Saturn and work with the energy of Saturn and create positive manifestations in your life. I realize what I’m asking of you is no small feat, as we are naturally inclined to seek comfort and ease over hardship and pain, but if you stick with me, I’ll help guide you through the challenges of Saturn with ease with a clear, disciplined focus that breaks through your excuses, procrastination and fear.


Do you have a goal or see something in your mind that you want? Saturn can help you get it! Saturn’s influence will have you experience the need to stay dedicated to your goals and things that may feel forced at times. Depending on where your Saturn is placed, you’ll experience different challenges. We all have a Saturn placement in our charts, which will indicate the area of our lives where there’s a little more struggle, a little more strife. We’re all in a different phase in our personal Saturn cycles, and each of these phases presents different challenges. If you can get ahead of the challenges of Saturn and just jump in and do it, you’ll be much more successful!

In my Mastering Saturn webinar, I cover the cycles of Saturn and will show you how to break free from the challenges of Saturn by giving you back your energy and focus. A common theme I see amongst my clients is that they want to do things the ‘fast way,’ but when facing their Saturn Return, they often realize the ‘fast way’ is not always the ‘right way.’ This often causes hangups and impatience to arise. We are used to quick results and certain chart types have to learn how to become more meticulous and persistent to go up again roadblocks.

The gifts of Saturn are only found when we are willing to analyze and change our reactions and intrinsic desires to align more closely with reality. The challenges of Saturn will bring up past life karma and past life challenges that still need to be faced or redone. Saturn may also indicate areas associated with fear leftover from difficult past life experiences. Saturn creates these fears in order to protect us from rushing into things and repeating past mistakes. What you’ll learn as you face Saturn’s lessons head on is that it is possible to master Saturn’s energy, and, as you move through this process of mastery, Saturn’s burdens and limitations will diminish with age. For example. let’s say you have Saturn in your 7th house, you may find you have some difficult and challenging relationships early on, or a lack of long-term committed partnership early in life. This can feel very heavy and we might feel like we need something or are missing something in that area. Saturn can empower us to remember that we are on our own path and that we move at our own pace based on the unique lessons each of us came here to learn. Those with Saturn in the 7th house must be patient and put more hard work into their relationships, which leads to more solid, stable, committed partnerships later on that are deeply valued and appreciated!


It’s becoming more apparent these days that the challenges of our lives can be traced back to our openness to patience, accountability and the ability to transmute fear.

In the Mastering Saturn webinar, we’ll go into Saturn’s placement through all 12 houses, planetary aspects to Saturn, and how Saturn’s energy influences you personally. We will also discover where you’re at in your personal Saturn Cycle, and how to best work with the energy provided to you based on the phase of life you’re moving through. Saturn is associated with important milestones into our lives in the form of both accomplishments and loss. The focal point of the webinar will be to help you handle the challenges that are coming up and empower you to handle the life-long lessons that Saturn will bring.

Learn the tips and tricks to dealing with your Saturn lessons way before things got out of hand! Your life can move in flow with the planetary energies, but you have to make the choice to work at purposefully at creating a life that a moves in rhythm with your natural cycles. Discover exactly what challenges you’ll be up against in the Mastering Saturn webinar and learn the blueprint to work slowly and diligently on the lessons of your Saturn placement and, as a result, have a very successful Saturn experience!

Mastering the energy of Saturn takes a lot of time, patience and discipline, the earlier you begin working with this energy the better! In the Mastering Saturn webinar, you will find out EXACTLY where you are in your own personal Saturn cycle, along with where you’re coming from and where you’re headed into the future. You will receive specific tips, remedies, and advice for working with Saturn’s energy at ALL stages of life!