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monthly astrohighlights Jan 01, 2021

The New Year in 2021 begins with what is, by far, the most intense month of the entire year. The Great Conjunction in Aquarius on the Solstice brought about a MAJOR cosmic reset and the beginning of a prolonged energy and cycle that will be felt all year and will impact us all for AT LEAST the next 20 years! This month, Mars moves into Taurus and conjuncts the disruptive energy of Uranus in Taurus—shaking the foundations of something we once believed to be stable and causing us personal frustration that could lead us to succumb to impulse! This is particularly volatile with Mars & Uranus squaring Jupiter (and Saturn) in the revolutionary sign of Aquarius. Many people will be seeking greater freedom, rebelling against current life circumstances and overly restrictive energies. This energy may also cause a lot of friction, chaos and volatility around facts, figures, dogmatic beliefs and “scientific” types of thinking. Information received and actions taken during this period may feel rushed, disruptive, scattered and highly unusual. That being said, this energy isn’t all bad—quite the contrary! The astrology this month is causing a lot of discomfort, but this is for a reason! The more discomfort we feel with our complacency in life circumstances that simply aren’t working for us any more, the more likely we are to rise up and make necessary changes in order to LIBERATE ourselves from oppressive, stagnant energy!



Energy most positive for Sun/Moon/Rising in: Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn

Energy most challenging for Sun/Moon/Rising in: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

Moderate energy for for Sun/Moon/Rising: Aries, Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces

Maximum intensity for Sun/Moon Rising in: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius


Exact on January 6th at 3:27pm MST
Active January 6th through March 3rd

Mars enters Taurus today where it will be stirring up frustrations and causing people to crave DRAMATIC deviations from the status quo all the way until March 3rd! This transit of the planet of anger and action will be coming into a conjunction with Uranus in Taurus and activating the super volatile squares to Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius throughout the entire month! While we’re all going to be feeling the need to break free from the old pretty intensely this month, impulsivity breeds long-term disappointment and frustration as Saturn requires that we think things through before jumping into any new changes! 



Exact on January 8th at 4:59am MST
Active January 8th through March 15th

Mercury enters its prolonged transit through Aquarius today where it will remain until March 15th due to Mercury’s retrograde cycle at the end of this month. Mercury in Aquarius instills a special kind of genius. We are more likely to feel inspired to think outside of the box and to find innovative new solutions to old problems under this influence. That being said, Mercury will be joining the stellium in Aquarius and activating the squares between Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius throughout the month, amping up the anxiety and causing many people to change their minds about their big new 2021 plans. Regular daily practices that are grounding and calming to the mind and nervous system are recommended for EVERYONE this month—such as deep, diaphragmatic breathing or moving meditation for those feeling agitated and unable to sit still.



Exact on January 8th at 8:41am MST
Active January 8th through February 1st 

While Venus transits Capricorn over these next few weeks PAY ATTENTION to what comes up for you in the areas of love, finance, and self-worth (especially around the time Venus conjuncts Pluto on January 28th). This will give clues to what’s in store and help you to prepare for the end of this year when Venus stations to go direct in conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn in December. Venus in Capricorn may cause some of us to come across as cold or uncaring for those who are particularly emotionally expressive in relationships, but don’t let the more pragmatic, Capricornian approach to showing affection fool you! During this time, people are more likely to show their love through practical means, such as taking on the responsibility for helping with a big project or very literally building something useful for the person they care about!



Exact on January 9th at 8:52am MST
Most active January 6th through January 12th

Venus in Capricorn makes a much needed harmonious trine to Mars today, bringing in a positive, creative energy and an outlet for some of the more anxiety-provoking influences building in the astrology. Now is a time to pursue your passions, the things you love, with the PEOPLE you love! Engaging in action toward a shared intention or goal will be rewarded at this time. 



Exact on January 12th at 10:00pm MST
Most active January 9th through January 15th

This New Moon in Capricorn is looking to be… intense. The Sun and Moon will be making a near exact conjunction with Pluto, the passionate and magnetic “lord of the underworld,” catalyzing DEEP reflection about how far we’ve come and where we have yet to go. This New Moon is sitting within the degrees of last year’s on-going Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter conjunction that caused all of us to go through a major upheaval, transformation and restructuring across many areas of our lives—and this will be felt! Now that we’ve worked so hard and overcome so much, it’s finally time to dive DEEP and focus our intentions on what we TRULY desire. The lies we all tell our ourselves will be exposed through introspection and deep inner work, leaving only the purest understanding of what we must focus on moving forward. This energy is passionate and emotionally volatile beneath the surface, yet stoic in the presence of difficult life circumstances. With the energy of this New Moon, we may harness the internal fire and devotion we require in order to carry out the external transformation we’ve been working toward for so long. 

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Exact on January 14th at 1:35am MST
Most active January 7th through January 21st

Uranus stationing direct is always a time of unexpected surprises and the externalization of rebellion that’s been repressed for far too long—this particularly Uranus station is no exception to this rule! Uranus is locked into a conjunction with Mars and a square to Jupiter and Saturn this month and into next, causing us to crave FREEDOM from everything that’s holding us back from the brand new life we’ve envisioned from ourselves. While many of us will wish to free ourselves from certain burdens and restrictions, this is not a time to make changes in haste. While the Uranian urge for rebellion is quite strong today, Saturn’s still making the rules and there are proper channels we must go through before jumping head first into a new reality!



Exact on January 17th at 3:49pm MST
Most active January 3rd through January 31st

Jupiter in Aquarius craves FREEDOM and Uranus craves the same. This influence brings extreme restlessness, exacerbates anxiety, and brings sudden, sometimes shocking, changes in direction via opportunities that show up seemingly out of nowhere to disrupt the status quo! While the end goal of this energy is LIBERATION, Saturn is still in the mix. For many, this transit may bring intense flashes of insight providing ingenuitive new solutions to VERY old problems, helping us to break free from all that oppresses us and holds us back. We have to look at what’s responsible and take stock of our foundation to prevent ourselves for acting erratically and creating a mess for others to clean up. On both a personal and global level, expect the unexpected. This transit is sure to shake things up collectively and is ripe for catalyzing social unrest. 



Exact on January 19th at 1:39pm MST
Active January 19th through February 18th

Happy birthday to my Aquarius readers! The Sun enters the friendly and eccentric sign of Aquarius today illuminating the need to take an outside-of-the-box approach to all that we encounter this month! This particular transit of the Sun through Aquarius is a bit more volatile than what we may be used to as the Sun will join the stellium of planets (Mercury, Jupiter & Saturn) in this enigmatic sign and begin to square Uranus and Mars in Taurus! The restlessness we’re all bound to be feeling at this point is taken up another notch and we may come up against unusual circumstances and information throughout this time. Pay attention to the weird this month—it’s trying to show you something VERY important about your journey toward personal liberation. 



Exact on January 20th at 1:38pm MST
Most active January 6th through February 3rd

This is a BIG moment in the astrology for this year—Mars, although in its detriment in Taurus, packs quite a punch when it’s paired with the maverick energy of Uranus! Mars is still in a tight square with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, an energy that brings both an intense restlessness and proneness to overreaction AND the need to remain self-disciplined and take it down a notch. Needless to say, the astrological energy is all over the place at the moment and, as a result, our needs can feel very conflicted. On the world’s stage, things can get quite explosive with transits like these and on a personal level this influence may bring very sudden, shocking changes that throw us, rather unceremoniously, into a brand new path we never could have anticipated!


Exact on January 28th at 12:16pm MST
Most active January 25th through January 31st

In keeping with the astrological influence for the entirety of this month—this Full Moon is INTENSE and very volatile. There’s something that’s being destabilized in all of our lives throughout this month—a mindset, an opportunity, a relationship, or a life circumstance—and this Full Moon is bringing everything to a head. In a lot of ways, this Full Moon will help to pull us out of the thick of the situation so we can see things more clearly and re-evaluate our path. It may also show us an important area of life we’ve been neglecting with fresh eyes, forcing us to come back into balance or make necessary changes to support the liberation we’ve been working toward. 


Exact on January 30th, 2021
Active January 30th through February 20th

Mercury stations to go retrograde today in Aquarius! We’ve been through a lot this month, astrologically speaking, and change is the only certainty at this point in the journey. Mercury retrograding in the sign where all of the planetary action has taken place will give us a chance to take a step back and re-evaluate our mindset and plans. Adjustments must be made before we move forward and an unusual new approach is required. While we may still feel frustrated, restless, and scattered, this Mercury retrograde will help us to re-visit what needs revisiting so that we can keep our eyes on the prize and create the change that we all desire.