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July 2022 Astro-Highlights: Pressure Creates Diamonds

Jun 30, 2022

This month represents a pivotal chapter in the story that is unfolding in each of our lives! Many challenges will present themselves this July, but alongside each challenge is also an opportunity for incredible growth, self-awareness  and expansion.

This month begins with a very rocky square between Mars in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, which is highly passionate and determined energy. It doesn’t settle down from there as Mars quickly enters Taurus, the sign of its detriment, and begins activating the closing conjunction between Uranus and the North Node!

Mercury in Gemini makes connections to Saturn in Aquarius and Neptune in Pisces this month before moving into emotional Cancer, where our thoughts will be colored with emotion and powerful hits of intuition

The Full Moon in Capricorn halfway through the month looks to be a beautiful period of culmination that supports the dynamic changes we’ve been actively making with trine to the the conjunction of Uranus and the North Node in Taurus. Occurring alongside the energy of the Full Moon and adding a feeling of security and stability, Venus makes beautiful connections to Saturn and Neptune before moving into Cancer, her most nurturing and sensitive placement.

We can have profound insight and clarity of emotional thinking with the Mercury Cazimi in Cancer midway through the month just before the planet of communication moves into the warm and generous sign of Leo. Mercury in Leo is the first of the inner planets in Leo which are each going to be forming and activating a Fixed Grand Cross throughout the coming weeks with Mars and Uranus in Taurus, the Lunar Nodes in Scorpio and Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius, creating tremendous pressure and challenge in the Fixed areas of our lives.

Before the Sun enters it home sign of Leo, we come up against an intense opposition with the Sun in Cancer opposing Pluto, helping to illuminate and transform our fears. The end of the month is incredibly dynamic with a powerful New Moon in Leo, showcasing the long-awaited North Node and Uranus conjunction in Taurus. This is likely to be a time of incredible pressure and challenge, but also of quantum leaps, when we realize the future we have worked hard to create for so long may be here sooner than we think.



Energy most positive for Sun/Moon/Rising in:  Cancer, Capricorn

Energy most challenging for Sun/Moon/Rising in:Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

Mixed energy for Sun/Moon/Rising in: Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Pisces 

Maximum intensity for Sun/Moon Rising in:Aries, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius



 July 1st, 2022: Mars Square Pluto from Aries to Capricorn

 July 2nd, 2022: Mercury Trine Saturn from Gemini to Aquarius

 July 2nd, 2022: Mercury Square Neptune from Gemini to Pisces

July 5th, 2022: Mars Enters Taurus

July 5th, 2022: Mercury Enters Cancer

July 9th, 2022: Mercury Square Jupiter from Cancer to Aries

July 12th, 2022: Venus Trine Saturn from Gemini to Aquarius

July 13th, 2022: Full Moon at 21° of Capricorn

July 16th, 2022: Mercury Cazimi at 24° Cancer

July 17th, 2022: Venus Enters Cancer

July 18th, 2022: Mercury Oppose Pluto from Cancer to Capricorn

July 19th, 2022: Mercury Enters Leo

July 19th, 2022: Sun Oppose Pluto from Cancer to Capricorn

July 22nd, 2022: Sun Enters Leo

July 25th, 2022: Venus Square Jupiter from Cancer to Aries

July 26th, 2022: Mercury Square Mars from Cancer to Aries

July 28th, 2022: New Moon at 5° of Leo

July 28th, 2022: Jupiter Stations Retrograde at 8° of Aries

July 31st, 2022: North Node Conjunct Uranus at 18° of Taurus

July 31st, 2022: Sun Trine Jupiter from Leo to Aries



Mars Square Pluto from Aries to Capricorn

Exact on July 1st, 2022 at 8:13pm MDT

Most active from June 25th through July 6th, 2022

Under this influence we may become absolutely over-the-top obsessed with getting our way and accomplishing our goals, sometimes to the extent of becoming ruthless and inadvertently hurting others in the process—this transit brings intense tunnel vision when it comes to our ambitions! On the one hand, this is excellent in terms of getting the job done. On the other hand, this just serves to make us all the more cutthroat in pursuit of our desires!

The other danger of this energy is taking things to extremes—extremes of fear, extremes of anger, and extremes of acting on selfish desires. While this energy does super-charge our focus when it comes to our greatest ambitions and internal motivations, it can only be channeled positively if we’re able to exercise a healthy dose of self-awareness, self-discipline and self-restraint.⠀



Mercury Trine Saturn From Gemini to Aquarius

Mercury Square Neptune from Gemini to Pisces

Exact on July 2nd, 2022

Most active from June 30th through July 4th, 2022

Mercury trine Saturn is typically an excellent time to get work done, especially if the work has to do with writing or communication in some way! We could normally expect to have a great mental focus and persistent brain power with alignment, however, this aspect occurs alongside Mercury’s square to Neptune which gives an energy that is the exact opposite! Mercury square to Neptune is incredibly imaginative, but can be spacey, impractical and confusing.

This may be a day when you feel incredible focus one moment and the next you snap to to find you have drifted off into a daydream. A positive way to make use of this energy might be to use the imaginative aspect of Neptune to engage in storytelling, creative writing or reading. If you keep a disciplined meditation practice, this may be a day to let your mind wander more freely and perhaps you’ll find that spiritual insight or brilliant creative ideas come through easily this way.



Mars Enters Taurus

Exact on July 5th, 2022 at 12:04am MDT

Most active from July 5th through August 20th

Mars enters Taurus today, the sign of its detriment, where it will be stirring up frustrations and causing even more dramatic deviations from the status quo! Passionate and action-oriented Mars struggles through the contented and methodical sign of Taurus, an energy that values consistency and stability, but unfortunately has a tendency to hang on to things a little bit beyond expiration date.

However Taurus is a precarious place right now and has been since Uranus entered this sign in 2018. With the insistence of chaotic Uranus, Taurus is being forced to change and every planet that subsequently makes its way through this sign, including the transiting Lunar Nodes, activates restless Uranus and stimulates the energy of change even more.

This transit of Mars, the planet of anger and action will be coming into a conjunction with Uranus in Taurus and reactivating the volatility of this energy once more in just a few weeks! While we’re all  feeling the need to break free from what has grown stagnant or boring in our lives, be mindful that impulsivity throughout this time may lead to obstacles further down the road!

A good tip with Mars through Taurus is to take action upon the changes we have been thinking through most thoroughly throughout the last few years of Uranus' transit in Taurus, especially through Saturn’s year long square to Uranus from Aquarius in 2021. These transits are, and will continue to be, linked to our karmic transformation, but the good thing is that when Taurus does finally take action toward necessary changes, those changes are here to stay.

Being that Taurus rules the things in our lives that maintain our sustenance, things like money and food, pay close attention to financial institutions throughout this time, as well as the food supply and farming industry. Mars could trigger swift and dramatic changes here that wreak a bit of havoc on our lives.



Mercury Enters Cancer

Exact on July 5th, 2022 at 12:25 am MDT

Active from July 5th through July 19th, 2022

Mercury in the sign of Cancer is an intuitive, poetic, and imaginative placement and an energy that intertwines the processes of brain with the feelings of the heart. Those born with this placement are very good at picking up on the emotions of others and they tend to speak and connect in a way that is gentle and supportive, much like a hug, but with words! Mercury in Cancer processes and makes decisions based upon their feelings, and often times, they can change their mind based upon an intuitive sense. As Mercury currently transits this Cardinal Water sign, we may all feel this influence in some way!

Keep in mind that Mercury makes some dramatic connections as it transits Cancer this year, most notably a square to Jupiter in Aries and an opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. These are both intense energies for Mercury that will alter the otherwise nurturing nature of Mercury in Cancer.



Mercury Square Jupiter from Cancer to Aries

Exact on July 9th, 2022 at 12:14am MDT

Most active from July 7th through July 11th, 2022

Mercury square Jupiter is an exciting energy and one that can feel like our brains are on fire with ideas and enthusiasm! Those born with this placement are inquisitive, highly intelligent and optimistic, however this placement can struggle to make their ideas tangible, which can lead to feelings of let down due to unrealistic expectations.  

This transit from Mercury in Cancer to Jupiter in Aries is here to excite us and to stir up the energy even if it doesn’t amount to much in the long run. Keep in mind that as we move through this energy, the inspiration and ideas that come through are quite good, but it will not manifest out of thin air. It is important to manage expectations and remember that action and hard work are the key.



Venus Trine Saturn from Gemini to Aquarius

Exact on July 12th, 2022 10:27pm MDT

Most active from July 10th through July 14th, 2022

This is a BEAUTIFUL energy that builds us to the Full Moon in Capricorn. Venus trine Saturn brings feelings of deep satisfaction, contentment and stability within our close relationships. Because Saturn and Neptune are standing still in the sky, everything that trines Saturn from Gemini also squares Neptune in Pisces right around the same time as these outer planetary giants have transited to similar degrees of their respective signs. However, Venus’ square to Neptune is a slightly more cohesive energy than other squares as it brings feelings of dreamy romance and high idealism.

If you are married or partnered, with these combined energies you may find this to be a very blissful and romantic period, one that leaves you feeling deeply satisfied and in love. For others, this would be a beautiful time to embark upon something creative or spiritual as this energy is deeply imaginative and poetic. Venus’ trine to Saturn imbues not only longevity, but financial success if that applies.



Full Moon at 21° of Capricorn

Exact on July 13th, 2022 at 12:37pm MDT

Most active from July 8th through July 18th, 2022

Capricorn energy shifts our focus and energy to our career, our ambitions, our status in the world, our legacy and public reputation. Capricorn is the energy of the provider and authority and with the moon through this sign we are reminded of our duty, of what we have come here to accomplish and leave behind for generations yet to come.

This Full Moon in Capricorn is quite BEAUTIFUL, and although in its detriment, this looks to be an intense period of manifestation and for reaping what we have previously sown. The Capricorn Full Moon is occurring in a conjunction to Pluto and trine to the North Node and Uranus in Taurus indicating that this is not only a time when we may see surprisingly quick culmination for what was seeded at the Cancer New Moon, but this is also likely to be a time when we may see a powerful and shocking level of success from what was initiated by fate throughout the recent eclipse season.

At the time of the Capricorn Full Moon we have a beautiful water trine as well between the Sun in Cancer, the South Node in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. Frankly, this is pure magic! Intuitive and creative, spiritual and psychic. This is a period of time when it may seem as through we are in perfect alignment with the Universe, feeling inspired and seeing signs that we are on our path.



Mercury Cazimi at 24° of Cancer

Exact on July 16th, 2022 at 1:38pm MDT

Most active 2 hours before and after exactitude 

Mercury is finally set to pass the Sun, and with that, move through its Cazimi, a period of time when Mercury’s energies are said to be elevated and at “the Seat of the Sun.” Throughout Mercury’s very brief Cazimi, Mercurial tasks are imbued with a blessing from the Sun.

This is a brilliant time to spend in deep reflection, especially in the reflective sign of Cancer. However, this would also be an ideal period for important heartfelt and emotional conversation or imaginative or poetic writing. Intuition is sure to be heightened as well, so whatever insights come to you during the Cazimi, make sure to follow them.



Venus Enters Cancer

Exact on July 17th, 2022 at 7:32pm MDT

Active from July 17th through August 11th, 2022

Venus enters the romantic and intuitive sign of Cancer today, bringing a deeply sensitive nature to the planet of love and relationships. Those with this placement need security and reassurance from their partners and in return are highly loyal and committed in love. Venus in Cancer is incredibly devoted and nurturing in partnership and you’ll often find those with this placement doing domestic things like cooking or cleaning for their loved ones as well as snuggling under layers of cozy blankets.

This transit is going to be relatively peaceful for Venus as she makes agreeable contact with the Lunar Nodes and the other planets throughout this period. However, Venus will square Jupiter and oppose Pluto from this sign and both of these energies will intensify Venus in Cancer’s soothing nature into something that is a little more wild and passionate!



Mercury Oppose Pluto from Cancer to Capricorn

Exact on July 18th, 2022 at 1:01 am MDT

Most active from July 16th through July 20th, 2022

Mercury opposite Pluto is an insightful and highly focused energy and those with this placement are excellent researchers due to their intense focus, penetrating mind combined with a deep need for getting to truth.

From Cancer to Capricorn, this transit may reveal an emotional truth that challenges our personal sense of power in some way. The good thing is that this energy is incredibly discerning, and with Mercury in Cancer, our intuition is on point. It’s likely telling us that we need to delve a little deeper than what is at surface level at this time.



Mercury Enters Leo

Exact on July 19th, 2022 at 6:35am MDT

Active July 19th through August 3rd, 2022

Mercury in the gregarious sign of Leo is a master story teller, a boisterous speaker and can make a brilliant performer. People with this placement love talking and communicating in BIG, heartfelt and theatrical ways! This is also a really great placement for leadership, mental confidence, a warm sense of humor and a need to express oneself with a little bit (or a lot) of flair.

Mercury is going to make some rather dicey connections while in the sign Leo, including a square to the Lunar Nodes, a square to Uranus and Mars in Taurus and an intense opposition to Saturn in Aquarius. Fixed signs and those with prominent Virgo or Gemini will likely face a number of frustrating obstacles throughout this transit.

However, Mercury is moving pretty quickly and soon enough it will be in its home sign of Virgo where things will move a lot more efficiently. Throughout this time try to find a deeper meaning or purpose behind the obstacles that arise. With Mercury in Leo, our thinking can become too grandiose and it  may be that we overlooking important details.



Sun Opposite Pluto from Cancer to Capricorn

Exact on July 19th, 2022 at 7:38pm MDT

Most active July 17th through July 21st, 2022

Before the Sun can move into Leo, its fiery domain, it’s makes an intense opposition to Pluto in Capricorn! The Sun opposite Pluto brings to light some kind of a power imbalance in our lives and draws to the surface any deep or hidden fears that can cause an intense feeling of powerlessness. For others, it can expose where we have become too controlling in our lives.

Hard aspects to Pluto can feel very illuminating yet all-consuming and throughout this intensely emotional, but brief transit it may be beneficial to remove yourself from triggering situations in order to go inward, self-reflect and transmute energies or beliefs that no longer serve you.

​It's important to note that Mercury is combust and moving alongside the Sun throughout this time bringing an additional layer of potency to this energy that can have you acutely focused on the deeper issues in your life.


Sun Enters Leo

Exact on July 22nd, 2022 at 2:07pm MDT

Active July 22nd through August 22nd, 2022

Happy Leo season and happy birthday to the Leo readers out there! The Sun in Leo is always a welcome transit as the qualities of the Sun are able to be fully expressed in this sign known for its warmth, generosity, confidence and leadership qualities. This is also the sign of fun, play, passion and creative self expression. People with the Sun in Leo tend to have a larger-than-life quality about them and you'll often find these people in the performing arts or pursuing something else creative that allows them to be seen and recognized for their talents.

The Sun’s transit through Leo is going to activate once more the intense energies facing off in the Fixed signs this year—Uranus in Taurus, the Lunar Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio, and of course, Saturn in Aquarius. Towards the end of this transit the Sun will be forming a Fixed Grand Cross with these energies and it is likely that this will present some kind of crisis having to do with our sense of stability, considering it is the Fixed energies which are very much about stability as well as growing and maintaining what has been previously set in motion.

These are intense times and no doubt many of us are feeling quite overwhelmed, doubtful and maybe even downright afraid for what the future has in store, but something we can all learn and take away from the Sun in Leo is to use our hearts for guidance and to never lose confidence in ourselves or what our soul’s have come here to express.



Venus Square Jupiter from Cancer to Aries

Exact on July 25th, 2022 at 12:13am MDT

Most active from July 23rd through July 27th, 2022

Venus square Jupiter is a feel-good, fun, extravagant and indulgent energy and those with this placement are always up for a little (or a lot of) fun! This transit comes at a very precarious time, so make sure to you use caution as we move toward the very intense Leo New Moon as Mercury squares the feisty combination of Mars, Uranus and the North Node in Taurus and continues activating the Grand Fixed cross with the South Node in Scorpio and Saturn in Aquarius.

The thing about Venus square Jupiter is that it is an energy of excess, and this could be a time when we are excessively optimistic when our circumstances call for a little more caution. It could be an energy that makes us want to indulge in decadent foods or spend money on something we don’t really need or even really want! It’s more that we feel we can with Venus square Jupiter and that’s the trouble.

The energies throughout this period are incredibly challenging and so the best way to use the energy of Venus square Jupiter is to get out of our heads a little bit and allow ourselves to still have fun. Remember to play, despite the seriousness of whatever else may occurring around you, but be mindful to keep it in check and not overdo so much that you’ll later regret it.



Mercury Square Mars from Leo to Taurus

Exact on July 26th, 2022 at 1:13pm MDT

Most active from July 24th through July 28th, 2022

There’s no real easy way to put this: Mercury square Mars brings conflict. Mars in hard aspect to Mercury causes a mental sharpness and speed as well as a harsh edge to words. Those born with this placement make excellent lawyers and social activists or really any other avenue that allows them to advocate for something meaningful and via healthy outlets.

However, for the rest of this is an energy that can cause us to feel really frustrated, easily triggered and throughout this time we may find ourselves on the offensive almost as if we are looking for conflict. Leo and Taurus can both be VERY stubborn energies and so perhaps this is a time when you find yourself in a battle of wills. The thing is, there is a LOT of tension occurring in everyone’s life right now and lots of people may feel at their wits end. Many of us may find ourselves without a filter, saying things we don’t actually mean.

One of the many gifts of astrology is, of course, that forewarned is forearmed. Use your knowledge of this energy to be proactive in some way and do what need to do in order to avoid unnecessary conflict.



New Moon at  of Leo

Exact on July 28th, 2022 at 11:55am MDT

Most active from July 23rd through August 3rd, 2022

This New Moon in Leo is initiating tremendous change and bringing new beginnings via a period of crisis and challenge! At the time of this New Moon we find ourselves in the midst of a Fixed Grand Cross between Mercury in Leo, Saturn in Aquarius, the Lunar Nodes in Taurus in Scorpio and and Mars and Uranus conjunct in Taurus! This is INTENSE and it is an incredibly powerful energy of frustration and conflict.

The really interesting thing about this New Moon is that there is a blessing within and while we most certainly are inspired to change something in our lives due to some frustrating level of dissatisfaction, there is powerful assistance at this New Moon to assure that whatever path we embark on at this time, there is a way if we continue to follow our heart. Jupiter in Aries is stationing retrograde on the same day and is in a close trine to the New Moon in Leo. Jupiter’s energy is amplified at this time and this is a symbolic, telling us that whatever is set in motion under this New Moon, is blessed, despite the challenge.

The energy of the Fixed Grand Cross is not one to be feared, but rather to be seen for the tremendous potential that it holds. Squares in astrology are the challenge we need for growth, the pressure we need sometimes in order to take action. We mustn’t forget that it is immense pressure that creates the rare diamond. Squares within the Fixed signs show us what we are holding onto too tightly, being too stubborn or rigid and where we must release our fear and embrace something new.

The New Moon in Leo is a time when we can get to the heart of who we are and begin moving in a direction that feels more authentic to our soul.



Jupiter Stations Retrograde 8° Aries

Exact on July 28th, 2022 at 2:37pm MDT

Active from July 28th through November 23rd, 2022

Jupiter stationing retrograde in Aries is highlighted by the energy of the challenging New Moon in Leo. As a planet stations, its energies become more palpable and with Jupiter, this is an energy of hope, inspiration and excitement at a time when things may feel otherwise quite pressurized.

Jupiter in retrograde is an energy of inner expansion and in the sign of Aries, this is a period of time when we find ourselves pondering who we really are and what we really want to be on the inside, versus our focus being on our outward expansion as Jupiter does in forward motion.

Throughout Jupiter’s 4 month retrograde, Jupiter will dip back into its home sign of Pisces giving us one last taste of the blessings it brought earlier this year. Jupiter will reach 28 degrees of Pisces, the same degree where it met with Venus on the day of the New Moon and Total Solar eclipse in Taurus on April 30th, 2022.

The Solar Eclipse in Taurus was incredibly auspicious because of the Jupiter Venus conjunction in Pisces, a sign that these two Beneic planets both love to be. Coming back to the place where it was on that day tells us that there’s something more to come with this important event. Look to 27-28 degrees of Pisces in your chart and think back to the April 30th Solar Eclipse. It may give you some clues as to what you can experience through this retrograde.



North Node Conjunct Uranus 18° of Taurus

Exact on July 31st, 2022 at 2:04pm MDT

Most active from July 3rd through September 10th, 2022

This is one of, if not the MOST, important transits of the year! The North Node moves us in the direction of our fate and future and today it finally activates Uranus which has been transiting Taurus since 2018 and bringing its chaos in order to awaken us to where our lives have stuck, stale, stagnant or boring!

The North Node finally meeting Uranus is setting something in motion that is a long time coming! This is a shock and awe energy that can catch you off guard, even for those of us who follow the astrology and know that this is happening! Uranus is not a planet that anyone can ever really predict and so all we can do throughout this time is remain vigilant and ready to pivot at moments notice, knowing that destiny is leading the way!

On a global scale, this rare transit tends to mark a shift in our relationship with technology! Being that this occurs in Taurus this is likely to be a shift in technology involving our food, climate and/or money!

An auspicious sign occurring alongside this energy is the Sun in Leo trine Jupiter in Aries. This is important to make note of as it indicated that whatever shakeups come about as a result of Uranus conjunct the North Node, we are simultaneously experiencing a bit of luck or a blessing of some kind.



Sun Trine Jupiter 8° from Leo to Aries

Exact on July 31st, 2022 at 4:36pm MDT

Most active July 29th through August 2nd, 2022

Just a few days after the intense New Moon in Leo, the Sun reaches an exact trine to Jupiter! This is great energy that brings a feeling of hope, optimism and LUCK! For many, this transit will be just the positive sign that is needed to push through with the challenges we have been experiencing under the wild Fixed Grand Cross energies.

It’s important to note that this occurs on the same exact day that the North Node conjuncts Uranus in Taurus! These energies don’t aspect each other directly, but they are still connected in some way. Whatever comes up, it is important to know that it is blessed and it is ok to be hopeful!