Cosmic Insights


cosmic insight Jan 11, 2020

Pluto transits are by far some of the most intimidating influences in astrology. Both novice and seasoned astrologers alike tend to freak out a bit when they see, let’s say, an upcoming square from transiting Pluto to their natal Moon—and these fears are certainly warranted! Pluto is the planet that requires that we face our demons, do the deep inner work, and that we must let go of things we may have grown incredibly attached to! That being said, there are many empowering benefits to undergoing a hard Pluto transit as well! Pluto always asks us to go through a period of deep soul-searching in order to uncover our deepest desires. Once we’ve faced our inner truth and have taken a hard look at the unhealthy psychological and emotional attachments we’ve developed toward people, material possessions, bad habits, career paths, and beliefs, EVERYTHING that isn’t in alignment with what we want for ourselves on the deepest, purest level HAS to go! Holding on to that which no longer serves us becomes completely unbearable during transits from Pluto to our natal placements, but, due to the extreme emotional and psychological connections we’ve formed to the circumstances of our lives, the need to surrender often catalyzes a very personal psychological crisis that even those closest to us may not fully understand. THIS is where the suffering occurs during these powerful and transformative periods in our lives. 

Because 2020 will be marked by some intense Pluto action, I decided to create a short list of “Do’s” and Don’ts” to help you navigate the energy of Pluto in your own life! 



DO turn inward to discover what you’re deeply passionate about and what you truly desire for yourself.

DON’T avoid doing the deep, inner work.

DO actively surrender anything in your life that no longer holds true meaning or value.

DON’T attempt to hold on to things you know deep down are toxic or no longer useful to you.

DO seek out help from seasoned professionals if you’re feeling overwhelmed—including spiritual guides, psychological counselors, and therapists of any kind. 

DON’T attempt to stick it out and navigate this energy alone—especially if you’re feeling triggered or traumatized by the impact of the transit.

DO work on relinquishing control over the situations unfolding in your life.

DON’T try to micromanage, over plan, or control everything that’s occurring in your life right now—this truly won’t be possible to do during an intense Pluto transit. SURRENDER is key!

DO understand that this experience has an expiration date and that this too shall pass. 

DON’T worry that the difficulties you’re facing will last forever. 

DO feel empowered to let go of toxic situations in your life to replace them with new energy that’s truly in alignment with your deepest desires.

DON’T be afraid to let go of that which no longer serves you. Trust that what you’re being called to let go of will be replaced with something MUCH better for you!


On a psychological level, Pluto transits can feel quite intense and can be very difficult to handle. There can be a lot of fear around the transformation that’s occurring in your life, but that doesn’t always mean that anything physical will be lost. Often times, the difficulties you’ll be facing are purely emotional, psychological, and very personal to you. This can bring up a lot of latent fear, especially related to past experiences that were traumatic or psychologically challenging in some way. Now is one of the best times to work on transforming those experiences, healing from the past, and becoming truly empowered by facing your fears head-on!