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cosmic insight Apr 12, 2019


Pluto’s conjunction to Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn represents a deeply karmic period of time in which the entire fate of our society will be irreversibly altered. As corruption within our governing bodies continues to be exposed, and the military-industrial-medical-educational complex becomes increasingly undermined by the free dissemination of information via the internet, the oppressive forces within the corporatocracy will continue to tighten the reigns out of sheer desperation in an attempt to maintain order and control over the masses. Pluto’s role in this mix is to expose deep, hidden truths underlying the driving forces that provide the structure and foundation for both the official and unspoken rules we, as a society, abide by. Within Capricornian institutions such as the governments and corporations, lies, corruption, greed, and abuse of power will be exposed. The governing bodies as we know them today will undergo a major restructuring on all levels. The events of this time period will have aftereffects that will last anywhere from several years to several centuries. What occurs throughout this time is hugely important as the influence of this very rare transit is sure to alter the course of human history. 

The last time Saturn and Pluto came into conjunction was in 1517/1518—a period that marked the beginning of the Protestant Reformation when Martin Luther famously nailed his “95 Theses” the the door of the church in his village where he led mass as a Catholic Priest. These “theses,” as Luther called them, spoke out against corruption within the most influential governing body of the time period—the Roman Catholic Church. It was due to the more recent invention of the printing press that Martin Luther’s ideas spread and gained popularity throughout Europe. In fact, Luther’s “95 Theses” was the first popular text spread through mass media as the Bible itself wasn’t translated from Latin to be made more accessible to the layman until Martin Luther translated scripture into German and distributed it himself!

Martin Luther’s motivation was to strip a corrupt institution of it’s overarching power by popularizing the idea that the Bible, not the Pope, was the ultimate governing force, and that each individual had the power to read and interpret scripture, not just Catholic priests. This gave the common people access to divinity in the comfort of their own homes and allowed them to attain salvation without the middle man. The corrupt powers within the Catholic Hierarchy had a problem with this mindset as it undermined their authority. 

 While Martin Luther himself preached a primarily non-violent approach, the popularization of his ideas led to what can only be described as a political and spiritual revolution, resulting in several centuries of war and bloodshed on both sides of the Reformation, and in an attempt to maintain control over the masses, many Protestants who were outspoken within the movement were were burned at the stake as heretics at the hands of the Roman Catholic Church. In the end, the Protestant Reformation led to the breaking apart and restructuring of the Christian Church, with many divisions of Christianity being born out of the movement—each with their own, unique interpretation of scripture.

There are A LOT of parallels between what was occurring back then within the Catholic Church and what's occurring now within the Western corporatocracy as a strong and slow-moving conjunction between Pluto, Saturn and the South Node lingers in the sky. With the advent of the internet, information of all kinds is accessible to the masses to interpret and utilize to make decisions about our personal lives that fall far outside of what those in positions of power and authority would like us to do. Individuals with enough education to read and critically analyze peer-reviewed research are accessing information that, only a couple of decades ago, was only made accessible to graduate students and designated “experts” within various professional fields. This is causing a massive divergence from the traditional medical model as the authority of medical doctors and others within the corporate-run medical industry is being undermined by the free availability of medical research via the internet. This is merely one example of many in which scientific dogma is being challenged in such a way.

In terms of government authority, this too is being undermined as heinous military war crimes and government corruption are being exposed left-and-right via websites such as WikiLeaks. This time around, it’s WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange who is being positioned as the heretic, soon to be burned at the stake. Beyond Wikileaks, there has been a HUGE crackdown on free speech in social media as well as major retail and streaming websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Amazon, Netflix, and even Etsy scramble to remove any and all content that challenges the government’s stance on everything from vaccine science to popular political opinion. And, to think, this is only the beginning.

The energy of this long-lived conjunction will come to a head in January 2020, when the conjunction between Saturn and Pluto officially comes exact. This coincides with the timing of “Eclipse Season,” with the South Node in Capricorn being highlighted in the biggest way possible. If you think things are getting crazy now, just you wait!

The positive side of this influence is the ultimate restructuring of our society at large. As corporate and government corruption continues to be exposed, the average person is very quickly waking up to what’s taken place. There are few in this day-and-age who will deny that corruption and greed within the prevailing governing bodies is an issue, and nearly everyone wishes something could be done about it. Now is a time when, as a society, we need to begin taking responsibility for our role in creating these structures either through enabling or active participation. Now is a time, with Pluto in the mix, to take back our individual and collective power and to work hard to deconstruct AND reconstruct the oppressive, restrictive forces in our lives that have stripped us of control. It’s absolutely possible to make a positive impact and change society for the better, but it won’t come easily. Saturn requires disciplined hard work and perseverance and change come slowly in the Saturn-ruled sign of Capricorn—it’s going to take time. 


On a more personal level, Saturn’s conjunction to Pluto and the South Node (and the upcoming alignments with Saturn/Pluto and the eclipses) indicates an area in life where we’ll be feeling oppressed and burdened by the structures and responsibilities in our lives that have left us feeling disempowered. This could take the form of a work situation with a cruel, authoritarian boss whom you can no longer tolerate, or a heavy financial burden in which a partner or institution is controlling your behavior via the threat of loss of financial comfort and security. The way this energy plays out for each of us individually is quite personal, and working to release these oppressive energies and restructure the areas of life being impacted can feel like an impossible, uphill battle. Luckily, with Pluto in the mix we’re all much more likely to stay the course as Pluto brings a laser-focused, almost obsessive energy into the disciplined, hard-work being put in toward our goals for a better foundation for greater freedom in the future. Now is a time when we can shed our old skin and empower ourselves to take back control of our own lives in a BIG way.