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September 2022 Astro-Highlights: A Rewarding Respite!

Aug 31, 2022

September marks a rewarding respite from the chaotic energies of the last few months! It is in September that we may begins seeing the initial results of the changes we have been making throughout this challenging year. This is not to say there aren’t more challenges ahead because we are by no means out of the woods, but this is definitely a time of opportunity, growth and harmonious rebalancing that gives us the motivation to continue forward!

September begins with an inspiring energy of opportunity and luck with Mars in Gemini Sextile to Jupiter in Aries! This energy is quickly followed by the first optimistic pass of soon-to-turn-retrograde Mercury in Libra opposite Jupiter. These energies may present opportunities that  are sure to light us up!

Venus moves into Virgo, the sign of her fall, however,  this is another transit of mostly positive aspects which will help us in practical ways, such as building toward our romantic and financial future. Mercury will station retrograde this month in Libra and move back into Virgo. While we will experience the typical Mercury Retrograde annoyances, this transit is another fairly positive one that will help us to restructure and rebalance our lives in a multitude of ways.

The Pisces Full Moon is magical as always and this one is no exception as the Sun and Moon make harmonious aspects to Uranus and the North Node, assisting us in our long-term quests for more freedom.

Things get a little bumpy in the middle of the month with a potentially anxious square from Venus in Virgo to Mars in Gemini. Be mindful of thoughts throughout this time and be especially mindful of your words as they have the potential to create friction in your relationships!

From there we’ll experience more harmonious and helpful energy with the Sun trine Pluto and Venus trine Uranus. This is a beautiful time to dig deep and think about the things you need in your life to feel more fulfilled and lit up! We then move through the Autumn Equinox and enter the harmonious season of Libra. This year the Sun enters Libra on the same day as the Mercury Cazimi, bringing powerful clarity and insight on the relationship front.

The final few days of September bring us beautiful energies surrounding the ROMANTIC Libra New Moon! Venus conjuncts intellectual Mercury, opposes dreamy Neptune and trines steamy Pluto, bringing all our thoughts and energy to LOVE!

Intense FOCUS is the name of the game at the end the month with retrograde Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto for the second pass AND a much needed trine from Mars in Gemini to Saturn in Aquarius! This is a beautiful time for taking action on any newly refined goals.

The month ends with Venus moving into her home sign of Libra, a much anticipated transit each year as it softens our energies and brings our focus back cooperation!

This month gives us a beautiful glimpse of where our lives are headed, but it is not a time to rest on our laurels! ENJOY the more harmonious energies, rest and recharge as needed, but take advantage of the moment by continuing to plan for the future!


Energy most positive for Sun/Moon/Rising in:Aries, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Pisces

Mixed energy for Sun/Moon/Rising in:  Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Maximum intensity for Sun/Moon Rising in:Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Aquarius



September 1st, 2022: Mars Sextile Jupiter from Gemini to Aries

September 2nd, 2022: Mercury Opposite Jupiter from Libra to Aries

September 4th, 2022: Venus Enters Virgo

September 9th, 2022: Mercury Stations Retrograde at 9° Libra

September 10th, 2022: Full Moon at 18° of Pisces

September 11th, 2022: Sun Trine Uranus from Virgo to Taurus

September 16th, 2022: Venus Square Mars from Virgo to Gemini

September 18th, 2022: Sun Trine Pluto from Virgo to Capricorn

September 19th, 2022: Venus Trine Uranus from Virgo to Taurus

September 22nd, 2022: Sun Enters Libra/Autumn Equinox

September 22nd, 2022: Mercury Rx Cazimi at 0° of Libra

September 24th, 2022: Venus Opposite Neptune from Virgo to Pisces

September 25th, 2022: New Moon in at 2° of Libra

September 25th, 2022: Venus Trine Pluto from Virgo to Capricorn

September 26th, 2022: Mercury Conjunct Venus in Virgo

September 27th, 2022: Mercury Trine Pluto from Virgo to Capricorn

September 27th, 2022: Mars Trine Saturn from Gemini to Aquarius

September 29th, 2022: Venus Enters Libra




Mars Sextile Jupiter from Gemini to Aries

September 1st, 2022 at 5:52am MDT

Most active from August 28th through September 3rd, 2022

Mars in Gemini sextile Jupiter in Aries is an energy of leadership and strength along with the courage and initiative it takes to go after your passions. This transit kicks off the month of September, marking a much more positive shift in the energies! Mars in Gemini has passion for a lot of things and during this transit opportunities may open up in multiple areas of your life, however its important to note that these are masculine energies which indicate that you must take ACTION.

Those who have this placement in their natal charts emit a natural confidence and charisma. They tend to be successful due to a strong belief in themselves and their ability to accomplish whatever they set their sights upon achieving. The involvement of Jupiter brings a degree of luck and these people may find that so long as they don’t push their luck, they will always reach their goals.

This is a lovely energy to harness if you’ve been waiting to go after a particular pursuit. Sextiles are an energy of opportunity, but they do require action! Equally, if something opens up for you at this time, this is your sign to take action on it before it passes you by!




Mercury Opposite Jupiter from Libra to Aries

Exact on September 2nd, 2022 at 7:49pm MDT

Most active from August 31st through September 4th, 2022

Mercury opposite Jupiter is an energy that can bring big ideas and even bigger ideals. This energy will likely feel very optimistic, however the challenge here is we could be overly optimistic throughout this transit while missing important details.

Those with Mercury opposite Jupiter in the birth chart are navigating an inner tension between being able to see “the big picture” of their lives and the actual practical steps to take in order to get there. There can be a tendency to set your expectations too high with Mercury opposite Jupiter and wind up feeling let down too due impractical or unrealistic ideas.

Mercury opposite Jupiter is typically a quick transit, however what’s unique about this is that Mercury will be stationing retrograde in just a few days time while still in the orb of opposition to Jupiter. It’s possible that whatever ideas are initiated under this under this energy are not as fleeting as they may otherwise be. Pay attention! This is the first of three exact passes Mercury will make to Jupiter which indicates that the ideas that come about at this time are worth paying attention to, but they’ll require a bit of revision before proceeding forward.




Venus Enters Virgo

Exact on September 4th, 2022 at 10:05pm MDT

Active from September 4th through September 29th, 2022

As Venus travels through Virgo, the sign of her fall, there can be a bit of tension with regard to these two energies. Venus shows us what we value and take pleasure in, however, in Virgo we can feel too restricted or critical when it comes to Venusian topics throughout this time.

Those with this placement tend to seek out a logical match in partnership and are attracted to intellectual connection and practicality. In relationship, Venus in Virgo can often be critical of their partner, however the intention behind this criticism is usually a desire to help their partner improve themselves. Venus in Virgo pays great attention to detail in their appearance and values good hygiene and good manners! Their attention to aesthetic detail can make Venus in Virgo natives quite skilled in design!

The good news is that Venus will make fairly pleasant connections throughout this transit and for the most part, this is a great time to work on improving your relationship by doing small practical things for the one you love. This would also be an optimal time for reviewing your financial situation and revamping the budget. However, as Venus makes a square to Mars in Gemini, there is potential for disputes to occur due to being overly critical to a partner or disorganized in your finances.




Mercury Stations Retrograde at 9° of Libra

Exact on September 9th at 9:38pm MDT

Active from September 9th through October 2nd, 2022

It’s time for Mercury to turn retrograde again, but this time, it actually looks really beautiful! Mercury retrogrades get a bad rap and it’s unfortunate because they signify a time for slowing down a bit, and taking the time to review and revise what has already been done.

This retrograde period, Mercury is going to make a series of positive connections, including oppositions to Jupiter, trines to Pluto and a conjunction to Venus! While we will still experience the typical Mercury retrograde annoyances, if we use the energy wisely, these beneficial connections indicate a period of ease and blessing with regard to something that has been initiated already.

Mercury will retrace it steps between 9° of Libra back to 24° Virgo and back again once it goes direct in October. Make note of any planets between these degrees in your chart as well as any significant events that occur throughout this time are likely to come up again!




Full Moon at 18° of Pisces

Exact on September 10th, 2022 at 3:59am MDT

Most active from September 5th through September 15th, 2022

The astrology of the last few months has been quite turbulent and it is at the Pisces Full Moon when we'll be able to gain understanding by seeing the deeper meaning of the disruptive events that have unfolded in our lives recently. Through Virgo season the Sun has had our focus tuned the details, the facts and the actual tangible steps that need to be taken in order to integrate the changes that have occurred in order to achieve our goals.

The Pisces Full Moon always has a spiritual, healing quality to it, but the helpful involvement of Uranus and Neptune at this Moon indicate a gentle, compassionate awakening that leads to deep transformative healing and integration that will allow us to move forward feeling more whole.

The Pisces Full Moon is conjunct Neptune, sextile to Uranus and the North Node in Taurus and trine the South Node in Scorpio, all of which indicates unusual or creative opportunities for deep restoration, healing and a temporary escape from our earthly burdens.

Another indicator of integration and balance is Jupiter, the traditional ruler of Pisces, in Aries opposing Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, in Libra. Mercury will have just stationed retrograde at this Full Moon, putting an emphasis on our mental health and the need for more harmony and hope. Many people have been feeling worn down by the stressors of life lately, but the energy of Jupiter and Mercury in opposition is just the medicine the doctor ordered—one of optimism, hope and faith.

At the Pisces Full Moon, our challenges will still be ongoing, BUT it is here that we can see their purpose. It is here that we can see the light and we can allow ourselves to begin releasing the shackles that have kept us feeling like we are lost at sea for far too long.




Sun Trine Uranus from Virgo to Taurus

Exact on September 11th, 2022 at 7:09am MDT

Active from September 10th through September 12th, 2022

The Sun in Virgo trine to Uranus in Taurus is a transit that brings welcomed liberation and illumination to an area of our lives that has been experiencing major setbacks and frustrations. This transit may bring sudden breakthroughs to ongoing issues regarding health or job. Surprising twists that move you closer to your idea of personal freedom ar also possible under this transit.

Those born with their Sun trine Uranus are an eccentric and friendly bunch. When you come across someone with their Sun trine Uranus, they will stand out, but not in such a way that is abrasive or offensive. These people are just a bit quirky and they usually own it! Sun trine Uranus people can be ahead of their time and may have an innate understanding of subjects such as astrology, science and technology! They usually have their own unique perspective on the world and sometimes even seem to gain their insight from another dimension. Although Sun trine Uranus natives can be an enigma for others, it’s best to just let them do their thing because they are working with a unique type of genius not everyone is meant to understand.

This transit may inspire you test the waters and act in ways that are not conventional for you. This is a great time to get creative and allow any strange whims to guide you.




Venus Square Mars from Virgo to Gemini

Exact on September 16th, 2022 at 12:49pm MDT

Most active from September 15th through September 17th, 2022

Venus square Mars is an energy that we will all want to navigate mindfully. Venus in Virgo can be overly critical. Mars in Gemini can be harsh with words and unnecessarily contrarian. These two energies in a challenging square can spell trouble in relationships if not channeled in a healthy way. Passions run high while Venus is in square to Mars, which can lead to intense sexual attraction, however it can just as easily come out in the form of intense conflict.

Those born with Venus square Mars are hot-blooded by nature and exist with their physical energies running higher than most, which can present a challenge in their interpersonal relationships. They have a magnetic sexual attractiveness, but can easily erupt in frustration and anger, creating a dynamic in relationship that feels like a roller coaster.  However, these people are highly creative and must learn temper their intensity by channeling it in healthy ways, such as vigorous physical activity or an equally passionate sexual partner.

As we move through this transit, take care not to let little annoyances with your partner become big annoyances for it won’t go well under this energy. Because we’re dealing with the physical energies of Mars and Venus in two very mental signs, Gemini and Virgo, anxiety may be high in the body and using physical exertion is a good way to get of our heads.




Sun Trine Pluto from Virgo to Capricorn

Exact on September 18th, 2022 at 9:58pm MDT

Most active from September 17th through September 19th, 2022

If you’ve been making big changes to your life, this is a powerful transit that can bring deep realizations and illumination of just how far you’ve come in the process of your personal transformation. Pluto has a magnetic quality and when in positive connection to the Sun in Virgo, this energy can give tremendous power that allows one to be seen and have positive influence that inspires others to work hard and to be of service.

Those born with the Sun trine Pluto make mysterious and attractive leaders. They simply need to set their minds to what they want and they are able to magnetize everything they need to them very easily, including other people. They can be adept at understanding occult sciences as well as psychology and research. The involvement of Pluto with the Sun means that these people will experience transformations to their ego throughout their lifetime, however, because it is a trine,  they are more likely to initiate their transformations rather than having it forced upon them due to outside circumstances.

Mercury retrograde is in opposition to Jupiter and occurring alongside this energy. A great use of these combined transits is to spend time deeply reflecting upon your goals and sense of purpose as they relate to your current beliefs. It may be time to revise your plans in order to incorporate any new goals.




Venus Trine Uranus from Virgo to Taurus

Exact on September 19th, 2022 at 10:44pm MDT

Most active from September 18th through September 20th, 2022

Venus trine Uranus is a very exciting and liberating influence. The influence of Virgo and Taurus indicate this is a liberating influence in a very tangible way. If you’ve been working to create a new and innovative income stream, this could be a period of time when you start to feel the reward from that. Sudden positive changes to your relationship or financial status could come about under Venus trine Uranus as well. If you’re single, you could meet someone out of the blue. If you’re in committed partnership, you may find that you and your partner align your values in a new and unique way.

Those born with this placement have a fun and quirky way of relating to others. They tend to find committed partnerships where friendship is central to the connection as well as a sense of individuality and freedom within the relationship. These individuals are highly creative and cannot live in such a way that restricts their creativity.

During this transit, we may find that we just want to switch things up somehow and break free from our normal routines. It’s a good time to get out and about because it’s very possible to meet new and interesting people that change your life for the better.




Sun Enters Libra/Autumn Equinox

Exact on September 22nd, 2022 at 7:04pm MDT

Active from September 22nd through October 23rd, 2022

Happy Libra season and Happy Solar Return to the Libras out there! Libra marks the Autumn Equinox here in the Northern Hemisphere, a time when the symbolic light of the Sun is balanced between night and day. Libra is the Cardinal Air sign of the zodiac, ruled by Venus, which makes this a pleasant and social energy that brings our attention to our relationships!

Those with their Sun in Libra value harmony above all else. They have an innate ability to put themselves in the shoes of others, which makes them very understanding and willing to find fairness in situations. Libras don’t get so easily angered, although they will stick up for justice and equality for all. The influence of Venus can be felt in the Libra’s calm demeanor, natural charm, classic beauty and cooperative nature. Libras have a special need for partnership, much like the other air signs who learn most about themselves through the reflection of others, Libras learn about themselves through partnership and close one one one connections.

This Libra season, the Sun makes harmonious connections to Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius. Additionally, Venus will enter the "Heart of the Sun" and go Cazimi on the very last day of Libra! The focus is very much on our relationships and establishing calm and equilibrium before we get to a LIFE-CHANGING Scorpio season!




Mercury Cazimi at 0° of Libra

Exact on September 23rd, 2022 at 12:50am MDT

Most active 2 hours before and after exactitude

Mercury makes its inferior conjunction to the Sun at 0° Libra. Mercury Cazimi is an exact conjunction to the Sun, but rather than being combust (when Mercury’s qualities are “burned” by the energy of the Sun,) the Cazimi period is a narrow window when Mercury is said to be at the Heart of the Sun and its qualities are strengthened by the Sun’s light.

Mercury Cazimi is a good time to spend in contemplation and being open to gaining insight into anything that has been troubling our minds or causing doubt and confusion. In Libra, we can gain clarity with regard to our relationships, important agreements we have made, or contracts waiting to be signed.




Venus Opposite Neptune from Virgo to Pisces

Exact on September 24th at 2:51am MDT

Most active from September 23rd through September 25th, 2022

On a positive note, the transit of Venus opposite Neptune brings a knack for creativity and a love for fantasy. Venus/Neptune energy is mystical beauty, glamour and romance. However, when Neptune is involved in a hard angle like an opposition, you can trust that things are not what they seem. Venus in Virgo can strive for perfection while an opposition to Neptune can yearn for the ideal. Neither is very attainable and this can leave us feeling let down by others or not being good in ourselves.

Those born with this placement are navigating a deep yearning for a soulmate, to connect on a spiritual level, but often have to work on their expectations in order to maintain a relationship. Money can come and go for these people. On the one hand, they are adept at visualization and creation, but on the flip side, their money can slip through their hands like water as these people can be overly optimistic and tend to overspend. Venus opposite Neptune people are deeply compassionate lovers and make beautiful artists too. Staying grounded and managing romantic and financial expectations is key anytime Venus and Neptune are together.

Use the energy of this transit to connect more deeply with a partner or to create something poetic and beautiful. Just be mindful that anyone you meet throughout this time may not be who they initially seem. Stay grounded and try not to idealize a person or an important purchase too much.




New Moon at 2° of Libra

Exact on September 25th, 2022 at 3:54pm MDT

Most active from September 20th through September 30th, 2022

Love is in the air at the Libra New Moon! This New Moon looks like a PASSIONATE and creative new beginning in LOVE! For those already in relationship, this could be a very inspiring and rewarding time for you. For those who are single, this may be a time when you can meet someone who absolutely sweeps you off your feet. There is a lot going on at the Libra New Moon that will give a sort of dreamy romantic quality to it.

This Moon occurs opposite Jupiter Rx in Aries which will be amping up our passions and physical energy a great deal. Jupiter opposite the New Moon is going to FEEL good and FEEL positive, no matter what is actually going on. This is a lovely energy to be enjoyed and inspired by, but be mindful of your expectations. Luckily Libra is all about balance and the supporting energy is there to help with keeping practical as well.

Venus, the dispositor of the New Moon is quite busy! Venus in Virgo is leaving is coming into conjunction with retrograde Mercury in Virgo while opposing Neptune in Pisces and trining Pluto in Capricorn! Venus trine Pluto is sexually charged and PASSIONATE while the energy of Venus opposite Neptune adds to the element of fantasy, creativity and romance. With retrograde Mercury in the mix, our minds could be swirling in a very nice way. The good thing is that the influence of Virgo will help us not get lost in a dream or too carried away.

Overall this New Moon looks like a beautiful time to set the intention for a fresh start in relationships. If things have been strained on the relationship front, the Libra New Moon is a beautiful reset that at the very least, can help you believe in love again!




Mercury Conjunct Venus at 26° of Virgo

Exact on September 26th, 2022 at 11:59am MDT

Most active from September 25th through September 27th, 2022

This is a brief, but lovely transit adding to the beautiful energy of  the New Moon in Libra. Mercury conjunct Venus puts our thoughts on love, brings a peaceful feeling to the mind and cooperative nature to how we are expressing ourselves. In Virgo, these energies are about what is practical within our relationships as we move forward. There are multiple energies happening throughout the next couple of days that are contributing to a feeling of hope and talks of building the future with someone.

Those born with this placement just know how to talk to people. They are typically very gracious and likable because they are able understand the perspective of other people and communicate in a way that is charming, balanced and calm. Venus with Mercury makes the voice soft and typically, these people have a melodic or musical way of speaking. They make excellent artists, writers, singers, speakers and poets, too, for they have the ability to paint a picture with their words.




Mercury Trine Pluto from Virgo to Capricorn

Exact on September 27th, 2022 at 6:56am MDT

Most active from September 26th through September 28th, 2022

The energy of Mercury trine Pluto throughout the next few days is very helpful in grounding what may otherwise be a lot of talk and no action. Mercury trine Pluto is very discerning and helps us to know precisely what we want and how to go about attaining it. It brings intense depth to our conversations and thoughts. In the Earth signs of Virgo and Capricorn, this gives magnetic power to our thoughts and the ability to tangibly create that which we’ve set our mind to!

Those who have this placement in their birth chart are incredibly focused with a knack for research,  or studying deep topics or occult topics such as astrology. They don’t do small talk very well, but they are excellent listeners. Mercury trine Pluto natives are highly observant and make excellent detectives as well. The blessing of this potent placement is knowing precisely how to direct one’s willpower!




Mars Trine Saturn from Gemini to Aquarius

Exact on September 27th, 2022 at 11:48pm MDT

Active from September 25th through September 29th, 2022

Mars trine Saturn is all about strategy! We are still working with the influence of a very positive and hopeful Libra New Moon energy. The energy of Mars trine Saturn combined with Mercury's trine to Pluto is giving momentum and longevity to whatever we have set our sights on throughout this time. Mars trine Saturn gives physical energy and passion while Saturn gives powerful determination and stamina for the long haul. If you’ve been working with Mars in Gemini to help to cut out what no longer serves your passion moving forward, this is a period of time when you may feel very focused on the goals you have refined.

Those who have this placement in their birth chart are usually quite successful because they have passion and sustained ambition it takes to keep going. Mars trine Saturn people don’t give up because they know the power of patience, discernment and hard work. These people tend to make great bosses because while they do have an air of authority, they are able to understand what gets others motivated.




Venus Enters Libra

Exact on September 29th, 2022 at 1:49am MDT

Active from September 29th through October 23rd, 2022

Venusian matters gets a big boost today as Venus enters her home sign of Libra. Venus in Libra reignites our sense of commitment to another person and brings the romance back into our relationships! This transit of Venus through Libra will feel especially nice due to mostly positive connections throughout this time, including trines to Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius and an opposition to Jupiter in Aries. Throughout this transit we will be focused on mutual benefit on our close connection, which naturally makes negotiations between partners or friends much more harmonious. 

Those born with Venus in Libra value beauty, balance and harmony in relationships! This placement appreciates reciprocity in relationships and does their best to create a fair and cooperative partnership. Venus in Libra natives are excellent at noticing what their partners love and giving that to them, however they may struggle to directly express what they want from their partner. Instead they will demonstrate it by treating their partner how they wish to be treated!