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The Chart Ruler Represents YOU!

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Did you know the planet that rules your ascendant sign can describe your personality, life path, and more?


Because this planet in your chart, known as the Chart Ruler, is the most representative of YOU! If you aim to make accurate astrological predictions and interpretations, a solid understanding of your Chart Ruler is crucial.

You're likely already aware of the importance of your ascendant sign in astrology, which represents the lens through which you view the world and the lens through which you are perceived. It describes your personality, physical body, and mannerisms. The ascendant sign also shows how you orient yourself in the world and your major life themes and goals.

The Chart Ruler gives further context about who you are based upon its sign placement, house placement, and aspects it makes! You'll notice that transits or progressions to the Chart Ruler impact you more than other planets in your chart!

The house placement of the Chart Ruler, in particular, can show an area of life that will have an extra focus and meaning for you!

Want to learn more about YOUR Chart Ruler and what it signifies in each of the 12 Houses? Click the video below!


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