Cosmic Insights


cosmic insight Nov 09, 2016

You think you have it all figured out, but you don’t. You think you can fully see “behind the veil,” but you can't. Right now, none of us can see things clearly enough to fully understand the Truth, and that is the nature of the South Node's conjunction to Neptune in watery, foggy Pisces.

With the South Node's conjunction to Neptune coming exact next week on November 17th, we are all being called to let go of something of immense physical value to make space for inner knowing and spiritual growth. This aspect brings many lessons, most of which will be learned the hard way as our culture tends to cling desperately all things physical. We attach ourselves the illusions of the material world as if this realm of fakery and shadows is in some way real, as if we can take it all with us— the money, relationships, ideologies, and prestige. Each day we actively choose to ignore the obvious fact that death is inevitable.

We will all go through many deaths in this lifetime and these experiences take on a variety of forms. The death of a loved one, the death of a career, a marriage, an adventure, an old paradigm— we must all move through these death experiences many, many times over throughout the course of our lives. Many of us associate these experiences with suffering and with pain, but the agony of loss is derived from our ego attachments to that which isn’t Truth, that which isn’t real, that which dissolves along with our bodies when we leave this world. In this process of surrender and death, pain and suffering are caused by holding on to something that demands letting go, something inevitable, something that’s screaming to be released so that the soul can move on to better things.

Over these past few weeks and months I’ve spent a great deal of time contemplating and studying the South Node. The South Node in Vedic astrology is known as Ketu, or the “Dragon’s Tail.” It represents a mysterious, isolated, spiritual point in our chart that dissolves physical rewards and successes in order to facilitate true nourishment and knowing on a deep, spiritual level. As the dragon’s headless body, the South Node represents an area of life that we may find confusing to navigate and are unable to resolve the issues that arise using logic, reason or discernment. In our Ketu area of life, we must navigate by becoming attuned to our own inner knowing, our emotions, and our intuitive sense. Knowing oneself at a core level is the aim of this process as navigating Ketu is designed as a journey to Self and ultimately back to God. 

Ketu conjunct Neptune brings about major disillusionment, as that which we’ve formed deep, emotional connections to in this physical reality is now being dissolved. This process teaches non-attachment which frees us from the limitations of the physical world and allows us to move forward on the path we are destined to take with greater ease. The South Node’s conjunction to Neptune is ripe with deception and we're seeing it come at us from all directions. Now is not the time to make concrete plans or decisions, as right now none of us knows the Truth in its entirety.

My best advice in navigating this conjunction is to be discerning, but not in your usual way. Now is the time to trust your inner judgment. Avoid falling prey to false narratives, false idols, chaos and confusion. It's clear that that rose colored glasses have officially been removed, now it's time to sort through the fog and the muck to find the hidden Truth that's just begging to be revealed. It may feel quite difficult to find clarity, but later on when we look back on the events of this time we’ll undoubtedly feel grateful and downright astonished when we are fully able to see and understand the meaning behind all that has been given to us, and all that has been taken away.