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💥The Lunar Nodes Transiting Natal Planets is LIFE-CHANGING!

Oct 28, 2023

There are certain transits in astrology that we KNOW will be life-changing!

One of those is the Lunar Nodes transiting natal planets!

The Lunar Nodes are mathematical calculations that determine the eclipse points and are associated with the energy of karma and FATE.
The Lunar Nodes transit a planet in your birth chart roughly every 9 years, creating an ebb and flow between the insatiable energy of the North Node and the balancing energy of the South Node.
When the North Node hits a natal planet, it creates a fated and irresistible urge to go after something completely brand new that relates to the significations of that planet!
The South Node transiting a natal planet, on the other hand, has an equalizing effect that allows us to release what longer serves us from the past and neutralize any chaos we may have created when the North Node transited the same planet 9 years prior.
The South Node conjunct a planet also allows us to tap into innate talents and wisdom that relates to the significations of the planet. 
With the Lunar Nodes having moved into Aries and Libra this year, they're activating a new house in your chart and any planets in that house. It's a good time to review what planets in your chart will be activated!

Click the video below to watch my video all about the Transiting Lunar Nodes to all 10 planets in the birth chart!