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April 2022 Astro-Highlights. Brown bull standing in a field in front of an eclipse. There are pink stars and clouds in the dark night sky.

April 2022 Astro-Highlights: Wild Ride Ahead!

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Buckle up, everyone, because the month of April is quite a bumpy ride! This month is going to be a GAME CHANGER with energy that feels hopeful, romantic, excited and even lucky, while at the same time feels completely frustrating, chaotic, and unstable! For many this month will be turning lives upside down as April kicks off the first eclipse season of 2022 with a wild New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus at the end of the month!

The first week of the month begins with the New Moon in Aries, which is the first New Moon of the astrological new year! This Aries New Moon is conjunct Chiron and Mercury and it’s going to be quite true to the nature of Aries and Chiron together–it packs a powerful punch that can hurt! The New Moon is shortly followed up by a quick dose of needed clarity and decisiveness as Mercury goes Cazimi in Aries and then quickly moves on to pass the Sun. We then have the much feared conjunction of the two Malefic planets, Mars and Saturn, in the sign of Aquarius which will no doubt bring tensions and frustrations to a head in some area of our lives. However, Venus soon enters Pisces, her sign of exaltation, adding to the powerful Pisces stellium of Jupiter and Neptune, giving Venusian energy strength which will help to soften the intensity of the energies by the end of the first week.

 The second week of April looks really lovely as Mercury leaves impulsive Aries, and although it is flying full speed ahead, Mercury now takes on the slower, more steady characteristics of Taurus! This is followed up by the absolutely BEAUTIFUL and highly anticipated energy of the Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces which will fill us with collective feelings of togetherness, hope, healing and optimism, despite an otherwise chaotic world. After that Mars joins the Pisces stellium bringing our passion and drive even more toward more collective healing and compassion.

 Wrapping up the second week is an INTENSE Full Moon in Libra, that tightly squares Pluto in Capricorn! This full moon will no doubt bring secrets and anything hidden or toxic to the surface to be revealed. The effects of this moon will linger into third week of the month where we will likely begin feeling the familiar eerie or surreal, “in-between” sensation as we come off the powerful Libra Moon and move in the direction of the intense eclipse energies towards the end of the month.

The last few days of April become extremely high energy as Pluto stations direct and Plutonian themes are heightened and Mercury moves into Gemini where it will soon station retrograde! We end the month through an eclipse portal with the unpredictable New Moon and Partial Eclipse in Taurus in conjunction with Uranus that occurs on the very same day that the two Benefic planets, Venus and Jupiter, join together in Pisces where they both hold great power!



Energy most positive for Sun/Moon/Rising in:  Virgo, Pisces

Energy most challenging for Sun/Moon/Rising in:Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

Mixed energy for Sun/Moon/Rising in:  Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn 

Maximum intensity for Sun/Moon Rising in:  Aries, Taurus, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces



 April 1st, 2022: New Moon at 12° of Aries

 April 2nd, 2022: Mercury Cazimi at 13° of Aries

April 4th, 2022: Mars Conjunct Saturn at 22° Aquarius

April 5th, 2022: Venus Enters Pisces

 April 10th, 2022: Mercury Enters Taurus

April 12th, 2022: Jupiter Conjunct Neptune at 24° Pisces

 April 14th, 2022: Mars Enters Pisces

April 16th, 2022: Full Moon at 27° of Libra

April 19th, 2022: Sun Enters Taurus

 April 29th, 2022: Pluto Stations Retrograde at 28° of Capricorn

 April 29th, 2022: Mercury Enters Gemini

April 30th, 2022: Venus Conjunct Jupiter at 28° of Pisces

 April 30th, 2022: New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse at 10° of Taurus





New Moon in Aries

Exact on April 1st, 2022 at 12:24 am MDT

Most active March 27th through April 5th, 2022

The New Moon in Aries is always an opportunity to tune in to the needs and wants of the self. Aries is the spark of new life, and this energy is all about getting in touch with what excites us and drives us to take action in the direction of our goals. Ruled by Mars, Aries is an ambitious energy and the New Moon through this sign shows us that when it gets down to it, we are the creators of our unique life experience and what is it we've created here if it does not thrill us?

This year's New Moon in Aries has a slight twist to the otherwise fiery energy of Aries in that it is very closely conjunct Chiron and Mercury. Chiron through the sign of Aries is, and will continue to be, a slow and thorough process through which deep healing is occurring for each of us at a core level, and in some area of life, depending on which house Aries occupies in our charts.

The healing we need at this time could come about through straightforward conversation or communication with Mercurial people, perhaps via siblings, cousins or children. From a positive perspective, play could also be incredibly healing at this time. Because Aries is such a youthful, playful sign, Mercury here indicates that perhaps our healing could come about through play or mischief or by getting in touch with our own inner child or personal sense of innocence in some way.

The dispositor of this New Moon is Mars and at this time, Mars in Aquarius is leaving a square to Uranus in Taurus and beginning to form a conjunction to Saturn and a square to the fated Lunar Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio. This tells us that the healing we will initiate at this time is deep, it is karmic and it is incredibly necessary now in order for our lives, and the lives of any other parties involved, to progress forward.

Overall this New Moon looks as though it occurs as an opportunity to heal once we overcome some sort of challenge. Perhaps with Mars' square to Uranus an old wound was opened and now the New Moon give us a chance to initiate deep healing.



Mercury Cazimi in Aries

Exact on April 2nd, 2022 at 5:11pm MDT

Most active 2 hours before and after

When Mercury catches up to the Sun in an exact conjunction, it is said to be at the Seat of the Sun and an elevated mental energy referred to as the Cazimi. This is typically a beautiful time to set aside for meditation and contemplation to allow clarity and inspiration to come through. However, Mercury in Aries wants to try new things and carve new mental pathways. This may be a time when ideas and intense clarity come through, perhaps by keeping the body moving on a long hike or some other type of moving meditation. Mercury Cazimi, especially in the sign of Aries, can be a time when we are open to trailblazing new ideas and our gut instinct is strong. We may find ourselves super inspired and ready to jump into action toward the ideas that suddenly come to us!



Mars Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius  

Exact on April 4th, 2022 at 7:51pm MDT

Most active April 1st through April 8th 

Mars makes an exact conjunction to Saturn today, the two Malefics coming together in Aquarius bringing an intense transit of frustrating contradiction. Mars is our drive to move forward and make progress. In Aquarius, Mars wants the freedom to do whatever it wants, when it wants! Unfortunately, Saturn has a stronger influence in Aquarius and the power to say no, putting a major stop to whatever we passionately want to do around this time.

We may find ourselves pushing hard towards a goal that eventually allows us to have more autonomy, freedom and choice in our bodies and lives, but that outside circumstances simply won’t allow it right now. We could find roadblock after roadblock slowing us down or putting us on an entirely different path altogether. On an individual level, this transit requires a degree of patience. It might help to give yourself and others a little extra time and slack until the roadblocks clear.



Venus Enters Pisces

Exact on April 5th, 2022 at 9:18am MDT

Active from April 5th through May 2nd 2022

Venus enters Pisces today, where she holds great strength and exaltation. This transit is initiating a period of extended grace and compassion while drawing our attention away from some of the more difficult energies happening at this time. During this transit, Venusian qualities will be heightened and refined in the sign of Pisces, qualities such as love, beauty and romance.

Venus in Pisces has a deep appreciation and understanding of the value of beauty and as has an especially sharp eye for aesthetics and design. Venus in Pisces also just LOVES love and we could find ourselves feeling very swept away around this time, whether with another person, or simply with the idea of love! Because Venus joins the rare conjunction of Neptune and Jupiter in this sign, we may also see an explosion of the arts, music and poetry as well as events that bring people together and call for peace and unity.



Mercury Enters Taurus

Exact on April 10th at 8:09pm MDT

Active from April 10th through April 29th 

Mercury through Taurus is typically a very pleasant transit as Mercury takes on the patient qualities of Taurus, gently calming our thought processes down and making our communication very smooth, almost poetic. However, this transit is going to feel a little different and could in fact, be quite the opposite. The energy of Uranus in Taurus is very destabilizing and the karmic North Node always points to the next chapter in our destiny.

Mercury will not only transit unstable Uranus and the North Node in Taurus, it will also retrograde back into Taurus from Gemini at the end of May. This tells us that the events that transpire as Mercury moves through this sign may be more than initially meets the eye and will likely unfold into something more, or at the very least, need to be revisited at a later time. Mercury and Uranus both have associations with technology and so pay close attention to what events occur or announcements are made around the use of technology.



Jupiter Conjunct Neptune in Pisces

Exact on April 12th, 2022 8:42am MDT

Most active March 22nd through May 2nd, 2022

Jupiter and Neptune join together roughly every 12 years, however they rarely join together in their co-ruled sign of Pisces, making this a very special and highly anticipated conjunction, indeed! Since 2011, Neptune through Pisces has been slowly working to refine our sense compassion and sense of interconnection and oneness. The transits of the other outer planets, especially in recent years, have brought about tangible destruction and destabilization. Meanwhile Neptune has been quietly working alongside the other more palpable energies, dissolving the perceived  boundaries between us and moving us toward a more spiritual and creative existence. Jupiter moving through Pisces and reaching Neptune is expanding upon these beautiful qualities and bringing a much needed hopeful energy at a time when we collectively need a lift.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces could bring a mini Renaissance of sorts, deepening our spiritual connection and increasing our need for a soulful or creative expression. Many may discover hidden talents for the arts and at the very least, a renewed appreciation for the creative aspects of our lives that we have let become dormant or taken for granted.

This is a very spiritual energy as well and the circumstances in our lives may reveal a deep urge to pray, meditate and be closer to spirit, God, the Universe, whatever one uniquely call this energy. With Neptune, this could come in the form of some kind of loss or dissolving of something, our own ego or or someone else in our lives, but such that with the beneficence of Jupiter, it happens in a beautiful way, allowing us to get a glimpse at the mysterious and powerful ways of the Universe. 

However, we must also be wary of Neptune, for it can be very deceptive energy too, making note that for every beautiful manifestation under this transit, it also brings equal amounts of trouble and confusion. We could point to Neptune in Pisces for the massive flood of misinformation and propaganda tactics used about by the mainstream media to confuse or deceive great masses of people. Neptune also rules oceans, liquids, gases and toxins.

As Jupiter approaches Neptune we could see leaks and floods or increases of some kind around these Neptunian topics. It is very important throughout this transit to enjoy the hopeful energy of these two planets in such a spiritual sign, yet to remain grounded and using discernment for the shadowy qualities of Neptune that are also expanded upon.



Mars Enters Pisces

Exact on April 14th at 9:06pm MDT

Active from April 14th through May 24th, 2022

Mars enters Pisces today forming a powerful stellium in the last sign of the zodiac. The fiery passion of Mars into the watery realms of Pisces makes for a very interesting and almost contradictory energy. Mars is the energy of drive, ambition, exertion, competition, even war, divisiveness  and aggression, whereas Pisces is a very soft and receptive energy of unity, spirituality, creativity and compassion.

Those with this placement have a strange dichotomy to navigate in this life and this is where you’ll find the spiritual warrior, the martyr or the heroes willing to fight and sacrifice for a cause greater than themselves. Mars in Pisces can bring about passionately spiritual people as well as people who are driven toward creative or healing endeavors.

Being that Pisces rules the ocean, this could be a time when there is an intense focus or battle of some kind over the ocean or great masses of water.



Full Moon in Libra

Exact on April 16th 2022 at 12:55pm MDT

Most active from April 11th through April 21st, 2022

As the Sun transits Aries we are brought back to ourselves, our own wants and needs. However, when the moon moves through the sign of Libra and becomes Full, we are reminded of our deep need for balance between the self and the other. Relationships come back into focus and it is a time when there is a natural urge for reconnection and rebalancing within our close relationships.

With a Full Moon in Libra we may ask ourselves 'have my priorities shifted too far? Have I become too focused on myself and neglected another?' It's possible that at the Libra Full Moon we discover a loneliness or longing to connect deeply with another.

This Full Moon in Libra has a lot going on and it will likely be an intense period of healing and purging within established partnerships and close one on one connections. The Libra Full Moon is in a very tight square to Pluto in Capricorn which is likely going to be unearthing deep, buried issues within our relationships that we have not wanted to acknowledge.

However, the moon's dispositor, Venus, is exalted in Pisces at this time, and in a beautiful sextile to Uranus and Mercury in Taurus. This implies that there could be surprising opportunities for conversation to occur and if these opportunities are seized, it could lead to some sort of breakthrough within partnerships.

Additionally, Saturn in Aquarius is trine to the Full Moon suggesting that whatever issues are brought to the surface at this Full Moon, they are surmountable obstacles, that when effort is made to overcome, leaves long-lasting implications.



Sun Enters Taurus

Exact on April 19th, 2022 8:24pm MDT

Active from April 19th through May 20th, 2022

Happy birthday season to the Taurus readers out there! The Sun enters Taurus today marking the beautiful, and typically serene, season of mid-Spring here in the northern hemisphere, a time when everything is in bloom and life begins to feel more steady and abundant. Taurus is the sign of abundance and the Sun’s transit here is to shine a light on the bounty of the earth and the reliance we humans have on Mother Nature. However, this Taurus season we are in for something a little different! Uranus has been transiting Taurus since 2018, bringing destabilization to all the things we thought were steadily growing in our lives.

This year we also have the fated North Node transiting this sign bringing karmic twists and turns into each of our lives, on an individual and collective level! The Sun’s transit through Taurus is likely to be a very wild ride as it will not only bring the first eclipse of 2022 which happens in a conjunction with Uranus, it will then transit Uranus, then the Nodes and then bring us a total Blood Moon in Scorpio by the end of Taurus season! This Taurus season is going to be a time when it is strongly advised to be prepared for anything and do your best to remain grounded in the midst of a lot of change and potential chaos.



Pluto Stations Retrograde in Capricorn

Exact on April 29th at 3:38pm MDT

Active from April 29th through October 8th, 2022

Whenever a planet stations, its energies are amplified. Pluto stationing retrograde is a strangely palpable energy that can intensify psychic energies and other Plutonian themes, such as death, sex, secrets, paranormal phenomenon, occult sciences and other taboo subject matter. Pluto also rules subjects like corruption, plumbing, purging, elimination and decay.

Pluto in Capricorn is bringing about a slow and steady transformation of the Capricornian structures of our lives, things like big government and large corrupted corporations. However, to bring about this transformation, Plut’s style is to first destroy before a rebirth may occur. This is yet another energy that can feel very destabilizing and you may notice around this time that these themes come into heavy focus in some way, either in your own life or on a more grand scale on the world stage.



Mercury Enters Gemini

Exact on April 29th, 2022 at 4:23pm MDT

Active April 29th through May 22nd, 2022

Mercury enters its home sign of Gemini and typically this brings a really quick mental energy, fantastic wit and a desire for more social connection. However, Mercury doesn’t get very far in this sign because it is ready for its next retrograde cycle. With this entrance into Gemini, something in our lives doesn’t feel fully ready and we may feel as though we got somewhere too soon or be overwhelmed by too many options.

Mercury flew through Aries and Taurus and as it approaches Gemini it actually begins to slow down our ability to multi-task and process information quickly and smoothly. Those with prominent Virgo or Gemini placements may feel this energy a little more tangibly, however we can all examine our lives over the last 6 weeks and notice where we weren’t thinking things through or took on too many tasks before we were ready to do so. However, this doesn’t mean we won’t BE ready in time, but perhaps we just need to do some revising.

The transit of Mercury through Gemini always inspires lots of new ideas or generates important new social connections, however we may only get initial glimpses of their significance as something else requires our attention for now. These ideas and connections will be revisited and reevaluated over the next several weeks before they can be fully implemented into our lives and be sustainable.



New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus

Exact on April 30th, 2022 at 2:28pm MDT

Active from April 15th through May 15th, 2022

Our first eclipse of the year and it’s a wild one! This New Moon in Taurus is a partial solar eclipse that is closely conjunct Uranus and sextile to Mars in Pisces! The energy around this moon truly feels like wild card energy! On the one hand, the moon is exalted in Taurus and forming fairly nice aspects! However, the conjunction to Uranus and the fact that it’s an eclipse, makes it fairly unpredictable!  Uranus has been extremely activated through 2021 and continues to be so in 2022 with the transit of the nodes now activating it by eclipse. 

Uranus is known as “The Awakener” in astrology, as well as "The Liberator." In Taurus, Uranus has been trying to awaken and liberate us to our core values and higher forms of abundance. However, it has been doing this in its typical Uranian way, by first creating chaos and instability around the things we thought were the most stable in our lives.  Uranus has a tendency to toss everything in the air for a period of time before landing in anything resembling order.

The sextile indicates opportunities and assistance being available when action is taken, and so at this New Moon in Taurus it is imperative that we remain on our toes and ready to take action at a moment’s notice. Shocking opportunities to change our whole world could arise at this New Moon that requires our decisive action. Being that Mars in in Pisces, it could be an intense feeling compassion or creativity that spurs us forward.  

On the same day as the eclipse, Venus, the ruler of Taurus and dispositor of this eclipse, makes her yearly conjunction to Jupiter, in the sign of Pisces! This is often referred to as the “Luckiest Day of the Year” as the two Benefics come together, and this year they come together in a sign where they both hold great strength! This energy can not be underestimated at the time of this eclipse and it should be noted that whatever chaos may occur around this time, it eventually holds great blessings!

Whatever the case is for each person individually, or collectively, this eclipse is triggering something big that will be revisited time and again over the next few months.



Venus Conjunct Jupiter in Pisces

Exact on April 30th, 2022 at 3:14pm MDT

Active from April 27th through April 3rd, 2022

The two benefic planets come together today, the same day as the New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus! Considering that Venus is the dispositor of this New Moon, this is a very auspicious sign for how the events unfolding around this time will play out.  Although things could feel turbulent under the intense eclipse energies at the moment, the eventual outcome of these events is likely to be more positive then we could expect.

Venus is exalted in Pisces and Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces which gives both of these Benefic energies great strength at time when we may need a positive sign. Venus and Jupiter together bring abundance, good feelings, blessed opportunities and  pure luck! This is a very “right place, right time” kind of energy and if you find yourself in such a circumstance, it might just be good to go with it! Definitely look to the house that is occupied by Pisces, but also the other houses ruled by Venus and Jupiter to see how this may play out in your life!