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May 2022 Astro-Highlights: Madness and MAYhem!

May 01, 2022

The energy of May is absolutely everywhere! Yes, it seems like it HAS been everywhere for awhile already, but the astrology shows that things only intensify this month! May begins just as we have entered through an eclipse doorway, and we are sandwiched between a powerful and auspicious New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus and a weighty looking Total Blood Moon in Scorpio! MAJOR endings and WILD new beginnings are afoot throughout this time and while the fixed signs will feel this most tangibly, we will ALL be feeling the shifts and changes because they are now occurring in every direction! As we move through May it is absolutely essential that we remain light on our toes in order to move with the changes.

The month begins with a major shift when it comes to our values and relationship dynamics as Venus moves from her sign of exaltation and into Aries, the sign of her fall! This is an important transition to pay attention to because it builds toward a potentially tumultuous square to Pluto at the end of the month! The fireworks only continue as the Sun quickly moves on from the Solar Eclipse in Taurus and into an exact conjunction with Uranus in Taurus!

Just as we have gotten a feel for Mercury in Gemini, we are tasked with navigating another Mercury retrograde from Air to Earth energy! This year we are having a crucial series of Mercury retrogrades that move from Air signs to Earth signs, showing us the importance of grounding our ideas and communications in order to make them tangible in our lives moving forward. On the same day Mercury stations retrograde, Jupiter moves into Aries and this transit is going to be amplifying everything Aries, the good, the bad and the ugly!

The middle of the month will be an incredibly intense and potentially confusing period as the shocking changes continue to occur in our lives with the a Sun conjunction to the North Node, a Total Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio and Mars conjunct Neptune!

The Sun will then move into Gemini which brings a natural lift in the energy, especially with the Mercury Rx Cazimi occurring so soon after this transition. Even though things feel as though they are changing very quickly, it is around this time that we may begin to get some clarity on the events that have been occurring in our lives.

The last week looks to be incredibly intense as there is now a heavy focus on Aries energy with Mars, the ruler of this sign, joining Jupiter and Venus! Venus is all riled up in Aries and before she moves into her home sign of Taurus at the end of the month she’s got something to say about it as she makes a very intense square to Pluto in Capricorn! Around this same time, Mars conjuncts Jupiter in Aries and the combination of these energies can either be incredibly productive or downright explosive!


Energy most challenging for Sun/Moon/Rising in:Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

Mixed energy for Sun/Moon/Rising in:  Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces

Maximum intensity for Sun/Moon Rising in:Aries, Taurus, Libra, Scorpio



May 2nd, 2022: Venus Enters Aries

May 5th, 2022: Sun Conjunct Uranus at 14° of Taurus

May 10th, 2022: Mercury Stations Retrograde at 5° of Gemini

May 10th, 2022: Jupiter Enters Aries

May 12th, 2022: Sun Conjunct North Node at 22° of Taurus

May 15th, 2022: Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse at 25° of Scorpio

May 17th, 2022: Mars Conjunct Neptune at 25° of Pisces

May 20th, 2022: Sun Enters Gemini

May 21st, 2022: Sun Conjunct Mercury Retrograde at 1° Gemini

May 22nd, 2022: Mercury Re-Enters Taurus

May 24th, 2022: Mars Enters Aries

May 27th, 2022: Venus in Aries Squares Pluto in Capricorn

May 28th,2022: Venus Enters Taurus

May 29th, 2022: Mars Conjunct Jupiter at 3° Aries

May 30th, 2022: New Moon at 9° of Gemini



Venus Enters Aries

Exact on May 2nd, 2022 at 10:10am MDT

Active from May 2nd through May 28th, 2022

Venus makes a HUGE shift today and moves into Aries, the sign of her detriment! Typically Venus can be counted on to bring an agreeable nature to a sign, but in this Mars ruled sign, Venus does things her own way and doesn’t beat around the bush! Venus in Aries is very direct, occasionally to the point of being abrasive, when it comes to expressing our needs in relationship.

Through this transit we may find ourselves a little more agitated and confrontational with our partners and it is a good idea to remember to take a step back if disagreement arises. Later in the month Venus will make a rather volatile square to Pluto and it is good to be mindful of this energy building early so as to minimize potential blow up down the line.



Sun Conjunct Uranus in Taurus

Exact on May 5th, 2022 at 1:21am MDT

Most active May 1st through May 10th, 2022

This is an exciting continuation of the powerful solar eclipse in Taurus energy! As the Sun moves on and illuminates our path forward, it makes an exact conjunction to Uranus today. Uranus represents the higher mind and we will likely be struck by many “aha” moments throughout this time period. We may encounter unusual people during this time that are tied to our destiny or we may have strange experiences and opportunities that awaken, or reawaken, us to our own unique type of brilliance. We may also feel a little more daring under this energy and have a mind to not care what others think of us!

As Uranus transits Taurus it is shaking up an area of our lives in order to release us from the rules and limitations that have been put upon us by the outside world. The Sun moving through this area activates this already sensitized energy within our charts and begins a new cycle between these two planets, with the aim of forging a new path that is more closely aligned to our personal sense of freedom.



Mercury Stations Retrograde in Gemini

Exact on May 10th, 2022 at 5:47am MDT

Active from May 10th through June 3rd, 2022

Mercury stations retrograde today in its home sign of Gemini! Mercury retrogrades are always a time of revision and this one is no exception. Mercury in Gemini is an energy of communication and IDEAS! Lots and lots of ideas! Mercury makes only a few connections throughout this 3 week retrograde period, but these connections seem to be incredibly important and beneficial to our overall goals. When it comes to this particular transit, it’s likely we’ve had a really brilliant idea, one that requires a little more contemplation and revising before it can fully manifest into reality.

Mercury’s dip back into Taurus will assist in bringing tangibility to our ideas, however as it stations to go direct on June 3rd,  it will be activating the very sensitive point where the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse will have occurred. This tells us that whatever occurs throughout this eclipse season needs to be revisited a few times before we are ready to truly move forward. As always through a Mercury retrograde period, be mindful of your communications and make sure to read the small print twice before signing anything important!



Jupiter Enters Aries

Exact on May 10th at 5:22pm MDT

Active from May 10th through October 28th, 2022

We have yet another HUGE shift in the energies today as Jupiter prepares to move into the very enthusiastic sign of Aries and to say that this is going to be a really high energy time is an understatement!

Jupiter in Aries will be a time of passion, optimism and resilience! With Jupiter in Aries we will be expanding on our sense of confidence, courage and determination and with this energy we will be exploring what it is that we truly want for ourselves and what we need to do in order to attain that!

Jupiter in Aries is under the rulership of Mars which makes this an energy of action and decisiveness! Aries is an assertive sign that needs forward momentum and through this transit we may find ourselves really pushing forward to create our own opportunities! As Jupiter moves through Aries we will find that our luck and good fortune are of our own making through our actions.

This will be a palpable transition for Jupiter as it moves from laid-back Pisces and into Aries where it’s a very take charge kind of energy! It’s always good to be mindful with Aries energy not to push so hard that you bulldoze others or become too aggressive about getting what you want.



Sun Conjunct North Node in Taurus

Exact on May 13th, 2022 at 1:06am MDT

Active From May 7th to  May 19th, 2022

The Sun making a conjunction to the North Node is yet another karmic activation of the eclipse energies that are so palpable at this time. The North Node points our way forward in this lifetime and the events that occur around this conjunction are incredibly meaningful and should be noted as such. This eclipse season unfolds one piece at a time and as the Sun comes into a conjunction with the North Node, another piece comes in to focus. This is another “right place, right time” kind of energy and so pay close attention to what comes up for you on this day!

The events that occur or people we encounter throughout this time are ultimately pointing us toward our destiny, however, we may stumble a bit more with the North Node energy, despite feeling almost magnetized toward it. It is important to note that we are building toward the Scorpio Blood Moon and an intense square to Saturn. There is undeniable challenge in the air at this time and you are likely already sensing what this moon brings.



Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Exact on May 15th, 2022 at 10:00pm MDT

Most active from May 5th to May 25th , 2022

As the Sun transits Taurus we are brought back to the body, but more so, we are brought back to our physical sensation as Taurus is a very earthy, embodied energy. Through Taurus season we take in life's sensory pleasures and it ignites something within us, something chemical and real. When the moon opposes in Scorpio we are moved into the depths of our bodies and into the true power of the human experience, beyond our basic needs and into our deepest wants and most potent desires.

"Intense" and "powerful" are words frequently used to describe the way Scorpio energy feels because it is unlike any other energy as we become so deeply attuned to our desires. It can be very primal and all-consuming. The area of your life ruled by Scorpio is meant to transform throughout your life, over and over again. We have entered a time when transformation is ready to begin here again, but first we may need to become aware of what it is that is, in a sense, dying away in order to be make space for the new.

Anytime we have a Total Blood Moon it is going to be intense, add Scorpio's influence and we are in for a very powerful and transformative time. Blood Moons have traditionally been an omen of death or the overthrow of a king. However in modern times we understand that the full moons bring culmination of energy and the blood moons bring a dramatic shift in direction of our energies. This Blood Moon will be nothing less than dramatic because there is a lot going on energetically at this time.

Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars and Pluto, both of which are activated by this Full Moon. Mars in Pisces is conjunct Neptune and Trine the Full Moon while Pluto in Capricorn is Sextile. These are energies of assistance and an opportunity to heal and take action in order to transform repressed or suppressed parts of your being. This energy is also deeply psychic and around this time you may find the veil to be very thin as you have psychic visions and potentially paranormal experiences.

Also active at this Full Moon is Saturn in Aquarius, now in an ongoing square to the Nodal Axis that will last for several months. The area of our lives ruled by Saturn and Aquarius, are assisting in this great overhaul of our lives, by reminding us of the work to be done. And Saturn reminds us very bluntly, by making things tough, but very worth it.



Mars Conjunct Neptune in Pisces

Exact on May 18th, 2022 at 12:33am MDT

Most active May 14th through May 22nd, 2022

Mars conjunct Neptune is a very strange energy, one that can bring a degree of confusion with regard to our personal energies. This may be a period when so much is going on around us that we have difficulty distinguishing between what others want us to do and what we, ourselves, truly want to do. Neptune has a way of heightening our senses and blurring the lines which can be incredibly draining, especially in contact with Mars.

This energy can make us highly susceptible to the energy of others which can make us feel a bit lazy, unmotivated, physically ill and/or confused. We may find that our physical body is just not capable of doing much at all! A good use of this energy is to find a bit of solitude in order to rest and allow the energies to move through.



Sun Enters Gemini

Exact on May 20th at 7:22pm MDT

Active from May 20th through June 21st, 2022

Happy birthday season to the Gemini readers out there! Gemini is the lively season of the Twins. Those born under this sign are playful and inquisitive by nature and are known as the social butterflies of the Zodiac with all the witty things to say.

This Gemini season starts off a little strange as Mercury has the advantage of its home sign of Gemini, however it is retrograde in the skies and soon moving back into the sign of Taurus where it will encounter the challenging energy of Saturn in Aquarius before stationing direct. Things may feel a little bumpy or unclear for a bit of time, however the Sun in Gemini has a fairly unencumbered transit of this Air sign and will even make a beautiful trine to Saturn later in the month, bringing much needed grounding and direction!




Mercury Cazimi in Gemini

Exact on May 21st, 2022 at 1:18pm MDT

Most active two hours before and after

Mercury Cazimi in Gemini, even though retrograde, is going to be a time when we can finally gain a little bit of clarity after all the upheaval that is occurring around us. Mercury Cazimi is a brief period of time when Mercurial things are elevated by the energy of the Sun. This is typically a beautiful time to set aside for meditation and contemplation to allow clarity and inspiration to come through.

During this brief transit we may receive important messages or have the idea to send a message that we have held off on due to the Mercury retrograde. This moment of clarity doesn’t mean that our problems are solved, but under a Mercury Cazimi, we may gain some insight into what to do next.



Mercury Re-Enters Taurus

Exact on May 22nd, 2022 at 7:15pm MDT

Active from May 22nd through June 13th, 2022

Mercury re-entering Taurus is an important part of this Mercury retrograde journey. Not only does Mercury trine Pluto once more (as it did on April 28th) but it also stations very close to the Scorpio Lunar eclipse degree in just over a week. The Mercury retrogrades of 2022 are shifting from Air signs back into Earth signs for a brief time. This indicates that we are to be working hard in order to bring more tangibility to the ideas that have come through for us this year.

As Mercury re-enters Taurus it begins to trine Pluto in Capricorn for the second time (as it did on April 28th.) This will be another period of intensity in our communications with others as well as a piercing determination and focus on bringing our ideas and goals into reality even though Mercury is still in retrograde.

Mercury re-entering Taurus tells us we need to take our time with a valuable idea that we have been trying to rush in recent weeks. Look to the areas of your chart that are ruled by Taurus and Gemini and make note of anything that has been occurring here over the last month. What have you been pushing forward that needs a little more of your time and mental energy? It is also important to note that Mercury will soon be stationing direct



Mars Enters Aries

Exact on May 24th, 2022 at 5:17pm MDT

Active from May 24th through July 5th

The energy of May just keeps swinging and we have yet another major shift as Mars enters his home sign of Aries! This is going to be super impactful as Mars gets renewed in Aries and is ready to charge forward in every direction. Mars in Aries has a lot of ambition, courage and physical energy and people with this placement must be DO-ing something, anything, that moves the body and feeling as though they are  making progress.

This is a very a physical energy but also an incredibly inspired and entrepreneurial energy. However, even though Aries is Mars’ home sign, this can be also an overly zealous and impulsive energy as well as downright dangerous and thrill seeking, not to mention we have Jupiter here amping it up. There is a buildup of physical energy happening at this time and you may be feeling the need to exert your body in order to release.  Mars and Jupiter conjoin very soon, it is good to find healthy outlets for this during this time.



Venus in Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn

Exact on May 27th, 2022 at 12:29 am MDT

Most active May 25th through May 29th, 2022

Before leaving the sign of her fall, Venus makes an emotional square to Pluto in Capricorn today. A square between Venus and Pluto is eruptive with passion and unfortunately, this time it is through challenge! Venus through Aries advocates for her personal value and her relationship needs. When those needs are not met, Venus in Aries doesn’t mince words and she certainly doesn’t stick around when she feels unseen.

The square to Pluto can have us fired up over something and unfortunately for some, willing to take it a little too far. This is a tumultuous energy for Venusian matters and a test of strength and maturity in relationships. The energy right now is so intense and impulsive with Mars soon conjoining Jupiter in Aries. It is important to be mindful of our actions at this time and use the Mercury retrograde energy to slow down our decision-making before we do something we may later regret.



Venus Enters Taurus

Exact on May 28th, 2022 8:46am MDT

Active from May 28th through June 22nd, 2022

After the firestorm that was the Venus in Aries transit, we now shift again into the more soothing energies of Taurus, Venus’ home sign. This is a much more agreeable energy for Venus, however Venus through Taurus is now going to be activating Uranus, the Lunar Nodes and the eclipses points which tells us that even though the eclipses have technically ended, we are still very much in karmic eclipse energy and fated change.

With Venus moving through Taurus and activating these key points, we could see shifts now (if we haven’t already) in the area of our finances. Depending on how these eclipses occurred in our individual birth charts, this transit could be activating a brand new beginning in the way that we earn money or possibly a brand new way of view money and resources.



Mars Conjunct Jupiter in Aries

Exact n May 29th, 2022 at 4:31am MDT

Most active May 25th through June 2nd, 2022

This is an energy of strength, confidence, extreme physical vitality, inspiration, ambition and motivation and this transit could potentially mark the beginning of something incredible. If you put in a little bit of forethought and use this energy wisely, you may find yourself initiating something quite powerful throughout this transit that leads to big things to come. You may also find that your enthusiasm has the power to lead and motivate others to help you along with this new direction as well.

However, this can also be an energy of extreme impulsiveness and if one is not conscious of one’s own behavior and energy, it can be quite pushy as well. If you are mindful not to bulldoze over others throughout this time, whatever new inspirations and new directions come up for you could be quite successful and exciting!



New Moon in Gemini

Exact on May 30th, 2022 at 5:30am MDT

Most active May 24th through June 6th, 2022

The New Moon in Gemini is bringing new beginnings to the area of our lives occupied by Gemini. Gemini is an Air sign that rules things like ideas, communication and wit. Gemini is genuinely curious and likes to know a little bit about a lot of things. This makes this New Moon a wonderful time to follow what catches your attention.

However, this New Moon occurs alongside the Jupiter Mars conjunction in Aries, and in combination with the Gemini energy, we could find ourselves bombarded with enthusiasm over new interests and ideas! The trick through this time is going to be narrowing our focus and making sure that whatever new endeavors we embark upon, we are not being too overzealous or grandiose. With Gemini energy, the trouble is always focusing in and deciding on a solid path!

The interesting thing about this New Moon is that it is ruled by Mercury, which is currently retrograde and standing still in the sky in a very tight square to Saturn. This tells us there could be serious matters at hand that require our pause an reflection. It could also be that there are literal obstacles that hinder us from thinking straight with regard to this new direction. With the other energies happening at this time, it seems that we may be onto something good, maybe just an idea, but we are not quite focused in enough to make it tangible.

However, the good news is that Mercury is also in trine to Pluto and in just a few days, Mercury turns direct and trines Pluto exactly. This will be a time of intense clarity, focus and forward momentum with regard to our New Moon intentions.