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cosmic insight May 08, 2017

On May 10th, 2017, the lunar nodes will be ending their eighteen-month transit through Virgo & Pisces to begin a new chapter in the fixed signs of Leo & Aquarius. With the North Node in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius, the major themes of this transit will include following the heart versus following the crowd, passion & courage versus intellect & inhibition, tradition versus innovation, and creative self-expression versus action taken in support of the collective.

The lunar nodes cycle through all 12 zodiac signs roughly once every 18 years. Reflecting back on important events that took place from April 2000 through October 2001, when the nodes completed their last transit through Leo & Aquarius, can provide us with important insight into the themes that might show up on an individual level this time around.


The lunar nodes are calculations that are primarily made to track and predict the eclipses, and in astrology these points in the chart have a special, karmic significance. In Western, tropical astrology, these karmic points are referred to as the North & South Nodes. In Vedic, sidereal astrology the nodes are known as Rahu and Ketu, representing the head and the tail of the dragon. In reference to the birth chart, the North Node represents the path we are headed into in this lifetime while the South Node represents the path we are moving away from, as this is an area in the chart that we have already mastered in previous lifetimes. Rahu, as the dragon’s head, shows us where we go to gain nourishment, while Ketu, as the dragon’s tail, shows us where we need to surrender and let go. When we nourish the North Node by engaging with its energy, we provide fertilizer for beautiful things to grow in the South Node area of our charts.  


On May 10th, 2017, we are completing a 1.5-year nodal transit through Virgo and Pisces as the nodes begin their retrograde transit through Leo and Aquarius. The north node’s transit through pragmatic, earthy Virgo was a huge wake-up call bringing us back to reality. This was not an ideal time for escapism through drugs, fantasy, or self-delusion, and by engaging with these energies we may have become the cause of our own undoing. While the specific effects of this transit will have varied for each of us, depending on which areas of the birth chart were being affected, we were all being called to make significant changes in terms of our health, our work and our path in life. The North Node’s transit through Virgo marked a time when we were becoming more realistic about our resources, both monetary and otherwise, and taking a much closer look at the food we eat and the way we take care of our bodies. 

Ultimately, the changes seeded during this time, whether intentional or situational, should have directed us toward a higher purpose requiring us show up in complete and devoted service to our work, our health, or to a greater cause. Over the past 1.5-years, we have been called to break out of our old routines and create new ones that better serve ourselves as well as our loved ones. With the South Node transiting Pisces, we have also experienced major disillusionment on both an individual and collective level. Throughout this transit, we have been prompted to remove the rose-colored glasses and face reality. For many of us, this process may have involved letting go of escapist tendencies, self-deception, and loose boundaries in order to free up energy to take better care of ourselves to become more prepared and available to show up to in service of others.


On May 10th, 2017, the North Node will move into the passionate and heartfelt sign of Leo, while the South Node will move into quirky and detached Aquarius. With the karmic North Node transiting Leo over the next 18 months we’re being called to move into a more heart-centered way of connecting with those around us. During this time many of us will be actively moving away from the social media circus in favor of more authentic ways of connecting from the heart. This transit ignites our passions and favors more traditional methods of self-expression over the more detached, voyeuristic approach to engaging with the world that has become so commonplace. In conjunction with the lunar nodes, the upcoming eclipses will highlight and expand on these themes even further, building upon and accelerating our karmic lessons each time eclipse season comes to pass.  

Throughout the next eighteen months, the Leo area of our charts will require much of our attention. Depending on our individual situation, we may feel both fired up to take action and apprehensive about diving into unfamiliar territory. We are all being called to break out of our comfort zones to do things we’ve never done before. Some of us may jump in headfirst and make many mistakes, while others may shy away from the North Node altogether (although I do not recommend the latter approach). 

The North Node’s transit through Leo challenges us to express ourselves more creatively, seeking recognition, but not approval, for the actions we take. The traditional route is favored over the more innovative “New Age” approach and authentic, real-life connection yields more desirable results than connecting in a more disconnected way via the Internet. The North Node in Leo requires that we courageously allow ourselves to become more vulnerable by sharing our hearts with others. 

When examining the influence of the transiting nodes on an individual level, the South Node’s position in the chart indicates an area of life in which we must relinquish control, as there is a much greater influence at play. The more we attempt to hold on to control over the Aquarius area of our lives and charts, the more complicated and chaotic things are likely to become. Letting go of the past and moving beyond our comfort zones can feel incredibly difficult, but in doing so we can be rewarded as the South Node allows fate to step in and deliver many gifts in this area of our lives. 

Aquarius is a transpersonal sign with an innate connection to the collective. Aquarius is deeply linked to the whole of humanity while still maintaining a certain level of individuality and freedom. Rather than being the martyr (Pisces), Aquarius brings a tendency to fight the battles of others on their behalf. With the South Node transiting Aquarius, it is important not to get sucked into somebody else’s revolution or cause. Over these next eighteen months, the South Node in Aquarius will require us to shed dogmatic political beliefs and fears surrounding intimacy. Right now we are in an age when we are over-saturated with information and misinformation and we will be required to listen to our hearts over our heads in order to discern the truth. 


To assist in sorting through the energy of the upcoming nodal transit through Leo and Aquarius, I’ve provided a brief description of this incredibly karmic & fated transit by Rising or Sun sign. You should read for your Rising Sign first if you happen to know it, with the Sun sign being secondary in importance. 


With the North Node transiting your 5th house, now is the time to focus on your own self-interest and creative self-expression. The North Node in this position favors romance and play. This is an excellent transit for developing leadership skills or for starting your own business as the 5th house rules leaders, politicians, and entrepreneurs. This is an ideal time to build courage and self-confidence— to be who you are and live your Truth unapologetically, without worrying about what others may think. Merging with the hive-mind or focusing too much energy into friendships, social rewards and recognition, or humanitarian causes may make things messy over the coming 18 months. Focus on taking action from the heart and connecting from a place of generosity and authenticity over the coming months and you’ll be delighted at the events that unfold. 


With the North Node transiting your 4th house, now is an ideal time to lay down roots. Endeavors involving the home, real estate, family, and emotional security are all favored throughout the next 18 months. Now is a time when you may be called to let go of something regarding to your career and refusing to relinquish control can result in your public reputation taking a bit of a hit. This doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to work or maintain career success and status; it just means that you must make sure your family affairs are in order first and foremost. This transit marks a period of time when worldly ambitions take a back seat in favor of deepening comfort, emotional stability and connection to family. 


With the North Node transiting your 3rd house, it’s all about communication. Now is a time to put plans into action. If you work in the field of marketing or communication, or if you own your own business, the next eighteen months will provide ample opportunity to communicate from the heart and forge stronger connections with your audience and your community. Over-philosophizing your approach can lead to a delusion of moral-superiority which alienates those you aim to connect with more deeply. Sticking to the facts, communicating your intentions very clearly and coming from a place of true authenticity is the aim of the game


With the North Node transiting your 2nd house, now is an excellent time to focus on accumulating resources and material wealth; however, with the South Node transiting your 8th house, be careful to insure those resources are not obtained at another’s expense. Now is a time to earn the comfort and stability you desire through your own effort and hard work, and to do so creatively. If you’ve been struggling with debt, these next eighteen months provide an opportunity to release all ties to those who hold financial power over you. Now is not the time to borrow money from others as doing so can bog you down and prevent you from enjoying the sensory pleasures you so strongly desire. 


With the North Node transiting your 1st house, now is the time for you to re-assess your inner authority and focus on your own creative expression self-interest. While you may often feel emotionally guarded when it comes to relationships, these next 18 months provide an opportunity to shed old, outdated inhibitions in order to connect with loved ones in a way that is more trusting, genuine, and intimate moving forward. Rigid, dogmatic thinking about relationships can really hold you back from coming into your own power and are begging to be released. Doing so will free up energy for creativity and heart-centered self-expression, giving you the opportunity to be recognized and appreciated for your many talents and gifts. 


With the North Node transiting your 12th house, it’s time to move away from the day-to-day hustle to allow more time for solitude and contemplation. These next eighteen months are an ideal time to escape from reality to go inward. Opportunities to retreat to foreign lands may present themselves at this time and can provide exciting new opportunities to connect with your authentic self. Now is a time when you may become more passionate and compassionate, deepening your love and connectedness with the whole of humanity.  Too much emphasis on tangible, practical dealings involving your physical health or work can be draining and even self-destructive at this time. 


With the North Node transiting your 11th house, these next eighteen months mark a time when you’ll be called to socialize and develop new friendships. The key here is to merge with group consciousness while maintaining a sense of your own self-importance. Fated, heart-centered connections to new friends and social networks may show up to assist you in moving into a new path. Pleasure and attention-seeking behaviors can cause others to perceive you as egotistical and can hinder you from connecting with those who are important allies on your soul’s path. 


Now is the time to step up to the plate in terms of your career goals. These next eighteen months are a crucial time to assert your position of authority in your chosen field and to seek recognition for the hard work you’ve put in. The North Node in your 10th house can have you exploring new career paths or diving even deeper into the path you have already chosen. Too much focus on the home, family, and real estate dealings can bog you down and prevent you from making the connections needed to further your career growth. There is an unusual family dynamic that requires release in order to creatively express yourself out in the world on a deeper, more authentic level. 


With the North Node transiting your 9th house, it’s time to focus on your beliefs about God and the Universe. Over the next eighteen months you’ll be refining the higher mind through expanding your education and worldly experience all the while leaving behind the trivial matters of the 3rd house. The mission right now is to find a philosophy or belief system that resonates deeply and pulls you into a new path. Over-analyzing and intellectual snobbery can lead you astray and prevent you from moving forward. This is an excellent transit for long-distance travel and exploring foreign lands as the 9th house is the house of adventure. In fact, sticking too close to home and getting caught up in community gossip and politics can be particularly detrimental at this time.


With the North Node transiting your 8th house, this transit is all about coming into your power. This is an incredibly intense, passionate and regenerative position for the North Node, which can help you to restore your health, pay off past debts, and manage joint finances more effectively than ever. If your biological clock is ticking, this is a time when some of you may be thinking more about sex and pregnancy, almost to the point of obsession. The next eighteen months are all about strategizing and becoming more detached from the physical realm. Focused research and deep, psychological exploration is favored over manual labor, comfort and stability. 


Now is a time when you will gravitate more toward partnerships, romantic and otherwise. Going it alone may feel safe and comfortable, but now is not the time to focus solely on oneself and the pull toward relationships and marriage may feel overpowering. For those who are already in a committed long-term relationship, now may be a time when you’re pulled more deeply into partnership. If the relationship is meant to be, this transit may bring more romance, fun and intimacy. If the relationship is a bit stale or simply isn’t right, you may catch yourself looking for something more fiery and passionate. Whatever the situation may be, take care to account for the needs of the people you care for most in your life and work on expressing your love and appreciation in a more genuine and heartfelt way. 


With the North Node transiting your 6th house, now is the time to focus on the day-to-day grind. Shying away from hard work in favor of solitude and spiritual exploration is not advisable at this time and may very well be self-destructive. Over these next 18 months, you will undergo a process of releasing retreat into fantasy and escapist tendencies in favor of hard work and practical action. This is an important time to take care of your health, but be careful not to go overboard in this area! The North Node’s transit through the 6th house is all about diving headfirst into our daily habits and routines that make up the bigger picture in pursuit of our long-term goals. It’s about the day-to-day efforts we put in, so pace yourself and try not to become overwhelmed by doing too much all at once.